Stuff, Pause, Sift, Be

Stuff, Pause, Sift, Be …

Recently I’ve been bombarded with a lot of awesome opportunities online to learn more about Affiliate Marketing, product promotion, and programs to use to enhance my business online.

Right now, what seems to be HOT are funnels!

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I watched a presentation recently about “Click Funnel” created by Russell Brunson (sp). For $997.00 you can own his software plus many more creatively named products, like the “Soap Opera Newsletter Method”  to build your business.

The Funnel was awesome (but I already own something similar and just as good) and so were a couple of concepts he threw out to he listening crowd…

1. Model what funnels are working – meaning bringing in a lot of money, and  copy the format. Not be identical, but model the layout, change the wording .. etc.

2. Invest in the top marketing programs, buy the product so you can SEE their funnel (I would snap images so you can see the progression and the layout of each step)

That was one, another that came out (another done for you you) is My Lead System Pro has created a really good, easy to use Funnel maker. What;s great about this is it’s “In House” meaning it’s part of the tools that come with membership..

Anyway … so much stuff that my head was spinning. The information is never ending…

But here’s what I want to get across in this post, as any kind of marketer online, you will be swimming in a sea of information …

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It’s alright, let it happen. Because, we all go through it. When you’ve had enough of all the noise you’re more ready to turn it off.

Then you pause. Take a break… no more for now …

Then you sift…

Sift through all that you have. Review what you have. Learn from what you have. You’ll begin to see what “talks” to you the most, and therein lies the opportunity to be YOU.

We all learn from each other and you take what makes sense to you, and USE it, implement it.

Take Alex Jeffreys, for example. I recently bought a couple of products from him, which are excellent – they’re full of great marketing nuggets. But he is RELENTLESS with the emails, the webinars  – as he puts it “in your face” marketing. He may have a point because it’s well known the more you email a list the more they remember you, right? And they just might purchase your product….

The thing is, you can’t escape all the marketers marketing to you as you will market to others …  lol… right?

So you sift all the great ideas and you pluck what works for you based on you, your personality, you’re values, and then you come up with you’re own marketing strategies.

Remember, all the so called “Gurus” out there .. Frank Kern, Eben Pagan, Russell Brunson, and all the rest – whoever they may be,  did NOT make it rich over night. They built their current reputation over time … by starting out like many of us.

The thing is,  you have to focus – I know that’s a word you may be sick of hearing, but it’s the truth. So get stuffed with information, pause, sift, and be you – that’s what will set you apart from all the others, from all the competition.


PS – Would love to read your thoughts.. comment below, like and share …


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Lesly Federici

Lesly Federici is a Registered Nurse turned Community and Affiliate Marketer. She is the CEO of the Power Affiliate Club, and known as the "Artistic Affiliate". She enjoys helping people learn, create, and manage the blogging experience. She's also an Artist and Author. Lesly believes the best opportunities in life are those self generated. Be sure to reach out to Lesly as she would love to hear from you ...

6 Responses

  1. Fantastic advice Lesly to avoid that overwhelm!! Varying our routine to different phases… Stuff, Pause, Sift, Be… gives us a chance to process and then focus on the bits we want to include in our business/life
    Jacs <3

  2. vinton samms says:

    I think the post is an excellent one, not too long nor over bearing but straight to the point. Leslie, you have hit the nail right on the head. We as marketers are bombarded daily with new shiny objects and opportunities that are the est things since slice bread. The thing is that all of this hurts your head, you become overwhelmed and most times lose focus. Your suggestions are therefore worthwhile ones, to take a step back and sift. It sounds simply enough but might take some doing to implement as modern day marketers are extremely innovative and crafty. Thanks for the post.

    Vinton samms

  3. Hi Marquita,
    I am like you, LOVE learning… I am pausing at the moment. My recent wave was a lot and i’ve lots to catch up until the next wave of awesome information and learning … LOL It should never stop and only builds on the bits and pieces I keep and use .. always wonderful to see you visiting … thank yoi …

  4. Hi Merel, wonderful to see you stopping by! MLSP’s Funnelizer looks great and easy to use too.. I’m looking forward to using it myself … thanks for the visit!

  5. Great point Lesly. As an writer and researcher by trade I learned early on that you have to draw a line in the sand at some point. This has always been a challenge for me because I LOVE to learn and explore and have a voracious curiosity so when I learn one new tidbit i want to know more. It’s not enough for me to read an interesting story or study, I want to know the back story. It’s a blessing and a curse. But to your point, eventually you have to begin putting all the bits and pieces together if you want to actually create something and move forward. Thanks for the inspiration and reminder!

  6. Brilliant post Lesly, and love your title !! I still have not used this yet but can’t wait to get started on the trainings for the funnelizer. Thanks for sharing.

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