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If you been following my posts, you know I have a growing passion for mindfulness and what an incredible way of being it can be.

But I have also become increasingly aware of the human body – my body and how mind and body connect.

Of course you know thisย I’m sure.

But I have to write about it because it’s something I’m understanding so much more through exercise and going to the gym daily, and swimming. I love being in the pool.

I’m actually thinking of my body as a living organism (which it is) but one that has it’s own needs. Now I know you basically know all this .. just hear me out.

My friend Richard Cooper and I do a weekly radio show “Walk on the Well Side” where we’ve been discussing wellness challenges, how to stay motivated, how so much of success in anything you do has to do with mindset.

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Why do so many people start out with good intention to get healthy, and give up.

Why when I see TV commercials on TV about controlling diabetes with a certain drug and see the “Actors” eating food that keeps them in a diabetic state so they need the medication. It’s crazy.

It has to do with how one sees things and what they’re paying attention to or not in their mind and body.

I now view my body as another “person” with needs, likes, and dislikes. Its taken a while to learn to listen to my body, but it tells me through physical reactions.

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Foe example – when I eat any kind of food that has sugar in it, I soon after get a full, almost nausea like feeling in my stomach. My body is telling me “YECH”. I stopped eating anything with sugar (except for some fruit) 3 months ago.

Principles of Body Possibilities:

  1. you body ADAPTS to food changes
  2. It takes a few weeks to a couple of months for your body to really adapt to change. Here’s where people get impatient and give up. This is where mindset comes in to play because your body follows your mind – your thinking. If you’re depressed and want to eat food you know tastes GREAT but affects your body in numerous, unseen ways, you’ll eat the food anyway most likely for taste bud pleasure or emotional reasons. Your thoughts are leading the way and your body is being ignored (but it has needs and wants, just like you)
  3. Listen to the physical clues of your body. Fullness, gas, nausea, thirst, pain, cramps,dizziness, tired, low energy
  4. Really focus on one day at a time and celebrate in the evening your daily success
  5. MOVE! Your body will get stiff, lose flexibility with age and your range of motion (the ability to move your body in different directions) will decrease. Not a grate state for your body to be in when your mind thinks it’s 20 years old and your body is years older.
  6. The value of water. Drink LOTS of water daily to keep your body well hydrated. It’s the best act of kindness you can give your body to keep it functioning well. ย Did you know your muscles are 75% water? One clear way you can tell if you’re dehydrated is looking at your urine when you pee. It should be a very light yellow. Dark urine (dark yellow, amber, dark orange = dehydration). And decreased urination throughout the day = dehydration. So always carry a water bottle with you at work, on hot days, before, during, and after exercise.
  7. Mindset. If you feel like giving up ask yourself why and see if you can resolve the issue
  8. Immersion: Learn all you can about the changes you’re making or want to make. Connect with people who are doing the changes. Watch videos, educate yourself about the greatest gift you have – your body. Without your body, you have nothing.

We take care of our pets, our families, our children, but rarely take care of what our own body needs.

Body Possibilities are the results of how you care for the one and only thing that keeps you on this planet – your health.

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