Give Your Low Self Esteem a Hug

We often think of low self esteem as something to avoid acknowledging or be embarrassed about.

When really the best thing is to embrace it and use it as a marker to see where can you go from here

We have all experienced it on some level. I certainly have.

Some have more challenges with it than others.

It depends on circumstance, life experiences growing up, and as adults.

I recently wrote a post about how low self-esteem can affect a bloggers productivity. There are suggestions to help break out of it. One in particular I’m going to focus on in this post.

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The truth is, low self-esteem affects everything you do in your life – the choices you make or don’t because of it.

It’s a form of denying yourself of what you can be. It feeds into self-sabotage, and negative thinking. It’s easy to to swallow “I’m not good enough” and carry on with that swimming around in your head. But more difficult to celebrate who you are and what you have accomplished in your life time.

It holds you back from experiences that could elevate you into the unknown of personal greatness (personal greatness means different things to different people – it’s personal).

Keeping a “SUCCESS JOURNAL” can help balance and help you soar past the negativity you’re used to “listening” to.

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I started writing in a journal when I was sixteen years old. You can read my personal story here – but to make it short, I had an alcoholic father, I was a high school drop out, a brother that died, many failed and unhealthy relationships with men, and frankly I saw no hope for me, no future.

Writing became my savior

I must have a least 16 journals that shine a light on my life. More importantly it’s a historical story I’ll be able to leave for my son. As a parent, your children never really get to know you as “people”. A person having a life, or even having had sex to give rise to them! Always makes me laugh….

So one profound way to embrace low self-esteem is to write about it. Befriend it. And, keep a “Success Journal”.

Your “Success Journal” should be DIFFERENT from your regular journal that you’re writing about your life.  The “SUCCESS JOURNAL” should LIST your successes including the following:

  • Date
  • Any activity you think was awesome
  • Any POSITIVE feedback received
  • Your POSITIVE feelings about what you’ve achieved, no matter how big or small the accomplishment
  • Review daily, just skim and marvel and what you’ve accomplished

This does a few things.

  1. It builds positive thinking
  2. It helps you to remember the AWESOME things you do on a regular basis which are often forgotten and neglected
  3. It builds confidence
  4. It turns into a written history of you and your experiences
  5. It celebrates you
  6. It lessens negative thinking – use it as an immediate document to blast those negative thoughts out of your head because they’re just wrong
Hey I May Be Aging But Wisdom Keeps Me Young

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Start writing . 

When my son was two years old, I started writing him letters, I still do. He’s 21 now. But I think it will be a great read for him to have a documented history of his youth and insight to me as his mother.

Follow the Map

Writing is powerful … do it and be amazed at how your self-perception will shift and move to a better view of yourself.

Written with love,

Lesly Federici

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