3 Eye Catching Blog Tips

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Here are 3 eye-catching blog tips to help YOU stand out from the sea of bloggers…

Some of this you may or may not agree with and that’s okay. I just know from my experience what I’ve discovered and what I feel is the right way to go for most bloggers… even newbies.

The word “experience” keeps popping up when it comes to websites. “You want to create an experience for your viewers and customers …”

What exactly does this mean. Well, you want to have content that’s easy to find – so easy navigation. Easy on the eyes, meaning content, ads, etc, aren’t crammed on your pages and posts. Have you ever visited a blog where the sidebar SCREAMS “buy me”? It’s loaded with offers, ads.. etc Β and you can’t seem to breathe?

There IS such a thing now called “Sidebar blindness”.

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So the first suggestion is to pay attention to the design and layout of your blog …

Many blogs look pretty much the same. So if your blog looks and feels like everyone else’s well .. you’ve just blended into the sea of blogs.

I did this for years – had the same layout. the blog page, sidebar on the right… etc, only because I thought this was THE WAY to create a blog. Many bloggers out there use the free themes offered on WordPress, or use eBlogger and other free blogging platforms.

What if you invested in buying a blog theme that reflects YOU?

To do this though, you have to OWN your blog, meaning you have your own domain name and a hosting service like Hostgator, for example. Then you can purchase a theme (there are trillions of them – so you’ll have to shop).

This is one way to stand out by taking your blogging seriously and purchasing a theme that is unique to you and reflects who you are…

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The second suggestion is this – to BRAND YOU, it’s good to share who you are, so do it …

At one time I had 4 or more blogs. One was on healthy living, one on a meditative life, networking .. and my art, teaching .. I was all over the place. Not only that, it actually became stressful to keep up with all those blogs. I started to neglect them – which is not good. The other thing was I felt disjointed and fragmented. My messages to others were fragmented.

So recently I decided to have all of “me” on one blog.

There are some who think your blog should focus on one topic or interest. I disagree. I think Β you can have all that you do on one place if it’s organized and makes sense. That your interests flow into one another.

For example, art and creativity is a huge part of who I am. So I chose a theme where I could highlight my art and other artists. I am also creating an “experience” for visitors because I’m sharing something “different”, a clean, spacious, attractive blog that’s not cluttered. I can write content and promote my business in an organized and “easy on the eyes” manner.

Branding YOU is personal. The purpose is to get people to know who you are and build a relationship with them. If they like you, they’ll most likely like what you offer. But they want to know who you are. You’re not a corporation which is a different kind of marketing – like “Home Depot” or “Pepsi”.

Share who you are on one blog.

Β and …

The third suggestion is, take your blogging seriously …

If you’re working on building a business online, own your blog. I mentioned this earlier. I believe owning your own blog demonstrates your commitment to your business. Also, because you own it you can design it any way you want. You can place anything you want on it and no one can tell you “NO” you can’t do that! And then there’s this … if the free blogging platform you’re using goes out of business, your blog, all it’s content, comments, etc ., goes with it.

So …

Follow the Map

  1. Invest in a blog theme

  2. Share who you are on one blog

  3. Own tour blog

What do YOU think, would love to hear .. comment below..

Lesly Federici





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