Being A Trusted Adviser

What exactly is being a “trusted adviser” when it comes to Affiliate Marketing, or ANY business online or off.

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I t’s something to value greatly in cultivating this attribute within yourself because people will notice.

This requires building the “Know, Like, Trust” factor (I know, I write about this a lot) and I’ll add one one more – “T for Try”. I write about it often because it’s that “thing” that will absolutely build your business. You product doesn’t build your business – YOU do.

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There’s no way to avoid it.

If you’re wondering how come no one is looking into what you have to offer well, there are a couple of reasons for this..

1. Your potential customer has no clue as to who you are… why? Because …

2. You didn’t reach out to the masses in a respectful way

If you want to build your business online, what ever it is – you have to reach out and make connections happen. There is no way to escape it. You can’t slap up a website and expect people to just magically appear – it won’t happen.

 We are in the era of “Social Selling”


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Meaning, just posting what your business is online is no longer effective. You have to engage with people – get social. Social Media changed everything.

 Now, becoming a “Trusted Adviser” requires the following:

  • Never, never push a sale on someone – it repels and will make them RUN in the other direction
  • Know your product
  • Specialize, don’t just promote anything and everything
  • USE and REVIEW the product
  • Ask the creator if you can test it before you promote it
  • Get to know people first
  • Be genuine
  • Respect what you do


How to use Social Media to benefit you and your business

On the top of the list is reaching out. A lot of people are uncomfortable with this but it’s the #1 thing you have to do. Start small and as you feel more confident in “socializing”, connecting with others online, the better and more comfortable you’ll be – not to mention the response you’ll receive.

For Facebook and any Social Media Platform:

  • send a hello message
  • comment and reply to their posts
  • offer assistance
  • post quality information people can use, learn from, be inspired by
  • create videos (this is huge and I can help you with this)
  • join groups
  • create a group with a specific purpose


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Group Into An Engaging Community”


The more you reach out, the more people get to know you, they’ll want to learn more about you and what you offer – it’s a natural progression. The more you do the above, the more results you’ll have and you’ll become a “Trusted Adviser”. You’ll earn the respect and gain a reputation which is priceless …

 “Hi Lesly,

I love the way you affiliate products. Especially your last one on your blog whereby you did a fine review. And yes, there is a lot of crap out there that we need to sort through.  But you know your niche very well and always offer products that are helpful and trusted. Many people don’t do what you do and that is ask the creator if you can view the product before you promote it. This is why you are a trusted source because you never kick out products just for the sake of it. You review it, use it and through your enthusiasm, you are the go-to gal! I love you for never pushing a sale. I like your style of marketing because you don’t push, but rather have the strong belief that those products will educate and inspire others. And it does!Thank you my friend!
Lesly Federici




PS – What are your thoughts on this … comment below.. thanks!



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Lesly Federici

Lesly Federici is a Registered Nurse turned Community and Affiliate Marketer. She is the CEO of the Power Affiliate Club, and known as the "Artistic Affiliate". She enjoys helping people learn, create, and manage the blogging experience. She's also an Artist and Author. Lesly believes the best opportunities in life are those self generated. Be sure to reach out to Lesly as she would love to hear from you ...

23 Responses

  1. Hi Lesly,

    Good to be here again!

    I am here again via Sue’s Round up post!

    In fact I visited and read this post some time back but could not make a feedback.

    Good and Must Follow advises for A Trusted Adviser!
    Yes a Trusted Adviser is the need of the hour, especially if you a newbies you need one!
    The sad part is that many cannot be trusted! Finding out a Trusted one too is a bit difficult thing!
    Of course at the same time we can recognize many such around too!! LOL
    Thanks Lesly for this informative post
    May you have a great and purposeful day.
    Keep sharing
    Be a wonderful and Trusted Adviser to many around you!
    May you have such a mind and continue to do it
    All good wishes!
    ~ Phil

  2. Hi Leanne,
    Wonderful to see you visiting, thank you! Engagement is necessary now online more than ever and it makes sense too. If you don’t engage, how will people get to know you? And I know what you mean … thousands of people are doing the “drive by spsam” – it’s crazy, they just don’t get it … you have to initiate and build relationships..

  3. Hi Jacs,
    Always a pleasure seeing you visit … 🙂 yes I agree with you, integrity.. and being true to self… from the inside out. Thank you for the compliment.. much love to you ..

  4. Hi Lawrence,
    Wonderful to see you visiting… yes, you have to change with the times to stay effective in your business online, offline it’s a little slower I think.. but for those of us who want to work from home, being online and up to date is a must….

  5. Hi Lillian,
    Wonderful to see you here and thank you for the compliment! Yes, you have to reach out so others know who you are. It’s more challenging online, but it can be done!

  6. Hi Lesly,

    You are definitely a trusted advisor! Many people count on you for so much whether in PAC or your patients. You do a fine job is social selling and it’s so true that you must be socialable, be willing to lend a hand to others. That’s the best way to get to know someone.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Great explanation on social selling. There is still selling involved it just has changed and if you don’t change with the times well you will be left in the dust.
    Thank you for your integrity

  8. So beautifully written!

    Being a Trusted Advisor is an honor and a privilege and I think it comes from the inside.

    Being authentic and learning and sharing openly and honestly will draw people to you, with the KLT factor, even though they may not consciously recognise this.

    Sharing content on social media or blogging does not give you the title of trusted advisor… that goes much deeper, and when you truly communicate and touch someone on a level that is special to them, then loyalty is born.

    Finding that place where you can genuinely help an individual is special…. Like you my friend and trusted advisor <3

  9. I agree that the know, like and trust factor is hugely important and that’s one reason why I focus so much on helping people be their real, unique selves in their businesses. I think that in order to establish that know, like and trust factor, you have to put yourself out there as your real, authentic self. As you mention, your potential customer has to know who you are – – you have to get out there and get known AND you have to do it in a way that lets people know who you actually are.

    I also agree that engaging is essential. No matter what methods you use to market yourself, you have to engage, connect and build relationships. You’re right, too, that’s it’s a natural progression for people to check you and your offers out when you post value and interact/engage. It amazes me, actually, that many people still want to do the “drive-by spam” posts. That kind of thing isn’t going to get people to buy your stuff.

  10. Hi Andrea,
    Well, thank you! What a kind thing to say and I appreciate it Andrea … thanks 🙂

  11. Hey Lesly, YOU are a great example of a trusted adviser to me.

  12. Hey Donna,

    I like your thinking! I was just thinking about video testimonials…. great minds think alike … would you like to do one for me 🙂 hmmmm…..? LOL .. I would LOVE that!

  13. Hi Vinton,
    Wonderful to see you visiting! I know, Facebook has become very challenging and is really shooting themselves in the foot by focusing on making money. It seems like they’re squeezing the little guy to pay to promote. Even so … in spite of limitations, one can still build a following… it just takes more effort. Massive posting and inticing engagement… it’s all about engagement. I am testing something right now – contests, and it’s generating a greater reach than what I usually get …. I’ll keep you posted! Thank for the visit…

  14. vinton samms says:

    Hi Leslie,
    Thanks for a very good post which provides real value for me especially. My problem is that in the case of Facebook, one is not really sure at any moment what they will do. Your posts are not reaching all your friends for instance, for obvious reasons. You also don’t know when you are going to be blocked from doing certain activities as these restrictions appear to be arbitrary. So while it is good to be social and this has been emphasized very often, there are limitations.


  15. Hi Lesly,

    Becoming a trusted adviser takes time and effort. It is that good old go-giving process one must apply from blogs, to social media. Respect is something earned. If we follow all you mentioned above, yes, we do become “trusted” And the only way to ever sell anything is to have a good reputation like that.

    I say go the extra mile! Besides blog commenting, social sharing, we can also give a person a video testimonial. It doesn’t take much when a person is selling something and you shout it out.

    Of course, it has to be someone you KLT, but I find that when I’m working with other product creators, and they ask me to review something, I do get dressed, put on the make up lol…and do a shout out video. It goes a long way.

    Thanks for posting this!


  16. Hi Kathryn,
    Wonderful to see you visiting! Thank you for the compliment.. it takes time I know, but in the long run it’s most valuable. You are on your way my friend … 🙂

  17. “You’ll earn the respect and gain a reputation which is priceless ” This is something you Lesly have – the respect of many online marketers.. The know -like-trust factor. Something I am working on. Enjoyed your article. Also enjoyed the images! Art class!

  18. Brenda,
    GREAT to see you visiting, thank you … yes, I think specializing is a good thing to do because you become known for the products you promote, and a trusted resource as well …

  19. Hi Erika,
    Wonderful to see you here 🙂 .. I like Chery too .. always positive and you can learn a lot from her too … thank you for the compliment …

  20. BG Jenkins says:

    Hi Lesly, I agree, we go to those we trust and repsect for sound advice, or quality products. Many of us have been taken in by that snake oil salesman. I also love your thoughts on specializing. We need to know our product to be able to effectively sell it. Great take on all of it.

  21. Hi Lesly ,
    You are right and you are a Trusted Adviser ,good to learn from you.
    I like Chery as well, she is doing very good, this is how it can be. .
    It is not anymore only selling, people look for somebody they can ask for advice as well.
    With social media, this is much easier to do in our time.
    You just put a new title out “Trusted Adviser”,we need more of them .
    Thank you

  22. Hey Chery,
    I hope that’s a good “boil” you’re mentioning LOL! Yea, online you have to reach out, be authentic, work with integrity so you build relationships … lots of people 1) don’t get that and/or 2) are just shy about doing it … but thankfully we have YOU Chery to teach them.. you’re awesome , love ya 🙂

  23. Hello Lesly! WHAT EXACTLY IS BEING A “TRUSTED ADVISER? What a great question and it looks to me like you did a fantastic job answering this for us here today. I t never ceases to amaze me when people ask me, How do I find people to talk to?

    CRAZY Right! There are MILLIONS of people in the world, just get to talking to them… They call sites Like FaceBook and others Social Media Sites for a reason Right?

    Wow this post really got my blood boiling HEHE Thanks My Friend & Do have an Awesome Easter Weekend Ahead… Chery :))

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