Is Your Blog Hang’n With The Crabs

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Is your blog hang’n with the crabs?


If you follow any of my posts I refer to blogs often as being in the “sea” or “ocean” of millions of blogs …

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Here’s an infographic I created to show you visually what you need to do to rise to the surface of the ocean, get some awesome sun and ride the waves of online visibility/ please share if you it πŸ™‚




Creatively yours,

Lesly Federici





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14 thoughts on “Is Your Blog Hang’n With The Crabs

  1. Hi Adrienne,
    Thanks! There’s nothing like a visual to get your point across, right? Yes, I know it takes time to do, but visiting other blogs builds your presence online. The good news is not everyone will do it, so you’ll rise to the top faster .. πŸ™‚ and that’s a good thing!

  2. Lesly, I love this graphic! I will be sharing with my fellow blogger friends. Thanks for a great tool to get the point across – and the excellent reminder – of how important constant engagement, posting, and attention our blogs really need if we expect our blogs to be popular! ~Adrienne

  3. Hello Shobha,
    Welcome and glad to see you visiting … thank you for the complement. I use Alexa as a guide, it’s not exact but it gives you an idea of where you are on the world wide web … yes – it does make a difference. The more you post, the more comments you have or engagement, the better the ranking …

  4. Hey Lesly,

    Interesting and Cute infographics,

    by rank – are you referring to Alexa ranks?

    Mid thousands to lower thousands is where am targeting to reach at this moment – and I guess with regular posting and sharing and hanging out, hopefully it should be a reality soon.

  5. Hi Lesly,

    I just love your infographic. Ever since you made the post about “BLOG HANG’N WITH THE CRABS,” I just could not figure out where you were going with this.

    I am definitely one who understands and learns much better through visuals and this one hits the nail squarely on the head.

    Thanks and you did a great job on this.

  6. Hey there Donna,
    Sometimes I don’t think people believe what I say, having experienced myself, right? So visuals always get a point across… I agree, you have to stay in front of the pack .. to be seen .. the more you do the better – exactly…

  7. Hey Lesly,

    I just love the way you see things visually and share it with us. This infographic is just beautiful and so true.

    We cannot just put up a post and walk away. We need to constantly be engaging with other bloggers every day. Also it ties in with being on the social media platforms. The more we do the more we gain. Wonderful my friend!


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