I’m Not An Expert

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I’m not an expert, but let’s just say I know what I like, I’ve developed this attitude over the years  and it serves me well today.


Because I’ve been online sine 1998 – yep. I’ve seen a lot of changes. Especially with using WordPress.org as a blogging platform over the years up to now..

Your Course with Lesly

When I started to blog, the very first platform I used was Homestead, now owned by Quick Books I believe. It was a “do-it-yourself”, drag and drop program – I loved it, and it wasn’t free. I used them for 10 years.

I did try platforms such as eBlogger but found them to be very “set” in their theme styles, meaning you  were limited in changing things around/

When web 2.0 came, the introduction of Social Media, etc., I changed to owning my blog because I had more design options and wasn’t  limited to what I could present on it – that was 2005.  The investment was/ is worth it.

Alright, so I owned my own blog, now what! Right? I KNOW this is a thought that pops into every bloggers mind, especially if you’re new at blogging. For me, I hated to write!

Lucky for me though I had kept a journal of my life since the age of 16. So writing wasn’t foreign to me. So I started writing about me *boring). Then I started writing about Social Media (boring and a waste of brain cells because EVERYONE was writing about it).

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Then I created a blog called the “Calm RN” writing about health and some inspiration – that one had potential. But like most bloggers starting out, I’d write a post then nothing for weeks. Sound familiar?

I had a radio show blog, a childbirth education blog, and more.

The thing is, when you start out with blogging, you go through a learning process. It’s like being in a candy store – eating different candies to find that sweet, perfect, Ah … yummy one.

I think new bloggers starting out have to go through this and it’s good because without this experience, you don’t discover who you are and what you really want to focus on in presenting yourself to a billion viewers on the internet …

Once I went trough all of this too, I was able to fall back on a strong interest of mine. It took really looking at what I like, don’t like, how to be different, and what SKILLS I could bring to my readers.

Speaking of content … this may interest you

Lesly Recommends

We ALL have skills, things that are special about us and usually never cultivate. My skills were/are teaching, painting, and organizing. So I created “The Artistic Affiliate” – there is an ART to being online involving marketing, social engagement, advertising, presenting visual content and lots, lots, lots. The Internet is a vast sea of cultivating blogging skills and information.

My best educator, and still is are other blogs – the “professional” ones – the likes of Eban Pagan, Frank Kern, Jeff Bullas, Robin Sharma. So ezines too – Fast Company, Entrepreneur and so on. There are so many to learn from – how they present their content and how its organized.

Nowadays, we no longer really blog for ourselves. We really blog for others hoping a visitor will find us and read our content. So it’s true about first impressions and your blog is your “house” online. Therefore how do you want to present your home to a billion+ visitors.

Many bloggers starting out choose a blogging theme they think is “cool”, or “pretty”,stylized fonts and other interesting elements to use – I know, I did this too! But I find what is overlooked, or never aware of  – are the visual layouts, or presentation of content that are “cool” to you, but turn off viewers.

Here are some blog design elements to keep in mind:

  • Avoid content clutter, especially on the side bar. This can actually turn someone off because they don’t know what to focus on – too much to look at. It’s confusing and a distraction. There is also something called “Sidebar Blindness”- meaning the content on the sidebar will be ignored
  • Use the SPACE on your pages smartly. Allow your articles to “breathe”, avoid cluttering it up with Ads, and other distracting visuals.
  • Have a MENU where visitors can find topics of interest and have each category on the menu RELATE tot he category. For example – the menu title is “cats” so you have all the articles relating to cats listed, but don’t throw in an article about “hamsters”… you’ll leave your visitor thinking … what?

I have started to do blog reviews and if you’d like yours looked at to help make it better – if that’s what’s needed, contact me. There will be a modest fee for my time and feedback.

In the meantime, keep exploring, keep learning, and above all, enjoy it ..  blogging online is a good thing and can be a profitable one as well.

Creatively yours,

Lesly Federici





PS – Would love to hear your thoughts … comment below ..and thanks for visiting!



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Lesly Federici

Lesly Federici is a Registered Nurse turned Community and Affiliate Marketer. She is the CEO of the Power Affiliate Club, and known as the "Artistic Affiliate". She enjoys helping people learn, create, and manage the blogging experience. She's also an Artist and Author. Lesly believes the best opportunities in life are those self generated. Be sure to reach out to Lesly as she would love to hear from you ...

14 Responses

  1. Hello iKechi,
    Yes, online for a long time so I saw the internet “grow-up”, and it’s still growing! Thank you for the compliment and look forward to staying connected 🙂

  2. Ikechi says:

    Hi Lesly

    Wow! You have been on the Internet for a long time. I did enjoy your story and I don’t think I ever came across the platforms that you mentioned.

    Your tips are awesome and top notch too. Thanks for sharing. You definitely a blogger to follow. Take Care

  3. Hi Donna,
    Always wonderful to see you visiting, thank you 🙂 We do go back a few years, right? I remember some of your early blogging days and we have both grown so much that we seem to have found our place om the internet, right? Well no one starting out usually listens – they having too much fun in the “Candy store” playing around with blog elements and widgets… LOL. But I do see a need for blog reviews to help people out….. love ya

  4. Hi Sonal,
    Thank you for visiting … I agree with you. The “cleaner” the website, meaning not cluttered .. lots of white space to rest the eye the better. Feel free to contact me any time and I bet I could learn a lot from you as well 🙂

  5. Hi Joy,
    Wonderful to see you visiting, thank you … if you ever need any help, I’m here …

  6. Hi Sue,
    My goodness… what a compliment. You’re an expert as well my friend 🙂 Isn’t that funny you had a Homestead account too. I loved them – then I out grew them.. lol isn’t that the way. I hope to keep inspiring you and others …

  7. Hi Merle,
    Great to see you! YOU are the exception! I hope you come back to blogging soon, we miss you! Thank you for stopping by and commenting…

  8. Great post Lesly and one point where you said about beginners writing something and leaving it for a long time before doing something else well I was totally opposite to that. I blogged daily for a long, long time and it was only when my sites were hacked that I seem to have given up, but I will get back to it. Thanks for sharing this great advice.

  9. Sue Bride says:

    I enjoyed reading about your online journey, Lesly. I had a site on homestead but really can’t remember what I used it for now. I used to join up with things just because they were there. It was such an exciting time for web innovation.

    My first blog on eblogger was a photo blog. Family pics to share with my family and friends back in England, even though only a few of them were online then. I caught the blogging bug. Then I started blogging about blogging because not many were doing so. Times have changed so much.

    You are very skilled Lesly. It’s not just your knowledge but the fact that you have a natural ability to write, teach and motivate. Don’t you think that qualifies you as an expert? I do.

  10. Joy Healey says:

    Hi Lesly

    Loved your story about how your blogging skills developed over the years to where they are now.

    Sometimes newer bloggers can imagine that the more experienced bloggers just put fingers to keyboards one day and their current finished product appeared, so it’s comforting to be reminded that almost everyone went through the growing pains that I’m going through now.

    I suppose my biggest problem is that, although I can whiz through the basics now I’m still trying to improve it, doing things I KNOW I need to do, and that’s taking time. Must soon call “time” on that, and concentrate on content and marketing.


  11. Sonal Talwar says:

    Hi Lesly

    What an adventurous journey it seems to be. Need to learn a lot from you.

    I totally agree with all you have said about blogging. I think that the theme of the blog should always be kept neat so that readers can easily find out what they are looking for.

    Thanks for sharing!

  12. Hi Lesly,

    What a wonderful adventure! You sure have evolved in so many ways. I’ve known you for a few years and in internet time its a long time lol. You have accomplished so much in such a short time.

    What you say about blogging is so true. Many new bloggers come in with some crazy idea of cluttering their blogs with so much stuff I cannot even find the post!

    Your design is beautiful and yes..white space is needed so that the reader’s eye can immediately go to where it is supposed to go. (Where you direct them) If only more would heed your advice, a reader will have a better experience.


  13. Hi Kathryn,
    Yea, so many learning experiences to go through and it’s good. I never paid anyone so sorry to hear of your experience doing so. I had heard so many bad stories about hiring people to set up a blog that I decided I wasn’t going to do that. So I learned everything on my own. This current theme – I had it set up in a day, where once it would have taken me days … lol. Thank you, I hope the blog reviews go well 🙂

  14. Lesly, I liked your story about blogging from your start on
    Homestead, I used that too, seems ages ago.

    I also have used eBlogger and still have a site there.
    I updated it a few years ago and never went back to it.

    I wanted to own my very own blog and paid a marketer friend
    to set it up for me, charged me a fortune for it. I vowed that
    I would learn how to do it for myself and it took me several
    years but now I just love making wordpress self- hosted sites.

    You are right new bloggers starting out do have to go through
    a learning experience with creating blogs and how to present
    themselves to the internet.

    I liked your blog design elements.
    I know of blogs with so much going on including the side
    bar that the visitor has no idea where to go.
    The space on the page is called white space and it’s there
    for a reason, it breaks up all the clutter and rests the eye.
    A menu to find a topic of interest is so important, like a
    guide post on where to go.

    Your blog reviews to make it better will be pretty invaluable.
    Blogging is a very good thing and profitable in the long run.

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