5 Ways To Get Things Done

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5 Ways To Get Things Done

the usual list of things to “How” to get things done is over kill …

Landing Page Builder

My favorite here is

Hang Around People Who Get Things Done…

Simply because they’ll inspire you …


5 Ways To Get Things Done

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Lesly Federici





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9 thoughts on “5 Ways To Get Things Done

  1. Well let’s see, this is pure Lesly via the 5% Club! Like the infographic – and where to do them.
    1 one task at a time
    2 use a timer !!!!!!!!!!
    3 take short breaks
    4 your time is valuable don’t waste it
    5 hang out with those who get things done – that is the 5% Club

  2. Hello Vashishtha,
    welcome and thank you for visiting! Thank you for the compliments too. I plan on doing more infographics now that I have a tool to creat them .. so keep a look out!

  3. I just love this infographic.
    The way you designed it and the tips you gave via infographic.
    And yes, you said that right. Hangout with those who get things done. Being with them who are lazy is just a waste of time and one should not waste one’s time.
    Thanks a lot
    have a nice day

  4. Hello Lesly,
    loved the infographic.

    You know, personal organization is VERY important in the internet business.
    If you have not a strong discipline, you will end up wasting all day browsing Facebook, or watching funny cat videos on YouTube.

    I use lists of things I need to do, daily.
    Then I focus on one task a time, for 30-40 mins.
    Taking short breaks is really needed!

    Thanks for sharing, have an awesome rest of this week! 🙂

  5. Hi, Lesly

    The images are fantastic and beautiful.. The 5 points to get things done were presented in easily to grab. The last point, “hang out with those who get things done”, particularly dear to me. Time management can be team work by involving other people.

    nice post, Lesly. – Stella

  6. I love this post, but especially the infographic! Short, sweet and to the point. Being organized, focused, and choosing those people closest to you carefully are all very important points.

    I just love your blog!


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