How Complicated Doodles Can Lead To Clarity


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Recently in the “DO IT” Workshop the discussion of “blogging clarity” became a focal point. Β The question was how to blend more than one blog into one.

This is a GREAT discussion because most people who start blogging online start with one blog and then create more – sometimes up to 8 blogs! I think because there’s a feeling that you have to “Compartmentalize” or separate your interests and create a blog for each interest.

For example, if you’re interested in social media you’d have a blog for that subject, another for health and wellness, etc.

I don’t think you need to do that. I for one did have several blogs at one time and it made me nuts, hopping from one to another, keeping them all up to date. I spent so much time on this that it was really unproductive.

Your Course with Lesly

So Keeping the above question in mind, I have blended 3 blogs into “one”.

  1. Blog one: has my main content
  2. Blog 2: is about the calmer side of meΒ  πŸ™‚ and health products
  3. Blog 3 is my Mentoring program and blogging/business opportunity

If you look around, you’ll see images that point to the other blogs. But it’s not overt, it’s discrete giving the illusion that it’s all one site.Β  To do this I did the following:

  1. I chose Blog Themes that looked similar so as not to confuse visitors
  2. I created banner images/headers that were similar in visual presentation
  3. 3. I used a plug in “Page links to” and also the “Custom Menu” to link sites, as well as images.

I believe it’s a good thing, if done in an organized way, to blend websites because it gives visitors MORE information about you all in one place. You may disagree, and of course depends on your specific niche online. Even then, I would consider blending because the internet is all about engagement and visitors getting to know WHO YOU ARE.

Displaying your varied interests is a good thing. It shows who you are in a more “holistic” way and this will set you apart from others.

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When it comes to the internet, there is no right or wrong way – you just have to go with your own opinion really, based on what you like and don’t like. I don’t think you have to do what everyone else is doing either. And, that goes for what you choose to write about on your blog. I like to be different – just because I can’t be like someone else. I can only be who I am.Β  Same goes for you.

It is far better to be true to yourself than follow what others are doing …

Another doodle to clarify my thoughts …




The other thing to keep in mind is you are always changing. Your interests will change over time and as they do your internet presence should reflect the changes. It’s taken a while for me to develop this blogging philosophy, but it’s one I’m happy with. You just have to explore and try things out then do, create, write, what feels right to you.

Follow the Map

Read this wonderful post by my friend Marquita Herald about being in the “Driver’s Seat”

There is flexibility in blogging. It all begins with you.Β  Take out some paper and draw out your ideas. Figure everything out on paper before you actually start moving and changing things on your blog – it will reduce frustration for sure when you have a plan.

NeedΒ  help? Got questions? Comment below..

Lesly Federici




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