Since I’m Bad In Math Am I Bad With Keywords?

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No kidding, I’ve suffered from being really bad in math and anything that requires analytical skills gives me a headache – like keywords.

Sounds crazy I know. But back in the day when websites were loaded, and I mean loaded with links, were just promoting product and many times spamming their readers – they were racing to climb to the top listing on search engines. Until Google decided to change things and humanized their system to revolve around quality content.

But I was still overwhelmed. Some take keyword searches VERY seriously and I’ve read some elaborate posts on what to do which made my eyes water because of the complexity.

Keywords are important. If you don’t think so, just ask yourself “How will people find my content online?”

Keywords are the jelly to a peanut butter sandwich lover. Or the gas to a car, or water to a garden. Without the water your garden won’t grow, car won’t drive, and well, the peanut butter sandwich lover will just be miserable!

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Gotta have keywords to find your blog or business online.

Now there are enough opinions to make your head twirl and spin until you can’t see straight. But I like simple methods that work.

One strategy you may have heard and it’s been a long standing one is this:

  • Do a keyword search
  • find the smallest number of searches associated with your word
  • go for the “low hanging fruit”

Until recently I thought this was the way to do it because so many were doing it this way. But If I’ve learned anything about being online is – you don’t have to follow what other people do. No, not at all.

So here’s a strategy that resonates with me:

Landing Page Builder

  1. 1. Target the biggest keywords in the niche.
  2. Consistently build links to these pages targeting the big keywords.
  3. Build out the site with inner articles.
  4. 4. Pull in tons of long-tail traffic.

This is a strategy used by Chris Lee who has a robust following and an income to match by using this method.

Chris also advocates “Outreach”, reaching out to others to build relationships, traffic, and search engine ranking.

Reaching out to others compliments the now “humanized” aspect of internet search engines because it incorporates engagement which really makes your website come alive.

Like anything in life when learning something new it’s always a challenge. I sure don’t know enough about using keywords to use them effectively. However, when I was in college I repeated algebra twice and the best algebra class I had was a summer “crash” course and passed with a B+. So I have hope!

I’m sure some of the comments I receive, if anyone reads this, will give me their opinion on keywords and I welcome it. I’ve never claimed to be a internet wizard about anything online. I’m just a “Wizard of Learning”.

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.ads in wordpress

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