Robin Hood Mentoring Case Study – Part One

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Here’s a Robin Hood Mentoring Case Study currently in action. As the weeks unfold you’ll see the progress and results.

My current client is called “Roberta” for privacy. Here’s a little background about her.

For 22 years she has been self-employed running her own business as a Yoga instructor and massage therapist. She’s in her late 50’s moving close into the next decade of her life. She has one son who’s off at school.

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Like many people in this age range think about opportunities online because they’re reaching “Retirement age” and want to continue to earn income.

Roberta’s goal is to transfer her business online so she can reach more people and expand her areas of interest. This would include offering her expertise through workshops, coaching, and teaching in an online environment.

Her Internet experience: Next to none, except for basics in setting up a Facebook Personal Profile, sending and replying to emails (and shopping online). She has a blog provided by the organization she’s certified with for her professional qualifications.

Roberta’s Mindset: Roberta is eager to learn and has many ideas of what she wants to achieve. There is a huge learning curve because she’s not familiar with deeper internet functions such as linking, blogging, how to set up a blog, promotion of her business, etc. Roberta lacks confidence in her writing shills and recalls not being very good in writing in school. Also, she doesn’t know what she would write. Financial limitations.

Roberta is also “teachable” and follows through on suggestions and assignments.

NOTE: There are so many people online, wanting to create a blog, or build a business online, perhaps even you, and are insecure about writing because they can only remember how bad their skills were in school, or hate to write for fear of being criticized

Mentoring May Interest You

Roberta’s Learning Curve: Linking, how to set up a Facebook Fan Page for her business, creating a blog, writing content, content ideas,  how to maintain and update a blog, how to use images, what to post on the Facebook Fan Page, building relationships online

My Mentoring Plan Of Action

The first and most important aspect of mentoring is to listen to what clients want, where they’re at (skill level), and uncovering their confidence level in learning new skills. This creates insight as to how to develop a guidance plan – one that is NOT overwhelming. But one that builds confidence while learning a new skill in a comfortable, unrushed manner.

Mentors must have the attribute of patience to guide others in any kind of learning and directional service.

The Guidance Plan

Since Roberta’s internet skills are minimal, and her desire is to transition her business online, the quickest way to get her comfortable with –

  • creating posts
  • expressing her thoughts in text
  • using images
  • sharing her posts
  • online free resources to create posts with is using Facebook as a “Mini Blog”
  • free resources
  • blogging

is using Facebook as a “Mini Blog”. Facebook is an excellent platform to teach someone the technical “how to’s” in setting up a business Fan Page, posting, creating image posts, sharing content, and writing.

Getting the information needed to create a Guidance plan. Listening and acknowledging learning needs and desired goals.

Setting up a Facebook Fan Page, going over all the settings and features. Successful set up and understanding and a happy client feeling a great sense of accomplishment. Assignment – start a journal to get in the habit of writing thoughts on paper.

Creating an image post using free resources to post on Roberta’s Facebook Fan Page. Success in broadening her skill set that she, in time can now teach someone else. She’s more knowledgeable than a couple of weeks ago. Her confidence level has grown and feels she has accomplished a lot. Her comfort level in posting on her Fan Page is once a week.

Working in phases allows time for Roberta to digest what she’s learned and apply it. It avoids overwhelm which can be an instant motivational killer. Through hands-on experience she learns she CAN do things on the internet – she’s SMARTER than she thinks she is, regardless of her age and waiting so long to be internet savvy (and she will be in time). The secret is not to overload her with information, answer her “burning” questions and build on what she now knows.

Feelings of excitement, accomplishment, and seeing a successful future working towards building her business online, with a big smile!

To be continued … so if this interests you keep a look out for updates on this Case Study

Having a Mentor can change your life. They can help you explore new skills that you didn’t know you could do, and can. They honor your dreams. They can motivate and inspire you. They BELIEVE in you and see what you’re capable of in whatever you want to achieve.


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17 thoughts on “Robin Hood Mentoring Case Study – Part One

  1. Love what you said in Phase Three. Lesly has just started mentoring me to help me set up my website Marilyn’s Way Living Well Clutter And Chaos Free. I have a different approach than most organizational gurus that is actually helping others. I want to take it to the next level and be known there is another way to approach daily household chores that will empower those who try my system. 2017 is going to be an exciting time!

  2. I highly respect your compassion and willingness to help others without charging the hundreds or thousands of dollars other mentors charge! Can’t wait to read updates and other case studies as well!

  3. Hi Lesly,

    Mentoring is all about helping people to actually DO one small thing at a time… not to overwhelm them with information about doing things they just don’t have the ability to, yet.

    Roberta’s on the right track, here, thanks to some great mentoring 🙂


  4. Roberta is lucky. Having a mentor who listens first, is wonderful. What she wants to do guided by the knowledge that you have, makes for an excellent learning experience for her. Can’t think of a better mentor for her than you. Look forward to further updates.

  5. When I started Blogging I was lacking knowledge. And at that time i was failing again and again . But there was a blog which helped me a lot. Which was ” ” . I was considering myself as Ekalavya. And I was Following this blog silently. And was waiting for new post. And I aquired many noteworthy knowledge which helped me immensely. Thanks For Being guide. This Post “ ” Was also awesome.

  6. Hey Lesly,

    I am so happy for Roberta.

    There are many people who want to start their online business but fail because of the lack of the mentoring.

    You’re doing a great job. I am sure, she would so happy to learn from you.


  7. Hey Lesly,
    This lady is really lucky to have you as a mentor. I’m sure there will be a lot of progress on the next update. It was a great decision to start gradually with here. Beginners usually give up when they get stuffed with a lot of information without seeing instant results, but you are dealing with her case wisely.

    Eager to see the next update!

    Keep posting


  8. Hi Lesly

    You always come out with awesome ideas for a blog post. I was hooked with this title. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to the results of the case study.

  9. I agree, having a mentor can change your way of working and thinking about online pursuits. I do think some mentors take on too many students though, and often you get left with just a help desk to deal with. Shame really. I love your personal touch and the connection you make with your students, Lesly.

    Enjoy the journey!

  10. Lesly,

    Roberta is luck to have you working with her. I really love having you as a mentor. I’ve grown so much with my blogging skills and will continue to.
    Thanks Lesly.

  11. Hey Ryan,
    Wonderful to see you visiting, thank you. Doesn’t it feel GREAT when you see someone you’ve mentored take off and do their own thing with confidence? I LOVE it .. thanks for sharing your experience 🙂

  12. Hi Lesly,

    Excited for Roberta! I have worked with a client who also wants to take her business online. She’s built a hyper successful consulting service for coaches offline, being a respected person in the field. Now she’s intending to do the blog and webinar and eBook thingee online 😉 Thanks for sharing the deets of your mentoring Lesly and have a fab week!


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