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 Do you have a sloppy Blog? Let’s clean it up by doing a few simple things…

As a blogger with several years of experience, I have been in the universe of learning, observing, copying what others were doing, and FINALLY, doing my own thing.

It took a lot of time to “find” my own “pizzazz” shall we say (everyone has their own uniqueness) to let it show here. I’ve seen a lot of different blogs, good and bad,  which were great learning resources. All of them helped me to develop the blog I have now.

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Right now I organize a group of bloggers and we visit each others blogs, comment on their posts, like, and syndicate their content. Some are new bloggers and some are seasoned.

There are a few challenges with a blogging group like this. But what  I’m about to share is for anyone blogging, and of course, this is only my opinion.

Some challenges I see are the following:

  • no current post to comment on
  • quality and presentation of the blog itself
  • quality of the content which doesn’t resonate with the reader = no comments, likes, or syndication for

And, I understand this. But most bloggers are new, don’t know what to do next, don’t take it seriously, or put the time in to respect their online “Asset”.

Yes! Your blog is an ASSET because it has the potential to earn you money. How? Because it’s the “storefront” of you – where visitors get to know, like, and trust (KLT) you.

The KLT factor is more important today than it ever was because the internet and social media now relies on ENGAGEMENT and quality of content…

If you have a blog and you’re just slapping stuff up there, not giving a thought to presentation, layout, and navigation, you will never build visibility online because no one will want to share it. It’s just the way things are..

So take a good look at your blog ….

Got A Sloppy Blog

Here are some suggestions:


1.Clean up your menu. Organize it, put similar topic titles together. For example : Menu Title – ABOUT SUE. Subtitle – WORK WITH SUE,  CONTACT SUE,  SUE”S OPPORTUNITIES…  and so on. Don’t have them as a separate menu title. This example would “SCREAM” SUE!  Don’t repeat your name so much either. It’s obvious they’re visiting your blog if your name is the domain, right? Instead – Menu title: ABOUT SUE. Subtitles – CONTACT, COACHING, OPPORTUNITIES

2. Clean up the sidebar. So many blogs just plaster their sidebar with Ads, Facebook widgets, Affiliate opportunities.. it’s such a distraction. Do you REALLY think someone is immediately going to click on your opportunity or opt in?  The philosophy of “less is more” generates curiosity and entices a visitor to want to know more.

3. Check your spelling. This for some reason really bugs people. I’ve gotten a few emails telling me I spelled something wrong. So now I look things up, and use the spell checker. If you speak a different language and trying to write in English, ask for help in saying what you want to say in the right English format.


This all points to one thing – looking and presenting yourself as a professional blogger. How you come across through words, images, layouts, presentation, navigation all tells a story about who you are.

Your blog deserves your best online.


PS – I bet you have something to say about this! What is it… share in a comment below.. thanks 🙂


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8 thoughts on “Do You Have A Sloppy Blog

  1. Hi Willena,
    Excellent! Simple and clean … if people want to know more, they will.. screaming your opp is really a turn-off I think. Looking forward to seeing it! Always wonderful to see you visiting 🙂

  2. Excellent tips, Lesly. My new blog doesn’t have enough on it yet to be sloppy… lol. I’m working at it slowly, making it look the way I want it to. Simple and clean is what I’m aiming for. I just cleaned up the sidebar the other day, clicking on all the links I’d put up there to see if they’re still relevant or current. I’ve pared it down to only those that I KLT, and which will help someone who aspires to a writing career.

  3. My blog is a bit sloppy.. Maybe we can work on it over the coming months and get it looking snazzy.. Just a few tweaks I think… Your the go to woman for that 🙂


  4. Hi Emi,
    Believe me, I had a sloppy blog too … for a long time! LOL, these are thigs I have noticed in general, not pointing to anyone – pointing to everyone 🙂 so glad you found the tips helpful, and this is just my opinion … wonderful to see you visiting …

  5. Hey Monna,
    Your blog has come a long way … as you know it’s always a work in progress…. I look forward to seeing what you do! Thanks for the compliment.. always enjoy your visits…

  6. Hi Lesly, Yes, I think I have a sloppy blog and have plans to do some reorganizing little by little each day. I love the new look you have to your blog.

    Thanks for the suggestions and ideas.

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