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For the longest time I’ve been wanting to be more active on Instagram. But I had to use my phone and it was a challenge.

I lack the speed to tap away on my android to upload photos. Then I had to figure out how to get my computer images on my cell phone uploaded to Instagram. Frankly it was a headache.. so I didn’t do much.

However all this has changed for me now because of an updated version of Instamate – version 2.o 2017 Luxury  Edition.

I absolutely love it. I can now be MORE active, right from my computer, no more fuss, no more using my androia …

Your Course with Lesly

watch the video and see for yourself …


You can purchase this on March 15, in fact make sure you get on the mailing list to get updates AND an opportunity to purchase at an entry rate, which is ALWAYS a good deal.

If you have any questions, just contact me, or write a comment below … Hope fully you’ll be one happy “camper” just like me with this product!

Lesly Federici


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