Joe Pulizzi Here’s Why Readers Should Care

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Recently I read an article by Joe Pulizzi published on Content Marketing Institute discussing content and why it needs to be different to stand out on the internet.

The good news here (my opinion) you CAN stand out if you’re …

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  1. Consistent
  2. Unique (I’ll get to this in a sec…)

The bad news – content is …

  1. Obesely competitive
  2. Most content creators are writing about the same stuff  (seen it, read it … click )

In Joe’s article he asks two important questions that will really make you consider why you’re on the internet in the first place.

Question one:
Why should anyone read your stuff? Who cares?

Question two:
If the Internet went up in smoke and all your content was gone forever, would it be missed? This begs the notion of – are you memorable?


I really thought about this. As I was reading through Joe’s experience with a group of people who couldn’t answer these questions right away, I had an answer. Although Joe doesn’t know me, or can’t hear me,  I want to share my answer with you.

Here it is.

To answer the the Question – who cares about your stuff? It’s this: Everyone who has a business online and is serious about marketing it has the potential to generate a following. The followers will care because they naturally gravitate to the business.

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Businesses are like mini or huge “tribes” (like Apple). Some prefer Pepsi. Many prefer Coke. How about Red Bull – those that are crazy about wild sports love Red Bull.

So the question now becomes, what IS it about your business that’s unique?

It’s the ability to be unique. or different about what you write about or how you promote your business. For me, as the “Artistic Affiliate” for example, my “spin” is finding the “Art” in marketing, in writing, in life, because simply being alive is, to me, a work of art.

And EVERYONE is a work of art. So you have to find that “thing” that shines about you – because no one else is like you on the planet.

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As far as “would your content, or you be missed?” Well, this speaks to being memorable. So, how do you become “memorable”? By changing someone’s perception of something in their life. Solving a problem, giving them a solution.

People are your business.If you can tap into them, they will care about what you have to say or offer.

Go the extra mile.

Creatively yours,

Lesly Federici




PS – Would love to hear what you think . Comment below …


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11 thoughts on “Joe Pulizzi Here’s Why Readers Should Care

  1. Hey Lesly,
    You know the phrase: “who cares about your stuff?” is the very key 🙂
    And there is one more question that I heard for the first time from Mike Dillard and that is “So what?” that helps me to stay focused on the visitor, on his needs and wants.

  2. Really good question Lesly

    Since I am still not sure who I am trying to market to I sort of doubt my content is memorable although I know I can write memorable content.

    Still challenged by this blog marketing thing

    To the top


  3. HiLesly,
    Yes, we have to stand out above the competition. And the only way is to brand yourself, be your own unique self and be authentic, & provide a lot of value 🙂
    Thank you for sharing!

  4. Question one:
    Why should anyone read your stuff? Who cares?

    This is really a great question that every blogger should consider. The “Who cares?” has a bit of shock value that can really help one to dive a little deeper into the reason. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I recently read of two science bloggers. One had qualifications and experience up to his eyeballs, the other was an interested amateur. Both aimed at the same market. Guess which one succeeded? The amateur. He spoke at a level the audience understood, in a way that made it interesting, and spent time developing a loyal following.

    Lesly, you’re a great example of having both the knowledge and experience, PLUS your own unique voice.

    Maybe, as bloggers, we need to ask ourselves not only “why should someone read our stuff “, to help us improve, but also “why shouldn’t they” read it”, to give us confidence that we can be a part of a tribe that will.

  6. Hello Lesly! These questions of Joe’s also got me thinking as well as your input> As you have stated solving a problem, giving them a solution is a great way to be memorable…

    Great share my friend
    Chery :))

  7. Hi Lesly,
    Interesting article.
    You can stand out if you are uniquely you, consistently.
    It’s a big world out there, and yes most of the content
    you see is all much the same stuff.

    Why would anyone read my content – it’s unique it’s me and
    as a result it’s different from other’s content.

    Would anyone miss my work? I’d like to think some would.
    I have yet to become memorable, helping others solve their
    problems, but I’m getting there. Little by litte, day by day.

  8. Hi Lesly Federici mam, Great points to learn and shine our knowledge. Yes it is important to become memorable by writing unique content which attract readers. Thanks for sharing

  9. Hi Lesly,


    Joe’s questions are worthy for consideration by any serious blogger. Obviously you are one.

    Your suggestions that we bloggers market our uniqueness into tribe building, and then help solve their problems, sound good to me!

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