Learn to Connect The Dots Making Your Blog Idea an Online Reality

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Connect the “Dots”? What the heck does that mean. . .

Learning the ins and out of blogging can be a real challenge. It’s not only about writing or finding content, rather HOW to best promote your content or generate interest in your online projects. And this requires thinking about the TOOLS you’ll need to do so. This means learning how to connect the dots that is inherent to each tool you’ll want to you.

For example – how would you go about creating an email course? What tools do you need to implement your idea. It might look something like this:

Landing Page Builder

You Would Need an Auto-responder

  1. Have auto-responder program like Get Response
  2. Create a campaign for your e-class (Need to learn HOR to set up a campaign – what are the steps)
  3. Write a welcome note to your program to send immediately to new sign-ups
  4. Create your weekly e-class in individual messages that are sent out automatically to the emails that signed up For your e-class through your auto-responder

You Would Need a Word.doc Program

  1. Word – to write your program (Design it first. Then you could use this information in your promotions)
  2. Power Point to make slides for your e-class
  3. Plan hangouts for your e-class (Need to learn Google Hangouts of other online conferencing program)

You Would Need a Landing Page Program

  1. Create Landing Page program to promote your e-class and collect sign-up emails that go directly into your auto-responder campaign (Need to learn HOW to create an landing page on your own)
  2. Subscribe to a program that creates them, or use an easy plugin to use from your website. (You need to learn

Programs You Might Need

  1. Video Creation Program (Need to learn how to use it)
  2. Graphic Creation program like Canva

Charging Money? You’ll Also Need

  1. A Pay Pal account or other program for money transactions

And Of Course Social Media For Promoting

  1. Facebook Fan Page for Business ( Need to learn how to set one up)
  2. Instagram
  3. Pinterest
  4. And more …


For each part of the idea you want to implement, you’ll need online programs to help you design your project and come to life. For new people starting out with blogs have a lot of GREAT ideas and want to create them. But, they don’t realize, maybe even you, these other program tools are necessary to bring your ideas to life online.

So the learning curve is great. If you pick one aspect of your project and focus on that and get it done, you’ll be putting all (Linking) the parts together into a finished one you can then promote.

Of course all of this can be overwhelming especially if you don’t know how to “connect the dots” , Why? Because of of the programs you’ll need involves a technological side that you’ll have to learn. Hands on skills like dragging and dropping, copy and pasting,creating links, and so much more.

Maybe watching this video will Give You More Insight:



When you have a blog, you are constantly being challenged. Always learning new things and you may be skittish about it. But once you learn it, or have someone help you learn it, it will come easier and the next time you plan out an idea, it will be easier.

So, roll your sleeves up, learn, connect the dots, and see your projects come alive online!

Lesly Federici










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22 thoughts on “Learn to Connect The Dots Making Your Blog Idea an Online Reality

  1. Great tips. I’ve been blogging for 7 years now and never get tired of checking out the advice on how to improve because this business is always changing. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Very interesting blog. A lot of blogs that I see these days don’t really provide anything this interesting. But I’m definitely interested in this one more than any other blog. Just thought to share my views on this to let you know how useful these articles are. Thanks.

  3. Hi Ed,
    Great to see you visiting and thank you! Yea, there are so many moving parts and challenging to figure out on your own. More blueprints like this are a good thing since not everyone shares them – even when you pay for a course to show you…

  4. Hi Sazia,
    Wonderful to see you visiting! Yes, the easier one can explain the steps, and there are so many, the better the blogging experience … Thank you for vsiting 🙂

  5. Hi Hussain!
    How wonderful to see you visiting! Appreciate the visit. There really is a lot of outdated information and it’s helpful if you have someone who knows the ins and outs of the internet life 🙂

  6. Hi Lydia,
    Great to see you visiting! That’s a GREAT idea.. to have a place where you can look at the steps again. They are easy to forget if you don’t do them often – depending on the project.

  7. Hi Erica,
    Wonderful to see you .. I know. When starting out we hear a lot of suggestions of what we should have, do, etc. I have only 2 blogs now, my personal one and PAC. My personal one is now the main hub for what I used to have on other blogs are now consolidated into one. Easier to maintain. And I agree, have a coach to guide you is really important so you don’t end up spending a fortune …. Hope all is well 🙂

  8. Lesly,
    It is true that we need to have all these pieces available, but connecting the dots can still be an elusive goal. I have an autoresponder system; at one point I had 2 systems. But at this point I have so many different lists that I have difficulty keeping up with it all. My goal now is to simplify. I did eliminate one web site that was costing money each month and not really serving me. For someone starting out, it really is helpful to have a coach who can guide you to make the best choices among the many possible pieces of the online puzzle.
    Dr. Erica

  9. Hey Lesly, you broke it all down to easy to follow steps. There are so many ways to promote our blogs and create good content one could get confused. Sometimes I have to be reminded of a step so I surrendered to keeping a list near my computer.

  10. Hey Lesly,
    It is really overwhelming if you don’t have a trusted mentor. Yes, you might read a lot of things for free, but who will tell you that you are doing the right things in the right time (the web is full of outdated techniques), and who will tell you whether you are doing them the right way.
    Thanks for the share, Lesly!


  11. Hi Lesly,
    What a great way to explain what we do with our blogs. The red cloud of confusion and connect the dots video was brilliant. Liked the book example! You are inspirational!

  12. Hi Lesly,

    What a great way to explain everything one needs to connect those dots in having an internet business. It doesn’t matter what kind, but following this list is a one size fits all for any business.
    I love the way you formatted this and also the video.
    You are the B E S T


  13. Hi Lesly mam, Great points step by step. Thanks for sharing this useful information with us. These are necessary steps for all in blogging field.

  14. Hi Lesly,
    On the surface the process sounds intimidating. Yet, breaking the whole into parts then mastering them step/part by step/part, can dilute the fear of failure.

    Trouble is, someone inexperienced, don’t really know the many moving parts. Your post is a good blueprint for laying it out. Good job, thanks,

  15. You definitely need to commit to learning the technology needed to succeed online, although many people these days already know the basics because of regular computer use and participation in social media. Writing emails, knowing how to upload images, sharing other people’s content, and commenting, are all skills that make starting a blog easy. Once you get reasonably familiar with blogging, connecting with others, and knowing your ideal audience, you can start working on learning, or improving your knowledge of, the other important tech aspects you mention. There is plenty of online help to make this easier.

  16. Hi Chery,
    Thanks for stopping by! Step by step .. slow the brain down to take it all in, one step at a time and you’ll see your project finished faster, right?

  17. I totally agree that there is so much to learn, Lesly, and it’s such fun learning all this stuff, isn’t it! There is still so much I don’t know about Internet Marketing and I am learning something new every day. Exciting times!

    Enjoy the journey!

  18. Hey Lesly! Oh so true, there is tons to do HUH? But as you have stated learning how to connect the dots makes it a whole lot easier! Step By Step! Awesome Video Girlfriend! Thanks for sharing.. Chery :))

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