Why Hand Holding Can Yield Miracles

Maybe it’s the experience I’ve had as a Registered Nurse seeing how “Hand-holding” can make a difference in someone’s health and well being.

What I mean by hand-holding is not assuming that they know what to do on their own and abandon them with a quick “you got this ..” response.

But listening carefully, explaining in detail what they need to do and having them repeat back to me what I just told them. Also, recognizing there’s always an underlying issue which is fear often attached to low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and lack of support.

People like to know someone cares about them.

Helping people figure things out online requires the same personal touch – I call it “Care Marketing”. Not everyone does this because it takes time and patience.

But if you know how to do something that another is struggling with, why not give your time to help. They will learn from you, remember you, and come back to you.

I know from experience some Network/Internet marketers are only interested in closing a sale and moving on to the next. There are many people, including myself, who’ve been left behind and “failing” at being a network marketer or promoting products because their sponsor didn’t want to be bothered with “hand-holding”.

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There are many reasons for failing in Network Marketing, or anything online, number 1# reason being little support, or in the sponsor’s eye “not being resourceful enough to find out on their own”.

I rather have 5 clients I teach, support, and celebrate their successes to the point where they no longer need me. They go off on their own having learned some long-lasting skills to be self sufficient and teach others.

When you do some “hand-holding” it can generate a lot of confidence in a person especially when you back it up with positive reinforcement.

No task is too small to celebrate its success. This can range from learning how to link to another blog page or simply learning how to create a link!

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When it comes to learning how to navigate the internet and creating a blog with aspirations of earning income online, “hand-holding” can generate lots of success for all involved – it’s a win/win experience and heartwarming.

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