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Every now and then something passes by me that’s worth a second look and this is it: Traffic Monsoon.

This is a gem of an online program/business that can be combined with anything else you’re doing to promote your business. It’s a Global program with an Alexa ranking of 910 – that’s it: nine hundred and ten. Many are using this and making lots of money very easily, including myself.

For me, it’s a very easy way to make money without recruiting anyone (something I like). There are no hoops to jump through. You can withdraw the money you earn immediately through a Pay Pal account (there are other ones to). It’s an “EFFORT” based program, so the more effort you put in to it, the better the rewards – and that goes for anything you do online.

Landing Page Builder

Personally, the holidays are coming and I’m looking for ward to a few hundred dollars I’ll be able to collect unless I want to reinvest it which I’ll most likely do. It’s like a bank…

Here’s how it works:

Beginner Level

  1. It’s free to join
  2. Click on free cash links to earn pennies that accumulate into dollars
  3. View 10 web pages a day every 24 hours. This is a requirement to stay active in the shared revenue program
  4. Earn free credits that you can assign to any of your websites
  5. Promote up to 15 websites (doesn’t matter what it is – except for “Adult” sites.

Advanced Level (all of the above and …)

  1. Revenue sharing requires investing $50.00 for an “AD Pack” which will give 1000 credits, or people visiting your site
  2. 1 Ad Pack = $1.00
  3. You earn your investment back plus $5.00 in a months time
  4. You can withdraw the money you earn, or re-invest it to add more Ad Packs, earn more money and get more traffic to your website
  5. The more Ad Packs you purchase the more money you make
  6. Each time someone joins you and purchases and Ad Pack, your earn a 10% commission ($5.00 on $50.00)

Now you may not have $50.00 handy, but if you can invest here and there and build up to where the Ad Packs pay for themselves, then you’re really positioning yourself to make some good money. This is what I’m doing … take a look, and I joined August 17, 2015. I didn’t take it seriously, but now I do.

Traffic Monsoon


Update: October 4, 2015

What’s starting to happen is as I increase the number of Ad Packs I purchase I earn more money daily. Now, I am no longer investing my own money. It’s now paying for itself. When I get it to a level where I can purchase 2 or 3 Ad Packs at a time, I’ll be able to withdraw money straight into my Pay Pal account. I have already made back $100.00 of my initial investment. I only purchased an Ad Pack when I had $50.00 to do so. Now, it’s easy, easy, easy….


You can also treat this like a business and develop a team, so it’s multi-purpose.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Go here for more information.

Creatively yours,

Lesly Federici





PS – Let me know what you think in a comment below …


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22 thoughts on “Park Your Money Here

  1. Hey Kathryn ..
    TM is great and seems to be working for so many people! Just Imagine the possibilities… I sure can … wonderful to see you visiting and look forward to seeing your own success with TM

  2. With aprox 2million visitors a day TM is a great way to invest a little money and get a good return. All the sales the TM makes is distributed among TM members, so the more shares you have the more money you make. What I really like is the ability to recycle your earnings to increase your sharing position.
    Great way to invest in another business with your earnings. That is what I am going to be doing. All just for some daily clicking.

  3. Happy to see such a comprehensive explanation Lesly, and happy to see some cash is being made!
    I’m not sure if I can mentally fit it into my world at the moment… but it sounds interesting, and I have taken it on board.
    I will definitely come back to you when I am ready to take an active part 🙂
    ~Jacs <3

  4. Hello Utoran,
    Welcome to my website, and nice to meet you. Yes, it’s an auto-surf which has built in ways to tell if you’ve surfed or not. The real benefit is in the revenue sharing. All the sales the TM makes is distributed among TM members, so the more shares you have the more money you make. What I really like is the ability to recycle my earnings to increase my sharing position. Right now I have 13 shares earning about $91.00 a week. The higher I go = more earnings, increased sharing positions, and withdrawing money as well. So far I have not seen anything wrong with this site and the founder is quite passionate about helping people change their lives through this website. About 2 million visitors a day, and many happy customers. And you’re right .. the ranking is very difficult to achieve … thank you for visiting…

  5. Hey Lesly,

    Always good to find something new – and Traffic Monsoon – seems to be a good site from your review. Will surely go through it in detail and see how it works. From the review it seems to be an auto-surt site with added benefits and features.

    The alexa rank of 910 does seem to be great, as that isn’t something you can quickly achieve!

    Thank you for sharing it with us,

    Uttoran Sen,

  6. Hi Mary,
    Just updated this post on the earning progress.. this is really a good investment with fast financial award … the pay out here is – anytime, no waiting. Money is transferred immediately to your Pay Pal account… wonderful to see you visiting, appreciate it …

  7. Hey Donna,
    What would life be like on the Internet if I didn’t explore and dabble in something .. LOL.. and happy what I chose is “paying” off … LOL .. yuck, yuk, yuck … thank you for your interest in referring me .. appreciate it … 🙂

  8. Hi Joy,
    Yes, you can earn some real money with this! Glad to hear you’re doing it as well … I’ll be starting a group with this as a focus, would you like to join? Always great to see you visiting … thanks 🙂

  9. Hi David,
    Yea.. I love effort .. better rewards from it, right? I don’t usually go for things like this, in fact it’s the first time I ever did. And pretty thrilled. It’s now paying for itself and I’m starting to make back my investment. I just updated this post with a screenshot of the progress. I like that I have to “be in it to win it”. Thanks for the positive feedback and thanks for your interest in sharing …

  10. I know many bloggers that are looking to fund the growth of their online business with cash/commission types of programs. This sounds like a good one.

    I like the fact that it’s effort based. Those are the only things that ever seem to work. I sometimes think “leverage” is code for “lazy.” Effort always works though, doesn’t it?

    I’ll share this with some folks. Thanks, Lesly, for the interesting review and info.

  11. Hi Lesly

    Thanks for reminding me about Traffic Monsoon – it’s a site I joined just before my holiday but didn’t do much with it, then forgot about when I came home. Must get back into it!

    I agree with everything you say, and encourage anyone to join with Lesly as she’s given a great explanation here and will answer your questions.

    Good luck with it and please keep us updated,


  12. Hi Lesly,

    You sure explained Traffic Monsoon very well. I heard of it but never quite knew what it was all about. Now when people ask me about it, I have an answer: Ask my friend Lesly lol.

    You and Monna sure are always up to something so cool.


  13. Really interesting post Lesly

    I am doing something similar with TrafficAdbar but I am not seeing that sort of monetary growth although the person who told me about it assures me that if I keep up with it I will

    I like that monthly payout!

    I’ve only been involved for a couple of weeks so we’ll see


  14. Hi Chery,
    Hope everything is alright with your parents … thinking of you. Yes this is a good, easy, money maker. Some investment when you can, but the beauty is it pays you back and you can recycle what you earn to earn more .. if you have questions, just ask and happy to clarify things … always great to see you visiting

  15. Hello Lesly, this is my first time hearing about Traffic Monsoon and how it all works.

    Sounds like you an Monna are doing well with this Huh?

    Perhaps I will check in with you girls next month after I get back from my mom and dads. Yeppers, gotta go and move in with my parents for a while.

    Thanks for sharing
    Chery :))

  16. Hey Monna,
    I know.. I’m slowly building up to add more.. that’s where the money is and you can just recycle it and not spend any more of your own money .. very easy to do, and it works while you sleep! LOL Glad you’re with me with this .. wonderful to see you visiting…

  17. Hi Lesly,
    Great explanation of how Traffic Monsoon works. I’m happy to be there with you. I work at it every day and it doesn’t take very long. When I reach enough to buy another ad pack, I intend on doing just that.

    Along with earning extra money, the traffic to your sites makes the extra effort well worth it.

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