Have A Breakthrough and Trust Your Awesome Ideas

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Do you trust your awesome ideas? Let’s have a breakthrough and see if you can shift your attitude about finding content for your blog.

Here’s a common problem I come across often. In fact just today I was asked this very question “Where do I start with a blog?”

Let’s read this comment and then I’ll discuss a couple of things. I got this anonymous statement from an unknown forum online …

” I feel that you answer the questions about the actually steps of creating the blog but what about starting it? By starting I mean putting in content? where do you begin? Do you simply say hello internet this is my blog please follow me although I don’t have any content. What would be your recommendations to some one after they have built the website?”

Let’s look at what a blog actually is, what it does, and why it’s important to have one online.

Change an attitude about blogging


A blog in it’s most basic form, is a journal.

A blank book that you write ideas in, your life story in, and other special things you’re interested in. On the Internet you’re able to transform your journal into a digital journal. Just like a journal, you have blank pages that you fill with that challenging word “content”.

If you’ve ever kept a journal, I doubt you ever had problems writing in it. Perhaps you encountered “writer’s block” from time to time, but it didn’t keep you from jotting things down, yes? No?

However, you knew your journal was private and you could write anything in it knowing the general public would never see it.

So yes, a blog is a public journal. But, how you decide to use your public “journal” is only limited by what you choose to publish on it.

Here are the Obstacles –

  1. I don’t know what to write. There are plenty of things to write about. You may be confused because you haven’t clarified the purpose of your blog. Is it for an online business? Do you have a passion, a strong interest in something you want to share with the world? Once you know this, finding things to write about will be easier.
  2. Fear of judgement.  What if readers don’t like what you write? So what. There are millions of people in the world – someone will like what you have to say.

A Blog’s Purpose –

What does the house you live in say about you? What’s the “style” of the house or building you live in. Blogs have “styles” these are called “themes” and there are numerous ones. When you go shopping at a mall you’re attracted to certain stores by the merchandise displayed in the windows … that is “content”. So a blog is, in a way, your storefront to display content that attracts “shoppers”, customers, clients – depending on what you want the world to know.

Ideas (there are thousands):

  1. Business
  2. Cooking
  3. Clothing
  4. Teaching a certain subject
  5. Tutoring
  6.  Personal Development
  7. etc…

Once you decide what the purpose is of “setting up your shop”online (your blog), the content (merchandise) will reinforce the mission or purpose of your blog.

So a blog is an extension of you – your ideas, you life experience, all of which are VERY valuable. A blog is vital to a business because without the internet it would be hard to find. And, the potential for online sales, growth in popularity, and an online presence is great.

Once you get past the obstacles and determine your blog’s purpose, now begins a learning curve – developing skills to enhance your blog’s presence online. These include –

Now you have this awesome blank journal (your blog) waiting for you to transform it. You’ve chosen a “theme” and now it’s time to fill it with “merchandise” (your content, your words).

PAGES: A Blog page is a static page. It’s always on your blog and usually contains information about you. It’s often called “About Me” page. Pages are also good for “Media Kits”, your services, contact page, etc.

POSTS: These are like daily or weekly entries talking about something you experienced, a book review, a new program you’re offering, an opinion on a movie you saw, how-to do something you learned and want to teach others. The important thing to remember when it comes to your content (your merchandise) is present it in a way that is helpful to those who read it.

Creating a blog is not mysterious.

People make it so because it’s something new and something that is learned. Just roll up your sleeves and dive in. “School” is never over . And in this era of booming internet technology, having a business online, you must learn these things for your message to get out to the world – the internet does it/

If you’re brand new to the internet and would like to start a blog I have a great solution for you that won’t burn a hole in your in your budget – just $50.00/month (trial for $10.00), you’ll get everything you need including me as your Mentor.


Lesly Federici






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20 thoughts on “Have A Breakthrough and Trust Your Awesome Ideas

  1. Hi Lesly

    I had this confusing moment too when I could not get a grasp of the importance of a blog so I searched online and eventually I figured it out but as you shared, blogging is a tool; it is trusting your message that makes the difference. Thanks for sharing. Take Care

  2. Hi, hope you are doing great
    And yes “CREATING A BLOG IS NOT MYSTERIOUS” Seriously!! People think that they would have to get involved in I dont know java scripts and css and html and php and all sorts of programming and all.

  3. Hi Deborah..
    Always great to see you visiting 🙂 We have learned so much from when we first met, right? So we are in a great position to teach others! Especially you my friend … 🙂 You’re a great Mentor for artists and bloggers 🙂

  4. Hi Adrienne,
    Always great to see you visiting! I think we all go through “compartmentalizing” I know I did. And then I found myself hopping all over the place trying to keep up with more than one blog. But I think for consistency and visitors getting to know who you are, having your blogs flow together is a good thing. We’ll explore more of this in the next “DO IT” Workshop. I’m so glad you participated in it!!! Look forward to seeing you again!

  5. Hi Hussain,
    How are you .. how goes things? Always appreciate a visit from you :-). There’s nothing worse than writing about something that you’re not really interested in. So best practice is to write about something that really grabs your heart.. great to see you my friend

  6. Hey Lesly,
    Another great post!

    And yes, simplicity is the key, one shouldn’t get lost while choosing the blogging niche, the niche should be something that you can write on it on regular bases, so it should be something you are passionate about and something you can add value too. Just brainstorm your interests and you will find it.

    Thanks for sharing, Lesly!
    Keep posting!


  7. Lesly, when I started my first blog, it was so I have my name on a blog. Then I started a second one when writing my first book – so I could chronicle it. A third blog came to be after the book was published so I could use it for marketing. I really wanted the second one to be the place where I reviewed items so my mother-in-law could see what gluten free products I had found so she could look for them in her area. (We’re on opposite coasts of the U.S.) Now, I’ve combined the two sites I had started for my business I run with my husband. I have three blogs (not counting the one with the name of my book) which I am working on combining into one – wish I had figured it out sooner as I would have only had to combine two! I have really enjoyed your DO IT Workshop, having you as a mentor, and learning from the members in PAC! ~Adrienne

  8. Great advice Lesly for new bloggers and seasoned as well.

    Sometimes as we get farther down the blogging road, we forget the basics. A very clear layout of what blogging is and how to focus in order to get a solid start, even if you’ve never done it before.

    Mentoring can be very valuable when you feel stuck. I highly recommend it!


  9. Hi Lesly,

    How I wish I had met you way back when I started my first blogs. Looking back now they were so terrible that even I was pleased to be rid of them.

    However at the time I would have said I wanted to save money by doing it myself. With hindsight that was such a bad mistake. To anyone “on the fence” about paying for professional help to start a blog – just pay the money so you can get into profit faster.

    I wasted time and money with the DIY approach not to mention stress, and binned several rubbish blogs plus THREE pretty decent ones, before I met people like Lesly who could have steered me in the right direction.

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

  10. Hi Lydia,
    Wonderful to see you visiting… oh I know what you mean .. I tried doing the same and hated it. Now I just focus on personal development, and helping people get going online.. based on things I’ve learned. So much happier now!

  11. Hi Marquita,
    LOL .. that’s the way to do it … no use trying to shift any thinking there .. one day she’ll see the value and how much a blog and social media can enhance what she does.. Oh the youth today … love your visits, thank you 🙂

  12. Hi Sue,
    That’s amazing to me .. I hope you got paid! Well, what can you do, some people just give up because they let the challenge of the “learning curve” get them.. or they just don’t want to do the work. But you know as well as I, if you have an offline business, you really should have a blog to expand its potential .. right? You did the best you could… they were lucky to have you…always wonderful to see you visiting 🙂

  13. Out of the sites I’ve built for local businesses this year: 2 gave up their site completely deciding to stick to Facebook, one moved over to Wix and 2 stand there untouched. The idea of blogging, or even adding photos to a photo site, was too intimidating for them, even though I gave them lots of ideas. These were sites where the niches were very specific too.

  14. Well said Lesly. I’ve been trying for a year to get my niece to focus her blog and work on building a list but she’s completely intimidated by the whole idea. Ironically, she is a prolific and passionate writer on Facebook where she has a huge following, but she has no list, and of course there is always a chance she could lose everything since she has no control over her content. I’m trying my darndest not to nag, so rather than reminding her again, I’ll just send her a link to your article. 🙂

  15. Hello Lesly! I wish I had read your advice here when I first started blogging. You sure make it sound easy!! Just roll up your sleeves and dive in.

    Great Advice..
    Thanks for sharing..
    Chery :))

  16. When I started blogging it took a while for me to become comfortable regarding will people judge me. I know its silly but the feeling was so real and it blogged me for days. I would be so pumped up to write something then the negative self talk kicked in. What I discovered first was I had more confidence when I started a blog writing about something I loved. As a new blogger all my coaches, mentors, etc told me to blog about IM, MLM, network marketing. I was so uncomfortable because in reality I wanted to learn about those things for sure but only as it pertained to me putting forth the right efforts to run the business I loved. I didn’t want to blog about those topics. It is like half the battle won once you find your passion then the rest is a little tech and some skill development and what you cant do when financially able you can hire someone. You brought up a lot of good points Lesly excellent reminder for a seasoned blogger and an informative guide for a newbie.

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