Guys Let’s Conquer This

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Alright, guys lets conquer this …  your seemingly inability to be resourceful.

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You LOVE or hate content creation for your blog. But you might be making it easy or difficult depending on what you believe you can do.

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Surely you learned how to walk, how to ride a bicycle (maybe, may not), and most likely you learned how to write “term” papers in college, or not, even how to drive a car!

So when it comes to writing content for your blog, and I know – I’ve said this too “What will I write?”

Or this …

“I can’t write about that .. I don’t know anything about it …!”


The truth is, you have learned many things in your lifetime, you just haven’t viewed yourself as a learner and a natural teacher. We ALL have this ability.

Think about something you learned and taught to someone else. Heck, maybe it was showing someone at work how to use to electric pencil sharpener, or Fax machine…. you didn’t worry about it – you just did it!

You learned it! You taught it! I bet when you started that job (or whatever it was) you had to learn how to use those items …

So now that we know how CAPABLE you are ….

What’s the hang-up about writing content for your blog?

Here’s what you do

Rely on your interests. Maybe you have an interest in collecting seashells. Maybe you have a small collection. You love to walk the beach and collect really pretty ones. That’s your starting point. Now go research and learn about it. If you do, you’ll have INSTANT content, and you will have increased your knowledge and online “position” to teach others about collecting seashells.

Research. Research your topic, your interest, learn, learn, learn. Then teach, teach, teach.

This is being resourceful. Finding out what you need to know. Most people won’t do this so you’re already ahead.

But there’s something else holding you back. Because you ALREADY KNOW you’re capable of being resourceful.

Do you know what it is?

Confidence …

Just the other day I had someone say to me – because they had more confidence they asked me for an interview …

How do you build confidence? By starting. Yes, just by starting .. simply because as human beings we all learn through doing.

Oh boy, well … the poor guy burned down all the trees outside his home by being curious and discovering what this bright, hot, yellow stuff could do.  But I bet he learned a great deal. Perhaps became the “Fire Master” of his tribe because he learned what fire could do and knew more than the tribe ….

So my message here is this …

Why go against your natural instinct to be curious to learn. Why not explore what your interests are, what you don’t know about them, and become knowledgeable about it, them share what you know.

Just start …

With love,


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10 thoughts on “Guys Let’s Conquer This

  1. It is so common for us to not actually take stock about all the experiences and learning we have already achieved in our lives. As you indicate, we are full of information and resources gained over the years.
    I feel we should learn more about our interests, and ways of achieving them and share these with others, it almost feels like a duty!
    You have made me think here about my past career which involved much training and coaching and sharing of all that I knew to colleagues following my path, and always I was passing on knowledge, ideas, skills and encouragement to others.
    I have taken my business now very seriously from the learning angle… and it is time to move on and share more with others. I know I am capable, and as for the confidence…. well ‘Just Get On With It’ is one of my mottos… so time to take your and my advice!!
    Time to burn my hands and start playing with fire!
    After all, out of ashes, great things will grow 🙂
    Fabulous post Lesly, and I love the fresh feel to your blog
    Jacs x

  2. Love your new blog Lesly. Have to agree it all boils down to confidence ! Great advice but we just have to get started. The only thing I have a small problem with at the moment is getting out of my comfort zone. Although I know I can do it, as you say it is confidence to getting started. Thanks for a great post.

  3. Hi Marquita,
    Great to see you here at my new home.. you helped to inspire me in creating this new blog … yes, just DO it … and small steps will help if you get “cold feet” at the start. The important thing is not to dream about what you want to accomplish, but do it.. that will make the dream – whatever it is … happen.

  4. Hi Michele,
    How wonderful to see you visiting! It’s been a while hasn’t it … thank you for the support and the compliment! Yes, get back to your blog! I remember enjoying it very much … hope to talk soon … thanks again 🙂

  5. I love what you’re doing with your new blog! Sharing your experience is a beautiful thing and being recognized will make you stronger!! You inspire me to bring my blog writing back to life! Keep sharing, Lesly, you’re on to something now.

  6. Excellent advice Lesly! I have done a LOT of author interviews and the one question that inevitably comes up is “What is your advice to those dreaming of becoming a publish author” and my response is ALWAYS the same. Just do it! Stop making excuses, sit your butt down and write every single day until the book is done and then publish it. Anyone can self-publish and even if you dream of going traditional one day it will provide you with the experience so you can start building your platform.

  7. Hey Donna,
    Wonderful to see you here at my new home, thanks for the compliment 🙂 ( I am still tweaking it) It’s amazing to me. only because I’ve recognized this in myself, how much we ignore what we have learned.. and when we realize that we really do learn and teach others in many different ways, it can help us to grow more confident and do more of it. With product creation it’s the same.. but you have to have the confidence , and believe in yourself, that yes, you can …

  8. Hi Lesly,

    Love the new look of your blog! You make a great point here…we learn so many things in our life. Sometimes it is a great thing to write down. Make that awesome list and then a blog post can be created from it.

    I keep a document on my desk top and whenever I learn something new.. I jot it down. I’ve created so many blog post from this list it’s crazy! lol

    Researching a topic is another great way to build a blog post.

    You will eventually gain confidence as you go!


  9. Hi Monna…
    That comment came from our PAC 5% Club because of the confidence that someone experienced .. I thought that was so incredible. That through our group such wonderful change can happen .. and look at you and what you’ve accomplished since I’ve known you … absolutely heartwarming … thank you for the compliment on my new home. I’m actually impressed myself and I think kept Alzheimers at bay … LOL /// 🙂 and thank you for your awesome support …

  10. Hi Lesly,

    I am so happy for you and so impressed with your new blog look. Speaking of learning, you have been learning a lot and it’s turning out great. You decided you wanted something new and different, you learned how to do it.

    And by the way: “Just the other day I had someone say to me – because they had more confidence they asked me for an interview …” this was a great moment when this was said to you. Congratulations to you both.

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