This One Simple Thing Can Part The Waves And Move Mountains

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How could one thing possibly part the waves in building, developing relationships or “Alliances”?

This week, the topic is about building “Alliances” with others  … in the PAC Blogging Carnival

Developing alliances and friendships with other bloggers, being honest in your dealings and information and providing real, honest value to your readers – how did you achieve these things?

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PAC Blogging Carnival


I didn’t know then the power of encouraging words when I was in college and how they infused me with a “Can Do” attitude to succeed.

I had just transferred from a community college to a four year one and scholastic expectations were greater, more demanding, with more papers to write and intense exams.

Dr. Hildreth York was my college advisor. I respected her tremendously for her knowledge, wisdom, talent as an artist, and ability to embrace her students with respect and kindness.

Most college professors from what I’ve experienced in the past are stuffy, and full of themselves. As the actor Clint Eastwood wood say ….

Ha ha … yes indeed, but not Dr. York. She taught me how just saying “You’re doing a great job” could fuel my productivity for weeks. And, not just doing the work and getting it done, but doing GOOD work, going beyond what was expected.

I also remember how good it felt that my professor saw my potential more than I did. Because we are own worst critic, we don’t see clearly our greatness. That’s why surrounding yourself with people who really support and believe in you is vital. What they can do for you is what you can also do for others.

That’s what I try to do. People may let me down, I may let others down, but I always appreciate them. And this is the one thing that can part the waves, move mountains, and  create alliances with others appreciation/

So should you be reading this, let me just say thank you for doing so. I hope the friends I’ve made online and off  know how much I appreciate them.

Here’s a video I made in 2008, enjoy ..


Lesly Federici





Love reading your comments …


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18 thoughts on “This One Simple Thing Can Part The Waves And Move Mountains

  1. Hi Lesly ,
    beautiful post ,I totally agree with you ,
    working together appreciating each other
    and give praise even for little things is uplifting
    and encouraging to be the best and give the best
    and let the genius out which we all have in us .As Mandy
    mentioned it is a shame that many young people are
    de-geniused. ,but with appreciation, it can be activated
    Thank you for your great work.

  2. Hi Lesly, yes, there are ways to say things and instil in others a ‘can do’ attitude for sure. Too many times I hear adults putting children and young people down and not giving them anything to hope for. It’s such a shame and it does start at an early age.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

    Enjoy the journey!

  3. Hi Lesly

    Building relationship is just awesome and I am so happy to be part of PAC.

    I have been touched by your stories and as I have said before and I say again, you are just awesome.

    Thanks for sharing. Take care

  4. First, I really enjoyed your video from 2008! You saved the best for last, lol!

    What hit me most in your post was when speaking about how you felt about your college advisor, “…respected her tremendously for her knowledge, wisdom, talent as an artist, and ability to embrace her students with respect and kindness.”

    We meet people all the time that have knowledge, wisdom, and talent. But, I think what’s even more important is how people make you feel. She made you feel respected and worth her time. She made you feel valued as a human being. You were nurtured.

    That’s what I think we need to focus on when building relationships online or offline: making people feel appreciated, supported and valued.

    Great post as always!


  5. Hi lesly mam, Great informative post. Yes building relationship online is not that easy. people who knows us face to face they are always friendly with us and easy to build relationship as they know us closely. Online people need to understand and know each other for that we need to spend time and it is necessary to build good and healthy relationship online. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi Brenda
    Wonderful to see you visiting, thanks … yes, I’ve learned that participating in a “blogging circle” can really develop friendships online and yes they can turn into life time friendships. Some of the people I met online I actually met about 5 years ago and we’re still connecting.. wonderful.. so good to know you as well … 🙂

  7. Hi Edward,
    LOL! I think you’re pretty awesome too … I agree with you 100% that supportive and caring people really help you to expand your capabilities … PAC is all about that … so glad you’re part of the family 🙂

  8. Hi Hussain,
    Great to see you visiting again … so much can be gained with others.. and sometimes they actually guide you, give you great ideas by just sharing information, desires, goals and supportive people can energize you… and thank you for the kind words 🙂 very heartwarming…

  9. Hi Barrie,
    Always great to see you visiting … oh you are so right and the confidence comes with moving forward regardless of how unsure you may be. But when you’re around people who believe in you it’s easier to achieve more

  10. Everything starts with a relationship from contact and communication. But, as you rightly say Lesly, you need self confidence to keep putting your message “out there” and developing that message to grow. Self confidence is really important and those small positive affirmations are crucial to staying focused and in a positive state of mind.
    Love it

  11. Hey Lesly,

    This post is really awesome as it conveys a lot of messages.

    I agree with you, yeah, if you hang around five successful people, you will be the sixth.. It is the positive power that no one can see, but those who exchange it feel it for sure.
    When you mingle with people who believe in you and in what you do, a lot of lessons can be learned, support, and advises that are touching your needs and concerns will be there too.”

    We also do appreciate you!
    Thanks for spreading the positive energy Lesly.


  12. Oh Lesly, you’re so cool…!

    And, almost too damn nice for the likes of me.

    It is wonderful to have someone believe in you and to cheer you onward when you have self doubts. Real success, I’m finding, is rarely a solo project. To revisit a cliche, it takes a village. Or, in the case of your Power Affiliate Community, it takes the support and help of a caring community.
    Thank you,

  13. Wow Fabulous Lesly.

    We truly are so hard on ourselves and our self talk is what we a were told when we were 2- 5 years old when we actually couldn’t do much. Somehow our subconscious never got that we had changed.

    If you believe you can or you believe you can’t, you’re right.

    You can learn to change your beliefs, but it takes work and it takes recognizing where they came from and how old you were when you adopted them.

    No one can unless they plan to so make a plan and start to follow it, faithfully and when you get off track get back on that was just a small detour

    To Great Success


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