Mundane To Success

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Once upon a time I was in a a Direct Selling business.

It was a heath and wellness company. The products were/are excellent, but I just couldn’t get the hang of selling to people and doing house parties.

I tried. And … yech .. hated it.

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Then I came online and like most people on the internet, I got involved with an online program. Sounded good, I liked the product. But my sponsor nice in the beginning soon disappeared – leaving me to figure out how to build a team/downline or promote the product.

Like so many MLMs, Network and Internet Marketing it’s grab potential members and run to the next one. It’s talk about the money first (which is very often, if not all the time, inflated). So it’s no wonder that people give up, quit, get depressed because nothing’s happening.

What I’ve come to understand is very, very important because this little, 7 letter word, holds the key to being successful or not, in any kind of business or career…

I’ll tell you the word in a second ….

When I was in Nursing School one task I had to learn was to start IVs on patients. I had to insert a needle into a patient’s arm, secure it, and attach tubing to it which was connected to a bag of fluid. I had a tough time at first. I was so nervous. I can’t do this – I thought.

I had a good teacher though, who was a “pro” at this and helped me to develop my confidence to do it and do it well. With practice I got really good at starting IVs and patients would tell me they didn’t feel a thing. THAT was a great compliment!

Did it take time? Yes. Did I screw up at times? Yep (thank goodness we used fake, rubber arms to practice on). But practice was the key to becoming successful and perfecting this task.

I wasn’t good at selling with my MLM, but I was/am good at helping people (the Nurse mindset). Not everyone is good at everything and I’m always learning a new skill, most likely you are as well being online. But here’s where this one word has a profound effect on what we do and why we may give up.

Because we get impatient, bored, and hop from one thing to another that interests us , MLM to MLM for example is because we don’t want to do the … ready?

  • Oh I don’t want to call this person ..
  • I don’t want to go to the meeting or weekly hangout
  • I don’t need to practice, I know it all ..
  • I don’t need to learn how to communicate with a potential client

And so on …

We don’t want to commit to ONE thing and master it. ..Β 

The fact is we really do need to do the mundane… the stuff that makes us crazy and want to walk away from. Every career, doctor, lawyer, Indian chief learn and do the mundane to become the professionals that they become. The saying goes like this …

Jack of all trades and master of none

It’s never been more true with network/internet marketing because..

  1. Poor leadership
  2. Lack of support
  3. No mentor, guidance
  4. No easy duplication for immediate Β success


So here’s what I think about all this. You have to get your head straight first before you take on the world. Simply because we’re not good at everything. When it comes to Network/Internet Marketing it requires skills you may not be comfortable with – like talking with people, follow-up, and building relationships. And yet that is the essence that will make you successful at it.

Most people go straight for the “jugular” “Hey, let me show you my product and the compensation plan …” bla bla bla. And what happens to the potential customer? They RUN. Not a good strategy.

Learning new skills, how to “court” your prospect, how to ask the right questions, how to discuss the benefits of a product or service, how to let THEM make the decision to buy, are all skills to learn.

Taking the time to learn them will enhance you success and you know why? Because a lot of marketers don’t take the time to do so.

Study the mundane. Stay focused on one thing and get good at it.

Creatively yours

Lesly Federici





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23 thoughts on “Mundane To Success

  1. Hi Ikechi.
    Relationships are the most important aspect of ANY business, be it Network Marketing or brick’n mortar.. whatever you can do to set you apart will be the juice that makes you stand out .. πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Lesly

    I am in the MLM industry so this post is indeed valuable. As you brilliantly shared, people know when you are not thinking of their welfare but just want to make a sale.

    This is the reason why it seems that Networking is difficult but one that invests in building relationships will never be disappointed in Network marketing.

    Thanks for sharing. Take care

  3. Hi Elise,
    Wonderful to see you here visiting …. it’s all about doing the work to accomplish what you have set in motion for yourself , isn’t it. You know so well with all you’ve accomplished … πŸ™‚

  4. Beautiful article. Oftentimes people are not willing to do the hard work. Sometimes that hard work is the mundane. We must embrace the fact that this is part of the foundation of a profitable business. Without the foundation everything will crumble.

  5. Hi Lesly,

    What a great post!! You’re so right, it is important to “get your head straight” before starting a new venture. There will be fun, hard and yes, even mundane things that need to get done in order to be successful. It’s important to embrace all of it.

    This post was a great wake up call for me to get going on those things that I continuously put off.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi Sue,
    I have gone through such a learning curve with me … to really explore what’s holding me back and not getting where I want to go. I finally have questions in my head to ask that will guide me because I now know what to ask. There is no failure – ever. You certainly are not .. but only reflecting on what’s important to you now. Sometimes you have to take a break to sort things out and that’s good. You come back with a fresh perspective … I am always here for you as a friend and guide .. we’re all on a journey and we can help each other sort things out … and thank you for the loving compliment … πŸ™‚

  7. I’ve learned a fair bit about marketing over the years but now I realize that it’s not just about keeping on trying the same thing. Persistence is important but I’ve realized there are some things that really don’t interest me, and however much I persist I won’t get anywhere. It took a break away from it all, because of holidays etc, to really see this. I sometimes have to put aside thoughts of me having failed by telling myself that what I’ve learned has been really valuable.

    I accept that there have to be elements of the mundane in whatever we do, but the overall reason needs to be that we are inspired by something that interests us. Otherwise it all becomes mundane. So that’s where I’m going from here πŸ™‚

    You are brilliant at supporting and inspiring others, and with video production, Lesly. Your interest shines through.

  8. Hi Kathryn,
    We learn so much don’t we? Implementing is the biggest challenge I think… but well worth it … but clearing your head to focus on what you want to achieve.. is so important … thank you for the compliment .. means a lot to me .. sending you lots of love and appreciation ..

  9. That’s a great post Lesly. I like the way you started out with what you used to do. Building interest.
    I also did home parties, and was pretty good at it for a while. Then I just got tired of the mundaneness of it all. My mentor passed away and so I tried something else.
    I did several other sales businesses but the leadership was lacking or the fact that it wasn’t easy to do what the good leaders did. I learned to sell ,but something was missing..

    I do agree with you – you have to get your head straight head straight first before you take on the world. You can not be good at everything. Now with network marketing I am learning new skills, building new relationships and learning to talk with people, and follow-up with them,

    Getting past the mundane leads to success in business. That “jack of all trades – master of none” really is so right. Learning to do your best, focusing, is great advice. Having the mindset to do it is likely what sets really successful people apart from the crowd. Thanks so much for your support, it is invaluable. to me.

  10. Hello Lesly! The mundane! I had no idea when you said wait for it that this would be your word. Wowsy How true. Been There, Done That! It all seems so simple when you read it like this hehe,

    Ok Perhaps NOT! It is a battle, a struggle but it is a whole lot easier when you have someone to help you along the way, that is for sure.

    Great Share,. Thanks! Chery :))

  11. Hi Lesly, Yes, we all have to do it. No one wanted to change dirty diapers either when our kids were young… but it had to be done. Going from one mess to another (jumping from one thing to the next) just means we have more messes to go through. We all have to go through the dirty stuff to get to the “fresh as a daisy.” It’s no fun at the time you do the mundane, but there will be smiles all around afterwards when your baby is up and running.

  12. Hey Rose,
    Thank you for your comment! I appreciate it … I’ve been where you are.. so have lots of people and I really think it’s part of a process of self-discovery. So, zoom in, stay focused and if I can hep you in any way, reach out and let me know …

  13. I love this post!! I feel like you have spoken directly to me. My husband and I were just talking about having to start from the bottom and learn/work our way up. It’s the same in my MLM company. I have joined or thought of joining other MLM’s over the years and was looking for immediate success without putting in much effort. I know that if I had taken the time to do the mundane and really, truly learn from the bottom up, that I would have succeeded. But I didn’t give myself the time to. Now, I am. Now, I know that it takes learning everything, including the mundane, to succeed. I have been with my company for two years and I finally feel like I have figured out what I need to do and how to succeed, and you have hit the nail on the head, do the mundane. Great share!!

  14. Great post Lesly and know exactly the feeling of joining a company and then no-one contacting you to tell you what to do and also agree you have to do the mundane things first. I was guilty of trying to do too many things at once but have learnt my lesson now. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Thanks for coming by my blog and commenting.

    This was a great article. Practice does indeed make perfect… provided you practice the right things. As you said you had a great mentor in a nurse who was excellent at the skill you were trying to learn. This is so critical.

    It is so good to get that we are not all good at everything and as you build a team find people with skills and let them teach those skills to others. You don’t need to know it all or teach it all!

    Team work is a key skill and that means supporting others! It is also attractive to others if they know that you will be recognizing their skills! .

    PAC is sort of all about that recognition! Thanks for doing this!

  16. Hey Adele
    Wonderful to see you visiting! Love that, it’s been a while … it’s so true .. decision, focus, that’s the path to take. We all get distracted but once we figure oput what we want and staying on course, we’ll get there … comeback soon …

  17. Two thumbs up to you, Lesly for this “wake up call” post about getting our head right if we want to see any type of success happening in our business. The difference between those that have succeeded and reached the top and those who quit is their mindset. We all go through the same tough situations and the same challenges. It’s just that those that reach the top have set their mind and made the decision to keep on pressing on and doing things until they see the results, no matter how boring or mundane they may be.

  18. Hi Deborah ..
    One must discover the “love of self” being willing to slow down, even stop to reflect on what you want. Lord knows I have been scattered too at times. But when you take the time to reprogram, makes all the difference. I have no doubt that you will succeed in what you’re doing and I’m excited with you.. looking forward to all the wonderful things yo’ll do .. and thank you for the kind words.. love you too and glad I was helpful … πŸ™‚

  19. Well Lesly, I am so glad that you posted this! You make me feel so much better! I thought maybe I was the only one that thought this way. No matter what the opportunity or industry one focuses on, we cannot do it all. And, we need that leadership and support — it’s essential! People often forget that they were once a beginner at something. We need to feel that we are respected, that we count, that what we’re doing is relevant.

    As you know, I recently just took the time I needed to rest and recoup. Then I created a plan and started implementing it. Focus is key! I mean laser focused! Now I’m progressing once again and more excited than ever.

    Thank you, Lesly for your unconditional love and support throughout my journey of discovery. I feel there are some exciting things ahead!

    Much love and respect,


  20. Oh, how I enjoyed this article. It really hit home for me. Taking the time to know your business and your why is key for all businesses to succeed.

    Thanks for a wonderful article

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