4 Easy E Book Ideas

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When ever you’re writing something online, a blog post, Facebook post, any social media post … don’t miss the opportunity to turn it into an eBook that can serve as a:

  • Lead Magnet (free giveaway)
  • Report
  • Book

Here are a few ideas:

  • Facebook Posts (or other social media posts). If you’re creating a meaningful post, teaching something and you do a few posts related to the same topic, open a word doc, copy/paste what you wrote. This is the beginning of your ebook.

Here’s an example: I wrote short posts about how to create calm in your life by using deep breathing. “UNRAVEL” was/is the title and I created 6 steps with a brief discussion then turned it into an eBook and is now on Amazon


Another idea is, if you’re posting beautiful images with meaningful messages, you could create a “Picture” eBook using the “Kindle Comic Software” . I created a series of simple posts with the message “May Your Day Be” and turned it into a lovely picture book.


Your Course with Lesly

  • Group Posts . If  you’ve created a discussion or an educational series or posts that are related, save the content! Copy/paste in a word doc and create a report. Edit it, make it flow nicely, turn it into a PDF and you have a nice, easy “Give-a-way”/

Example: This was a “Mini Workshop” I posted for 5 weeks on generating traffic to your website in a group.

Traffic Mini Workshop


Landing Page Builder

  • Blog Posts. Currently I’m working on a book soon to be published on Amazon. All the content was already written from posts on my blog. I gathered the posts that related to the topic of the book. Edited it so it flowed well from chapter to the next (keep an eye out, publishing soon).

  • Collection of Articles From Other Bloggers. Creating a collaborative eBook that promotes others is a really great idea. The amount of work doing this would be inviting bloggers, getting the articles within a set deadline, editing, designing a cover, and deciding if it’s going to be free or charge a fee.

Recently I participated in a wonderful book created by Marquita Herald, a brilliant writer and passionate about personal development. “Women Breaking Barriers” is a collection of writings of women being challenged in their lives and overcoming them.  Click on the image to read it !

You can always use PLR (Private Label Rights) for eBooks, just make sure you change the writing to have it sound from you. But creating your own content helps you stand out from the crowd with your own original and unique ebooks.




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