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One of my loyal readers had this to say about my last post:


Hey Lesly, I loved all your advice. and do know that I need to get my SH__T together one of these days and work on my landing page. I have NO hook and a terrible terrible opt in form LOL Sarah did make me a PDF with my affirmations I shared a while back on my blog but don’t really know how to pull all of this together.. You make it all sound so easy, yet I am NOT Techy what so ever…….. As you know I Love social media and do want to get all of this set up.. Questions OMG I have tons LOL


Many times we over think things when it can be so simple. And I KNOW this from personal experience.

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When I first got into marketing online I had no clue. But all the reading and studying I’ve been doing over time has helped dramatically. There is so much good stuff to read and learn from …

Like this article on what a “Hook” is when it comes to content marketing. These are principles for creating a “hook” for your landing page as well ….


The Hook

Landing Page Builder


According to Andrew Davis, as he discusses in his book “Brandscaping”  there are a few different kinds of hooks – each one determined by or related to the message or product being presented to the consumer. A few of them I’ll mention here, but there are more.

  1. The Gimmick Hook. This can be an easy one. Design a T-shirt, or mug with a catchie phrase that relates to your business
  2. Micro-Day Part: This entails setting up an “appointment” for your readers, making you a part of their day. For example: Tune in on Friday at 10:00 AM for your Daily inspiration.
  3. Mash-up: Find 3 things – 3 websites in common with yours that people love and “mash” their ideas to come up with your own unique style. What do these 3 stand alone websites have in common with yours and how could you combine and shine your own message to attract readers?
  4. The Visual Hook: What visual could you use to attract readers to your website on a specific day. Example: Journal Day, Cafe Day .. and have cups of coffee


Most of these are directed at websites. But for Landing/Capture Pages .. the “Hook” would be that “thing” that makes a potential customer curious enough to want more information.


A Landing Page hook might read something like this:


Discover How This One Simple Activity Can Change Your Life


What’s the hook? Comment below …

Follow the Map

One good way to learn about hooks is to study what other marketers are writing. If it snags you, ask yourself how and what were you attracted to? And remember this VERY important element of all marketing .. people don’t buy products, they buy what the perceived value is and what it can do for them …


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