Catch Yourself When Your Mind is Spiraling

When you’re not aware of spiraling emotionally into a state of despair, it could be difficult to snap out of it.

Especially  if you’re not aware of something you already do unconsciously  that can be a tool to help yourself, a skill you can .

I know.

There have been many times in my life when I have been very depressed.

Yes. There are indeed mental disorders that can cause/contribute to deep depression. Yet even then, what I’m about to discuss can even help these cases. Perhaps not 100%, but can lighten a mindset.

I was standing, looking out the dinning room window. It was a cold winter day. My hands wrapped around a nice, toasty warm cup of coffee when the thoughts began to roll in. I was not conscious of their affect on me. They just rolled in one after another and took me on an incredible, emotionally painful journey. It wasn’t until I tasted the salty tears running down past my lips that I “woke-up” and realized – holy crap! Thoughts made me cry over something that NEVER happened in reality?

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The mind is powerful. Thoughts are powerful. They can take you to places emotionally and not be aware of what’s happening because they feel so real, but are not grounded in reality.

Read the attitudes of Mindfulness for your business and life

What I have learned and now depend on is my own “Stop light” that keeps me in the here and now and break the moments I start to have anxiety caused by crazy, unreal, thoughts.

Now there’s lots of information on meditation and how valuable a practice it is – the benefits are impressive. This is the “Red Light” a gift, that keep thoughts in check. There are many kinds and ways to meditate. But how I teach it is called “unraveling”.

Unraveling is simple and not so simple.

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It requires your willingness to experience it. It’s not something you read about and think you can do on your own because it won’t happen. It’s a mental practice you have to DO to experience the challenges that come from doing it.

The challenges TEACH you to unravel and once you master them,  you’ll be in control of your thoughts.

What are the challenges?

  • Boredom
  • impatience
  • Rebellion
  • Overthinking

It’s in the mental and physical state of calm, stillness, and quiet that profound insights can occur. Why? Because the mind is not on “auto-pilot”. Stillness allows the mind to quiet. Using one thing we use daily as a necessary function of life is the one thing that can stop the spiraling unrealistic and unproductive “thought train”.

Can you guess what  it is?



Follow the Map

To unravel, it can be done anywhere and – you do NOT have to assume the “meditative posture” that is often visually suggested. Comfort is vital. Yet the most important of being ready to unravel is intention.

It’s good to set the intention to unravel so you can experience it with full awareness.

Think about what you have read here … is this something that resonates with you? How do you mange your thoughts?

Let me know in a comment below because I may be offering an online course. Would that interest you?

Lesly Federici







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