9125 Thousand Days to Reach My Destination

Incredible. It only took 9125 days to figure out why I have a blog, what it’s for, and where I’m headed.

If my math is correct, that’s 25 years!

Blogger, youโ€™re on a journey

So, I wanted to share this because there are many bloggers coming online and don’t know what they’re doing or why. Now, take a deep breath because you’re not supposed to know. But you do need to observe, learn, and make mistakes.

When I started in 1998, things were VERY different. You had to know html code to create a WordPress blog. Now things are much easier. A blog can be set up in minutes. The challenge is – what to put on it! Right?

Blogger, evaluate yourself โ€“ what are your TRUE interests?

I started out writing about childbirth education (I was planning to go on to be a Midwife until the peepers started to go blind). So I taught childbirth classes online. Email had not been implemented yet so I was still using “snail”mail to my students from Australia, England, China, and other places around the world. And I had live webinars teaching couples to prepare for labor.

So, I’m a teacher – a very useful skill what can and do you teach?

But I wanted to learn more about online stuff. Social Media came into the forefront around 2005. So I started writing about that and hated it. I created a blog (now that I didn’t have to know html) on medical information and I actually hated that too.

Your Course with Lesly

When I studied and started practicing Medication (this was perfect as I had experience in hypnosis and a certified Reiki Master) it became apparent I had a love for the healing arts

I love the healing arts

I found myself, however getting more efficient with blogging and teaching others how and what to do with it.

I love teaching .. did I mention that already?

PAC (Power Affiliate Club) expanded my desire to tech and provide a community of helpful bloggers (I just get goose bumps seeing how back is growing and changing…) check it out!

Landing Page Builder

Then I turned 60 (now 63) and started to have some heath issues and ignited my interest in health, wellness, and fitness.

Well, Fit, Blog

My personal blogging journey has been interesting for sure. I explored many things and that’s just what a blogger needs to do. Your blog matures as you doย online and reflects your blogging experience.

What do I mean by “Mature”?

  • Make mistakes (Mistakes are a good thing)
  • Observe and maybe even analyze other blogs – presentation, style of writing, how and what the Ads are, blog layout … etc
  • Learn the technical things
  • Use what your learn to create your own style
  • Never copy what others do but take notice and make it better

So, in other-words – don’t let what you don’t know scare you off about blogging. Just do it. Besides, it will take a while for the search engines to pick you up in their feeds and that has to do with this.

Your blogging journey will take several turns, you may stop along the way to explore this or that like I have.

Blogger, elevate your personal talents and interests by learning more about them

The one thing I honor most is staying true to my interests no mater how many days it takes and I have quite a few more to go, right? So look for more posts on wellness, fitness, and blogging – they all make up who I am today – but the end destination? I’m still traveling .. now, how about you!

Lesly Federici


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