Count On Mindfulness To Grow Your Business

Mindfulness is a lot more powerful than you might think and its for business too.

Sure, there’s been lots of research and studies done on the topic that it now has become after hundreds of years, a part of mainstream life in the western world.

It has even crept into business practices simply because it improves productivity and creativity. Who doesn’t want that, right?

It’s not sitting cross-legged anymore or assuming the Meditative “pose” of mindfulness, it can be done anywhere, sitting or standing. It may sound easy to do, but it’s really hard emotionally.

Before I go into the HOW, I want to share the principles of mindfulness. Each one can be applied to your life in general and to your business.

I’m writing about this because I don’t believe you have to use “hype” to build your business. I believe in integrity and promoting business with love. Yes love and compassion for your customers. This creates loyalty and longevity.

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Mindfulness Trust1.Trust

Trust is earned. It doesn’t happen immediately. It happens over time when you have proven to be consistent, honor appointments, respect your client, and put them before yourself.



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 2.  Non- Judging Mindful Non Judging

Probably the most unproductive behavior human beings have is judging others and ourselves. It can become a huge obstacle to success. When we assume things they’re usually not what we think.  In business judging clients, assuming what their nature may be, or how they look, dress, can be quite deceiving – and then judging them based on – what?If you can let go (another principal)  of assumptions, building relationships with potential clients will yield greater results.


Mindful Let Go3. Letting Go

Letting go is being able to detach from a situation, an event, even a crisis because it gives you the ability to see things as they are and not react to them emotionally. This is where you can get swept up in assumptions, emotional distortions of what may be really going on. Letting go is freeing because it allows the space for responding to a situation instead of reacting. With customers we have no idea what’s happening in their lives  so letting go helps them to move on as well as you and be more accepting of them.


4. Accepting Mindful Accepting

This Mindful  principle is and can be challenging. It has to do with “control” what you can and cannot control. Many of us like to know what’s happening and how we can control any given situation. But there are times when we can’t and a lot of grief and upset comes from not being able to get, solve, predict, what we want. With customers you have a personal agenda – selling your wares, and when that doesn’t happen disappointment and frustration can occur. Accepting the situation as it is allows your customer to appreciate you more because you’re not being “pushy” to get what you want, but letting them get what they want or don’t want.


Mindful Non Striving5.Non-Striving

Forcing things to happen is different than taking action to generate results. When you try to make things happen it can backfire. Instead let events unfold in their own time. I always tell my students and clients, everything goes better in a relaxed state of mind. Answers to a problem or challenge will present itself in due time.



6. A Mindful Business is Kind Mindfulness is Kind

In today’s world it’s really hard to find a business that genuinely cares about its customers. If Mindfulness is implemented and creates a business culture of respect and care for its customers the rewards will be great. People like to know they are appreciated – no matter how small the recognition is. Giving more value than what’s perceived by your prospect is also rewarding. Doing good for others feels good, doesn’t it?



Mi7. Patience

As the famous saying goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day” nor is your business, or relationships, or anything else that’s worth putting effort into. When people come online many have the notion that things will happen quickly, money will be made quickly. Not so. What happens quickly is technology and how the internet is changing as well as how enormous the opportunities are. Many of which are self-made. It takes patience to build your website, to learn the tools to maintain your website. Patience is also required when your clients are learning new skills – the need the patience and the care to help them succeed.


8. The Power of Now Mindful in the Now

Many of us are either thinking of tomorrow or thinking about the past, rarely about the current moment. One surprise of being in the moment is that it can actually make time seem longer. The present moment is really the only REAL moment we have and it means you’re paying attention. When it comes to your clients it means you are listening to them 100%. As they speak to you, you’re not thinking of the product you’re going to present. No. You’re listening to them, gaining information about them and what they need. Stop and listen, be in the now.


It is very possible to have a loving business. One that truly looks out for its customers first, not money first. The money will come.

Think of ways to implement these Mindful principles into your business. Share them I’d like to hear. I’ll be doing a webinar soon on this topic and HOW to cultivate “Mindfulness” in you which will make these principles more effective, powerful,  and perhaps even life changing.

Lesly Federici






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