Benefits Of Creativity

 The benefits of creativity are many and tapping into it leads to better business results.

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Creativity leads to innovation and increases the “flavor” of any business and how it presents to the general population.

Today there is more stress for people to be creative in business than ever before. Creativity and generating new ideas is what makes a brand stand out.

Creativity is the fuel that will make YOU stand out from the crowd.

Here are some of the provocative statements quoted  from the article I read about SEO in 2014  in Website Magazine (hardcopy):

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  • unique and interesting content and engaging digital design experiences are what will separate your brand from the competition and what will earn your website the rankings you want and need.
  • 30 % increase in paid search traffic, 3% decline in organic search traffic
  • SEO professionals will worry less about keywords and focus more on the depth and meaning of content message
  • there will be less discussion on on-site optimization and more focus on building strategic relationships
  • focus on quality content

So what does this mean for me and you?

Well, content remains king…

But, do you feel the pressure of being unique and standing out in the virtual world? And how do you do that? This requires some head scratching, brainstorming, trial, and error … doesn’t it.

Especially if you think you’re not creative or just weren’t born with any creative genes.

The fact is, we are ALL creative and it’s the one thing that human beings share globally. Yet it’s also the most challenging.

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To pay more attention to the importance of your creativity, start with the following:

  • before you write your content, research your idea first. See if  there are any articles similar to what you want to write. If so, how can you make it different?
  • Self-reflect. What makes you different from everyone else? What are you good at? What’s been a constant ability throughout your life.
  • start looking at yourself as a creative person with different views and perceptions.

Also, take advantage of  generating ideas from others. Sharing ideas, brainstorming, just having simple conversations with others can open up a stream of creative ideas

There’s only one of you! So start shinning!


Be creative,

Lesly Federici

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