10 Things I Love Keeping Me Sane In a Crazy World

In the current world environment  it’s challenging to think all is well amidst all kinds of violence and negativity – you need love more than ever.

It’s rampant, so I think you have to do the best you can to make your personal world as loving as possible.

Here’s my list, things I love, that keeps me thriving and grateful on a daily basis.Lesly Federici

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My Awesome Dogs.
Now that I’m an “empty nester” (even though my son is still home, I don’t see him much). I have two dogs, one we rescued from the dog pound at 3 months. Rex looks like a mix of a Lab, Great Dane, Shepard, and Pit Bull – so we were told,  Then there’s Frankie, who is my love. Frankie is now 7 months old! He ‘s a Boston Terrier and is really a very funny dog. My very first Boston Terrier was Mr. Pip – I had him for a delightful 11 years and then he died last year. So Frankie has healed my broken heart…

My Son
He teaches me more about myself than I ever imagined. He’s a wonderful, hadsme, sensitive, observant, smart … did I say handsome?

Teaching has to be my absolute favorite thing to do in my life. I love seeing the ah-ha  moments ding in the heads of my students. It means I’ve made a difference in their lives. It’s a skill I have mastered and I apply it in other activities I do currently.

Mindful Meditation
Knowing that I have the ability to control my thoughts is empowering. Mindful Meditation is a way of being, a way of thinking, behaving. When practiced regularly you can extend a sense of time, feel healthier, get creative ideas, solve problems, and gain meaningful insights into your life. It does wonders for me personally.

My Creative Brain
I am so happy for my creative abilities!

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My Art
Love to create …

Writing in my Journal
I’ve kept a journal since I was 16-years-old. I think it has saved me throughout  my life during challenging times.

Sipping Coffee in a Cafe
LOVE doing this.

My LOVE for Classical Music
All music has the power to send your mind and thoughts to different places – be it a memory or just listening. It’s beautiful.

Listening to the Sound of Birds Outside My Office Window
Spring is coming – can’t wait

How the Sun Shines Through the Windows in My Home
Sunlight and shadows. I bask in the simple beauty.

Nature and Looking at Beautiful Trees
I LOVE Trees

And of course, My friends … 🙂

More than 10 and that’s a good thing …

Lesly Federici





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