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For all you Ray Higdon lovers, here’s a review of his latest program the “3 Minute Expert”.  Which would you like first, the good news or the bad news ?


First I have to let you know I am NOT an affiliate. So you can anticipate an honest review of this program – I would give you one regardless.

I’ll do the “bad” news first, get that out of the way…

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Alright. So the “3 Minute Expert” consists of 27 informative videos which are presented in a somewhat sloppy manner. If you can get past the visual presentation and zoom in on the content, it’s good.

One video in particular drove me nuts because you could not read the content and how boring to view a list of something in video format. Mr. Higdon had another person narrating the list of plugins used on Ray’s website. Now it would’ve been better, since this information is being shared, to have a PDF of the plugin list to print out. Yeah, I know, I could have enlarged the video, but I, like many others, like to have a print-out in hand to refer to.

I also kept looking for the “hook” : “3 Minute Expert”. NONE of Mr. Higdon’s suggestions take 3 minutes, hardly. And listen carefully as Ray admits to how long it actually took to get where he is today. So if you’re thinking this program is going to churn out thousands of dollars for you instantly, forget it.

So this is a marketing “hook” just like when Rachel Ray created “30 Minute Meals” back in the late 1990’s it was a hook she was able to prove and she’s worth millions now. The “3 Minute Expert” hook, in my opinion disappoints.

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But, it’s a very good example of a “marketing hook” which captures attention of potential customers. So, you can learn lots from this to use in your own business. By the way, an EXCELLENT book to read which talks all about marketing hooks is  Brandscaping: Unleashing the Power of Partnerships  by Andrew M. Davis.

Now for the Good News, ready?

If Ray realty wanted to be known for the amount of value his “3 Minute Expert” program offers, he need not worry. In fact it’s one of the very first topics he discusses in his welcoming video – being generous with value and over delivering.

Aside from the 27 educational videos, he includes an informative “Video Marketing Mastery” program, and 9 audios on his popular “ILT ( Invest, Learn, Teach) philosophy – not to mention the 14 Bonuses in video format presenting topics on image design, blog reviews to creating ADs and a few other useful, informative videos.

He has some great tidbits to share. Loved his video on “monetizing your blog” – ideas which I’ve already implemented.

If you’re NEW to blogging, Ray shares how to set one up, suggested plugins, setting up Google Analytics and webmaster tools, blog layout and design …

Another tidbit I learned was how to clear your Facebook Cache, never knew you could do that! If you’ve been experiencing crazy, Facebook image problems, knowing this will solve it.

Ray shows you behind the scenes of how he promotes his blog content. You’d think he’d be using some automated process and thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised he does his own, manual syndication – alright, Ray!

So, overall, it’s a very good informative program. I suppose after you digest all the information ( too much to cover in a day so spread it out) and implement his suggestions, you could very well achieve being an “Expert in 3 minutes” – over time. And, I think the $297.00 course fee is justified for the amount of material you get to peruse through.

But the knowledge Ray shares has come through years of personal experiences. He’s earned where he is today – public popularity and financially secure. And it’s kinda cool to peer into what Ray does with his blog … right? And, how a 6+ figure earner morphed himself to be an authority in the Home Business and Network Marketing niche.

Now, I just have to say this – investing in your own education is an absolute must. You’ll learn how to think differently, learn new ways to promote yourself, get ideas, and generate new opportunities. You can’t help but present yourself differently when you elevate your knowledge. If you want to excel in your business, invest in your ongoing, never ending education.

So Ray, if you’re reading this, congratulations on creating a very helpful, informative, and educational program, many will benefit from it.

There, you have it Higdon lovers …


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