Attention Is A Choice

Have you ever noticed traffic on a highway slowing down when there’s been a car accident?

It could be the result of police directing traffic. But usually it’s because people driving by it are looking, paying attention to it, seeing mangled cars, perhaps even injured people.

You have to slow your car down to have the time to take in the visual details, right? The attention of the driver is focused on the accident, not not on the drivers behind him or even in front – which has the potential for creating yet another car accident.

The mind can not focus on two things at the same time.

For example. Look at this image.

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Attention is a choice

Can you focus on both images at the same time? Or, do yo look at one side and then the other?

The mission in this post is to raise awareness of how the mind works. Driving a car is something we can all relate to. Distractions are all over the place. What you choose to pay attention to can affect what happens in your life in seconds, in hours, months, years.

I heard this from a woman once …

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I turned my head for a second and that became my life …

It may be a new concept to think that how you think, what you think, what you focus on is a choice. But it is. When you begin to understand this, it will open a whole new path of thinking and learning how to master it.

This is what “Unraveling To Success” is all about…


This book, although it’s about driving and being distracted while operating a car, introduces you to how the mind works. ย Distractions are a choice.

What you choose to pay attention to is also a choice. You CAN control your thoughts and focus on what matters most.

What are you, or not paying attention to?

Comment below ..

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