Attention Is A Choice

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Have you ever noticed traffic on a highway slowing down when there’s been a car accident?

It could be the result of police directing traffic. But usually it’s because people driving by it are looking, paying attention to it, seeing mangled cars, perhaps even injured people.

You have to slow your car down to have the time to take in the visual details, right? The attention of the driver is focused on the accident, not not on the drivers behind him or even in front – which has the potential for creating yet another car accident.

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The mind can not focus on two things at the same time.

For example. Look at this image.

Attention is a choice

Can you focus on both images at the same time? Or, do yo look at one side and then the other?

The mission in this post is to raise awareness of how the mind works. Driving a car is something we can all relate to. Distractions are all over the place. What you choose to pay attention to can affect what happens in your life in seconds, in hours, months, years.

I heard this from a woman once …

I turned my head for a second and that became my life …

It may be a new concept to think that how you think, what you think, what you focus on is a choice. But it is. When you begin to understand this, it will open a whole new path of thinking and learning how to master it.

This is what “Unraveling To Success” is all about…


This book, although it’s about driving and being distracted while operating a car, introduces you to how the mind works. Β Distractions are a choice.

What you choose to pay attention to is also a choice. You CAN control your thoughts and focus on what matters most.

What are you, or not paying attention to?

Comment below ..

Lesly Federici








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21 thoughts on “Attention Is A Choice

  1. Some great points here!!

    I always think about attention when people are looking down rather than up, that’s an attention issue.

    I love the flavor of this blog!!

    Keep up the great work πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Edward..
    Yes, and if you have no focus, life will take advantage of that too … always best to design your own life than have it directed my unknowns. At least when you are making the choices you can work with that better than having none .. don’t know if that makes any sense .. always great to see you visiting πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Lauren,
    How are you and thank you for visiting! I used to be like you, what I discovered is you really get more done when you focus on one thing at a time. I use a timer. I set it for an hour, or 30 minutes, focus on that one thing, then move on. What;s really going on is a habit you’ve created. Changing your habits can help you get more done πŸ™‚

  4. We are not designed to multi-task but we try like hell. It causes us to miss so much. I especially have been trying to work on too many projects at the same time. I need to really focus on the one I am working on then more onto the next.

  5. Distraction while driving has become such a common and usually devastating occurrence in our modern world. But distractions anywhere in life certainly have their effects or influences on us, one way or another, and very well can be life-challenging for good or bad.

    I really struggle with distraction, whether due to age, health conditions, medications, or a combination of all those things. I’ve started using more tools to help me keep my thoughts in check, and write everything down so I don’t forget it.

  6. Hi Lesly,
    we people can not concentrate at two thing for once. Yes, it is true but , I think why don’t we try to focus as we have also heard try try again result will come to positive.
    Yea, but trying doesn’t mean that we should try by making our life risk.
    Anyway it was nice reading your content about the focus and attention. Thanks for the content Miss Lesly.

  7. Hi Kathryn,
    Talking on the phone while walking, driving, is really dangerous. But I use this example to use situations we can all relate to which I’ll build on.. it’s a heft fine where I live if you get caught driving and using the cell phone … thanks for the visit πŸ™‚

  8. Hi ikechi,
    Great to see you visiting, thank you .. well sometimes you have to start out with really basic ideas for people to understand .. now I’ll build on it .. stay tuned πŸ™‚

  9. Much too easy to get distracted. It’s true that a lot of people will be attracted to something out of curiosity instead of thinking about theirs and others safety as in the car accident scenario. And you know they say that Curiosity killed the cat? Make sure you’re purring once too often πŸ˜€

  10. Hi Lesly

    Love the illustration of the two images. There is no way we can focus on two images at once. It shows how much we sulk at multi tasking. Great to know that Unraveling is about the concept of how the mind works.

    Thanks for sharing. Take Care

  11. Distraction Particularly when we are driving “We really are not good multi-taskers when our attention is spread over tasks that require dedicated attention. That’s why conversations on cellphones turn out to be a serious distraction to drivers.”
    My husband was in Boston lately, he said it was ok to talk on the phone there. It’s not here in Canada. It’s a fine of something like $500 and three demerit points

  12. Hi Mandy,
    That’s interesting. Here in the states we don’t do that! We should. So distraction is far and wide. If one is not paying attention to their own lives and focusing on what they think they should be doing.. it can turn out differently with different results. Paying attention to your “life path” instead of life changing it for you ….

  13. Hello Lesly,

    Great Article. Loved this last line, What you choose to pay attention to is also a choice. You CAN control your thoughts and focus on what matters most. Indeed, it is so true. And sometime we tend to divert our mind to something else, and that is how we get into an accident and realize it letter. This post is eye opener for such mindsets.

    Thanks for sharing.


  14. Oh yes, we are so easily taken from what we should be focusing on. On the continent they put up a tent around an accident to stop people trying to see what is going on.

    Enjoy the journey!

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