9 Lessons You Can Benefit From Today

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9 lessons you can benefit from today and some of the hardest things to do in life – changing how you live it.

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This applies to business too. So, do you have a “sometime” business?

I’m not necessarily talking about career changes and things like that. I’m really taking about behavior, mindsets,  and why you do what you do over and over gain hoping things will be different, in anything in your life – but, remain the same.

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I think Jim Rohn said something like …

Become the person you want to be …”

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How do you “become“something better or do better than what you’re doing now? How do you be the change you want to be ?

Well it’s all about behavior and priorities, personal development, and how bad you want something … and what you’re willing to give up.

How did Frank Kern, Eben Pagan, Mike Dillard get to be where they are today – very wealthy? We only see them as they are now, not when they  were working their asses off  for the lifestyle they enjoy now.

But what happens just starting out with a business online, or off , is thinking it’s instant success because you see many who are living the dream, right?

I know you know it’s not instant success. But here’s where the obstacles are starting out and if you can’t, or don’t have the “drive” to rise above it, you’ll stay in the same place. Guaranteed.

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Can you move past these?

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  • Too tired
  • You rather do something else
  • You’re easily distracted
  • You’re not really committed to “it” (your business, etc.)

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Basically , excuses and distractions keep you from doing what you’d like to do – have financial freedom . So your priorities have to change, and starting out is the biggest challenge of all because you have to work the hardest to get things going

For me, the raw truth is, and it’s a good one, nothing will happen in my life unless I take responsibility for it, and make the change myself. No one else can do it for me. It’s the same for you as well.

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Becoming … encompasses …

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  • Honoring your goals because the only one you’ll hurt is yourself
  • Becoming aware of the struggle
  • Finding solutions that won’t overwhelm you
  • Taking small steps because you’ll see results sooner and will lead to great changes
  • Using meditation for self guidance and insights
  • Respecting yourself
  • Following through, doing what you say you want to do (instead of putting it off)
  • Doing it!
  • Being comfortable with being uncomfortable

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Here’s a good book to read “Mindset, How We Can Learn To Fullfill Our Potential”

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If life gets in the way, which is does, you just have to pick up where you left off and continue. You have to ask yourself “what’s more important, this TV show where I sit on my butt for an hour and do nothing, or work on my business…”.

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Overtime you will see progress, you will see results …

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If I watch the TV show, an hour of my time has been wasted and my business will suffer. But if my business, or whatever I want to achieve for myself is not a priority – well, everything in life is a choice

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I write about this because I know how hard it is to move myself daily to work on what I want to achieve – to live the next 20 or 30 years of my life comfortably and financially secure…

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And I see so many people struggling with this as well … having a “sometime” business.

But I am telling you, as well as myself, if you have an online home business, hoping to make money at it, you have to push yourself to do it.

The actions you take or don’t, is directly related to the success of your business…

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Creating small challenges for yourself will do a couple of things:

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  • Build confidence
  • Create a NEW way of being, a new behavior
  • Attract more and different kinds of people
  • Get you comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • You’ll feel incredibly better about yourself and what you can achieve

You just have  to decide what’s important to you. Then take steps to “grow” into the change you want to be, only you can do this.

If you want some guidance on staying focused, check out my coaching program, or join the Power Blogging and Affiliate Facebook group.

Creatively Yours,

Lesly Federici





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9 thoughts on “9 Lessons You Can Benefit From Today

  1. Hi Andrea,
    Great to see you visiting! I know, summer time – makes you want to slow down .. but you have to keep going, right? You’re doing great … and thank you for the compliment…

  2. Hey Lesly, what a cool branding – the Artitistic Affiliate! 🙂

    Anyways, great blog on the 9 lessons your can benefit from today. So true: ” The actions you take or don’t, is directly related to the success of your business…”

    So I’m committed to making the actions I know I need to, even if sometimes I don’t feel like, especially now in Summer, haha! 🙂

  3. Hi Chery..
    Yes, challenges can really show us who we are.. I know you’re a strong woman .. I celebrate you and all your awesomeness.. much love to you …

  4. Hey Donna,
    Always great to see you visiting .. I know exactly what you mean… it’s a toss up. I know I have to be willing to give up certain things to do what I lose myself in … internet stuff, creating for my blog .. I get in the zone. If I spend time doing something else that’s not productive than I lose precious time.. so it’s a choice. People that succeed devote time and energy to that thing they want to see happen in their lives… plans are good and essential …

  5. Hi Lesly,

    What a great post that we all can resonate with. There are those days where sometimes I just want to lie down and watch a good old movie. But I have to resist….get in the groove of things and complete my daily tasks. Once done, I can cuddle up with my dogs and relax.

    The thing is when we have our own business, we need to have a plan and a daily one too. Once we can regiment ourselves to this, slowly but surely we can achieve success.

    Online business or offline…is work and it is not easy at all. We have to challenge ourselves each and every day.


  6. Just wow, awesome, fantastic post there. And so damn true. I was just thinking this morning that I spend too much time doing this and that and haven’t exercised in months. As a result, 20 pounds packing extra. Geez. So what is important to me? Gotta fit the exercise in with getting a business started. Prioritize. Thank you for the kick in the pants. I needed it this morning.

  7. “What you’re willing to give up” is a big one for me. Being too tired is no longer an excuse for me… my health has deteriorated to the point where it’s hard to break into the cycle. But it’s not impossible, and I am taking steps to get on the road to healing and energy again. If we’re honest with ourselves it’s not too hard to know what we can, and should, give up in order to gain what we really want. Another great book is Eat Move Sleep, by Tom Rath. Small actions lead to the big changes we want.

  8. Hello Lesly, Wow what a great post, I have had a very challenging few days here but you know what? For This I that much stronger…

    I made a post on FaceBook about this earlier today. “”When you are pinned against the wall…
    AND YOU Have NO Choice other then to Overcome…………
    You Discover How Strong YOU Really Are… So true Right?

    Great Share My Friend! Loved It. Thanks Chery :))

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