Affiliate Marketing Sucks

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 Affiliate Marketing sucks … really? Just kidding …

Actually I think it’s intriguing.
I haven’t been this curious, frustrated, fascinated , and saturated with learning how it works since nursing school watching and participating in the O.R during medical surgeries.
 Yep. Here’s why ….
 When I was in the O.R. I discovered that doctors had their own techniques when it came to suturing an incision.  The procedure may have been the same, but the surgical closing, bandages used, varied from doctor to doctor.

It’s a stretch – but Affiliate Marketing in some ways is like this. The tools you use are pretty standard. But HOW
you use them is really up to you.

 Affiliate Marketing involves so much more than just posting banners and links on your website. What I’m about to share could have your Adrenalin pumping with excitement and a rush to get your promotions generated..

What I’ve learned is there’s no magic Affiliate Marketing strategy.  In fact, Affiliate Marketing is pretty fickle – you can’t count on it as dependable income. It runs hot and cold depending on the product and how much you promote it. However, there is great potential to earn lots of money and it takes – time.

The experience of your first sale is an emotional  rush for sure. But to keep it going, you have to keep promoting daily…



Landing Page Builder

There are numerous ways to market products, even your own business which can keep you from jumping into the mix – it’s overwhelming. What do you do? You try different methods and use the ones that make sense to you and are comfortable with to start. The tools you’ll use are the same, you just need to figure out what your “style” of promotion is …
Here’s the absolute good news: You can’t be like someone else. In fact, avoid being like someone else – this = instant failure. You can only be you – so this is what you want to cultivate as part of your Affiliate Marketing strategy. ..
 What is it about you that is different from someone else? Here’s more good news – there will always be an audience for you. People will be attracted to your message – when you’re able to identify what makes you different from someone else’s business and incorporate that into your marketing messages.

 So here are the “tech” tools you need:

  • your self-branded website (
  • Capture page system
  • Funnel system
  • Autoresponder
  • Merchant account (PayPal)
  • Graphics program (Pic Monkey, Youzign, Canva)
  • PDF creator
  • Video software
  • Social Media accounts
  • Facebook Fan page ( and other social platforms)

 Here are the “Research” tools:



  • research a product, find something that RELATES to your business
  • Ask for a review copy
  • Ask the creator of the program if they supply all the marketing tools, Bonus page, banners, swipe emails (always write your own)
  • Create your capture page/funnel
  • Promote, promote, promote

Do you do this just once? No, it’s an ongoing, daily process…

 So that’s the outline of what you need.
The question is how do you connect the dots? In future posts I’ll show you. Remember, you, your personality, your style of doing things is part of the “unique glue” you’ll be using.
It’s really an “art” I think putting all this together. Yes, it takes time. But I think Affiliate Marketing can actually be fun as well as financially rewarding.
Got questions? Comment below or contact me and happy to answer …
Creatively yours,
 Lesly Federici



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14 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Sucks

  1. Hey Donna,
    Great to see you visiting again… I absolutely agree – if you’re going to promote a product you should own it. This will really add credibility to your promotions and reputation as an affiliate marketer …

  2. Hey Christine …Hi Christine,
    Wonderful to see you visiting again, thank you for the compliment! Sounds interesting what you’re doing. I look forward to seeing it!

  3. Hey Chery,
    Thank you for visiting, always great to see you … you’re right, not simple at all takes work and persistence, and can be lucrative .. I have not gotten there yet … LOL

  4. Hello Lesly. OH YEH I have been Curious, Frustrated, Fascinated , and Saturated with learning all about this Affiliate Marketing Thingy,, And have learned you just need to be YOU! Not Your Mentor, Your Favorite Team Mate, Your Favorite Blogger, NOPE Just be YOU!

    Wow sounds simple enough Right? Well it isn’t and it does take a lot of work and a huge commitment on your part to do so.

    All of your tips are so right on,my friend.
    Thanks for sharing & Do enjoy the rest of the weekend,
    Chery :))

  5. Hi Lesly,
    You have really laid out HOW TO DO affiliate marketing fantastically! You are right it does take time, and you have to be consistent when promoting affiliate products. Having a blog is essential 🙂

    Thanks for sharing these awesome tips my friend! I am definately bookmarking!

  6. Thank you Lesly I always enjoy visiting your blog. There is always something to take away. I am in the processes of setting up a 6 item store via my fan page using 22Social they have just introduced a new template to sale products and I am looking for the hottest Affiliate product.s to represent on my page. I have a couple I use and promote. I just took a look at the your list.
    Thank you again you sure provide great info. Have a great week.

  7. Hi Lesly,

    I do find affiliate marketing fascinating. Because I market my own products, there are other tools that are needed in order for everything to work …yes connect the dots. So If I have a WSO product for $7 and have a few links of affiliate product that coordinate with it, it is a win win.

    The one thing about affiliate products is that one needs to purchase it…use it…or ask for a review copy of it so it can be marketed well. Never just throw stuff out there. Instead zone in on that product, do a video about it, even go that extra mile and tell folks that if they purchase it from you, they will get a free 15 minute call or some other incentive.

    But it all comes down to being honest. People have a funny way of knowing if you are or if you are just a hack seeking a buck.


  8. Hey Mitch,
    Great to see you visiting … I see a trend happening now and more programs are being offered at a lower entry price, especially if you get in on the “Early Bird” specials of a product launch. The other thing is actually reviewing the product to give an honest and compelling review. Then there’s video – people want to see what they’re buying and video can solve that challenge. Like any thing it takes work and consistent action, which has been a challenge foe me personally … lol. If you are also doing Affiliate Marketing, stay with it… it can be surprising … I appreciate the visit 🙂

  9. Looks like it’s going to be an intriguing series. I at least agree with your title; overall affiliate marketing isn’t the most pleasant thing in the world. There’s so many cool things you’ve never had the money to buy that you’re tempted to sell, but without anything compelling to say about them you won’t sell anything. Sometimes you talk about something you really like and use but it’s also not compelling enough. If you’re lucky to be on the ground floor of something that a big time marketer is selling you may or may not sell anything but at least then you have a chance.

    And the work; sigh… lol Still, some folks might be way better at it than I’ve been. More power to them… and you. 😉

  10. Hi Kathryn..
    Wonderful to see you visiting … asking for a “review” copy is good, it allows you to really decide if you want to promote it or not. So if you can always ask, the worst that can happen is they say no, then I wouldn’t go for it. Video is really key. If you have a good video editing software program you can do a lot with it, make professional looking, fun videos … this course might interest you and it ends tomorrow..

  11. Hey Monna, Monna, Monna…:-)

    Glad you liked the comparison … once we know we have the tools, then it’s putting it all together … that’s the fun part … 🙂 always great to see you visiting … talk soon …

  12. Hi Lesly,

    Love this post. Your comparison of the doctors and affiliate marketing explained it very well. We have to be ourselves and not like everyone else. We can watch and follow but we must make our branding and techniques our own.

    Have a great week.

  13. Great post on being an Affiliate Marketer. I too have been fascinated, curious and frustrated with
    affliate marketing. I liked your numerous ways to
    market products, including your own business. The way
    you work as an affiliate marketer is unique, because you
    are unique and this is incorporated as part of your strategy.
    As far as the tech tools you mentioned – I would have all
    except a Video Software. I was not aware of MunchEye for
    Launch listings. Good to know.

    Strategy – I have never asked for a review copy of a creator
    or asked for their marketing tools. I just joined the affiliate
    program for a product, usually that I had purchased.

    I will be doing more affiliate marketing because I do enjoy it,
    it is fun and to be financially rewarding as well wouldn’t hurt.

    Thanks for the article.

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