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No More Robbing The Piggy Bank
To Enrich Your Life

Thank you for your awesome leadership and compassion for bloggers - offering such great direction and encouragement and resources WITHOUT charging outrageous amounts of money like SOME folks do!  - Karen

Working with Lesly on a weekly basis has given me the courage and confidence to do things I never thought I could do. In a relatively short period of time Lesly has helped me shift my negative beliefs about myself as a writer to start creating a blog.

Her sincere enthusiasm for my little successes along the way has helped me overcome my procrastination and kept me motivated to work toward my goal of updating my website and having more of an online presence. I could not have accomplished any of this without her and I highly recommend her as a mentor. - Nancy

Mentoring with Lesly Federrici

There was a time I didn't know what the heck I was doing on the internet. You may be thinking the same, maybe not... but most people are.

You may be feeling like "you're all over the place" online. Well, what does that mean exactly? It means you want to be blogging - but don't know what or how to do it, using social media effectively ... you just don't know where to begin, what to write about, how to create your personal Brand, and what skills you need to have, and so much more. Right?

I understand a lot of this, having gone through it myself. So I'd like to offer you an opportunity. One you'll roll your eyes at and ask - seriously? Yep. And here it is - no more breaking the piggy bank to enrich your life and accomplish great things! 

$50.00/Month Mentoring Including Tools to Get Going!

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I have this thing about people who struggle to earn an income online. They want to learn how but just can't afford some of the online programs offered. 

Some of them, perhaps even you, want to create a website that generates an income.  And you can!  But it's overwhelming and to get the help you need is often out of your reach financially ... I know.... 

However, when you start to add up the programs you need, it can get VERY costly and could be a set back - especially if you're on a monthly budget.

You may even have a strong desire to register for an interesting course online to teach you what you need to know, but costs thousands!

This only leaves you disappointed and frustrated just because you don't have thousands to spend, and feeling bad because you can't afford it.

So, I don't buy into the guilt trips either - maybe you've heard this one "If you really want to participate in "X,Y,Z" you'll find a way to get the money to come ...". Sorry I don't believe in putting yourself in more financial trouble than perhaps you're already in. Do you? 

Then you start looking for free programs online, going bananas trying to piece all the information together. It's challenging to learn ALL this internet stuff on your own. What happens is you'll most likely do a lot of things, spend a lot of money you didn't have to - a Mentor can save you from all of this.



One of my missions is to help people SAVE money, learn skills for their online business. NOT put you in the poor house!

So Robin Hood Mentoring only charges $50.00/month - that's it! Learn what you need, reach your goals - then fire me. There's no contract and during the month you'll have weekly hangouts that are focused on what YOU want to know.

However, You'll need to be willing to take action too if you want to accomplish a goal.

Mentor with me until you accomplish your goal. Cancel anytime. Unlimited contact, emails, hangouts - what ever you need to be successful online, seeing results, feeling comfident, and making money too!

So, think about all you would like to accomplish and know a Mentor, like myself can help you make amazing things happen - ready to get going?

My Program:

Mentoring Program ($50.00/Month). If You already have a blog and need help in understanding what to do with it, what to write, how to set up opt-in boxes for an email program, how to orhanize your content, how to create ebooks, and so much more. This is the program for you.

If you don't have a blog yet but want to create one. I can help you with that as well.

We'll have a one-to-one meeting via Google Hangout or Conference call once a week with unlimited emails to keep your project on tract - a project designed by you based on our discussions.

Just fill out the form below and I will get back to you right away to schedule a meeting. Sound good?

I look forward to hearing from you!

Lesly Federici

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