The Art Of Self Branding

The art of self branding is a challenge for new people starting online with their business.

When I created my very first website some years ago, there were no social media platforms. Just static websites.

As “web 2.0” began (social media) to appear, and blogs started to get popular,  there wasn’t really an emphasis on “self-branding”. In fact not many companies, like they are now, were using it. Most advertising was done through printed newspapers, Yellow Pages, and direct mail – that was it.

Things have certainly changed, right? But some have stayed the same. You still have to, online or off …

  • generate interest in your business
  • get customers
  • have a USP (Unique selling point)

The same is true now more than ever with blogging!

So the number of blogs on the internet today is huge, close to 6 million I think. But if you’re starting out online, or not, most  everyone starts by “slapping” up a blog, put banners on it, ADs, etc., and think people are just going to show up. Wrong. They won’t.

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So like any offline business, you have to generate interest, have a tag line, and be memorable.

How do you stand out when there’s something like6.7MM people publish blogs on blogging websites, and another 12MM write blogs using their social networks.

Let me share my journey of how I came to be “The Artistic Affiliate”. Think about how it can apply to you finding your “Self Brand”…

Like most people starting out I did what everyone else did – write about SEO, networking, Internet Marketing, and so on. This was so boring to me and so difficult to write about something I really knew nothing of.

 #1 – Avoid doing what everyone else is doing or writing about

I started to explore MY personal interests, and there were many – health, medical transcription, art, childbirth education, meditation, video creation, networking, and before I knew it I had 4 – 5 individual blogs to maintain. Too many! When you explore your true, personal interests THIS is HOW you can stand out. Simply because you are already, different and unique. You just have to tap into it and accept it. You’re not supposed to be like anyone else.

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#2 Explore YOUR personal interests


A common thread started to reveal itself and that was the drawings I kept doing for my blogs. I have a long standing interest in the arts and this became my focus for a blog. But how do I connect all the other interests I have? Some I could leave out (Like health, childbirth education…) but the creative side of me was so, so strong …

#3 Pay attention to that interest that keeps coming back to you

I then had to ask the question: How does art relate to network marking, Internet marketing, marketing in general, and how can I apply it to Affiliate Marketing? We all “market” online or off. We all need to tell people what we do, and how you choose to do it is called “Marketing” – no matter what business or service you have.

#4 Ask the question: How does my interest connect with marketing?


The answer to the “HOW” will help you determine your “Self Brand”. For me, art, creativity, and innovation is important to discuss and share with you. Because you ARE creative! You may not think so, but you are. Any idea that comes to you – is creative! And it’s my mission now to write about this, to enlighten you, to help you find you Self Brand and stand out from the crowd.

I also research the topic so I become more knowledgeable about being and igniting creativity in blogging, building websites, marketing … it’s all related. It’s connecting the dots, it’s discovering that thing about you that already makes you unique.

#5 Research and learn more about your favorite interest and write about it. This is how you become the go – to person for that topic


5 strong points to think about. Get pen and pare and start exploring what REALLY gets you fired up. Write it down. A starting point might be to ask yourself “What’s my dream, that which I wish to accomplish or do in my life”… see where it leads you… then get back to me. I want to know what you came up with… Comment below …





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