Journey Of The Living

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This  is a story of a journey of the living – me, and it goes something like this…

My awesome mom died about 20 years ago. For about 2 weeks after her death, I kept running into people in different places with her first name. Then that stopped. It never happened like that again.

About 17 years ago, I started looking into my family history. My mother was adopted and my father (also deceased) claimed to be part Iowa Sioux, Native American Indian.

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I was searching online and then a woman (my new found cousin back then) contacted me and sent me a treasure of genealogical information on my father’s side. WHAT A GIFT – only to be misplaced. For YEARS – 17 of then!

We moved to a new house – did they get lost during the move? For 17 years I lamented over losing these papers. I was able to connect with my new cousin a year or so ago and she kindly sent copies of what she had. BUT – here’s the thing. I’ve been toying with the idea of doing the DNA test that offers.

So I was watching briefly a TV show just the other day about “Lost Families” being reconnected through DNA. So one of the people interviewed was looking for the daughter she gave away for adoption at birth and her name was the same as my mother’s!

Then I got inspired to look once again for those papers my cousin sent me all those years ago. I was thinking maybe I could find out what happened with my mother’s own adoption.

So I climbed into the attic .. searched through boxes – nothing. Close to giving up, under a pile of other empty boxes, I noticed a box, sealed with dried tape from being closed and unopened for years.

I opened it and there were the papers I thought I lost forever and caused such heartache for me. Well, I can tell you how whole I feel.. that empty and sad part of me is gone.

Now I look forward to finding out more about my family history.

It’s a journey of the living dealing with unresolved, lost memories, and objects left behind by our loved ones.  When some of them are laid to rest it frees your heart of sorrow …

Lesly Federici





PS – Would love to read your thoughts

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3 thoughts on “Journey Of The Living

  1. Fascinating simple story of a piece of life. We all have so many pieces, and many unfinished. So happy to hear that you finally found those papers. It reminds me of the book I wrote – and had kept in a file box for 13 years – until an online mentor suggested I publish the book I had already written before writing a new one. That was such a relief to get those papers out of the box and into print. Your story is heartwarming with a happy ending.

  2. I’m so pleased you found those records. I’ve more or less come to a full stop with my geneological research but I’ve found out so much and it was a fascinating journey. Because of records being lost in a fire in the records office in Ireland, there’s only so much I could find out about my own family. However, my partner was adopted and, within a week of online search, I’d found his natural father’s family (except for his dad) but there is no trace of his mother. We now keep in touch with his half uncle and cousins.
    I’ve considered a DNA test too. Not so much to find existing family but to find out my ancient “roots”. All the best with your searching and I’d love to hear about your progress.

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