The Mindful Bruise

Your mindset and attitude sets the tone for everything you do in your life. Ideas, plans for the day, relationships, problem solving, lifestyle changes, and so much more.


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Developing a healthy mindset takes time because you’re changing your brain, how you think, and even how you behave.

Familiarity sets in rapidly going back to how you usually think or behave – because you know it, it’s comfortable.

The only way to understand what I’m talking about is really learning how to use your brain and experiencing the changes. Learning how to use your mind = controlling your thoughts.

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When you do, you have the added power of making better choices and decisions because you can tell (and actually physically feel the shift) when your mind is going on auto-pilot, haywire, rather than being in a calm and aware state.

What happens when your mind goes haywire? One thought leads to another, negative thoughts begin to creep in… and you’re on a fast thought train to no-where.

But even if you’ve perfected the art of mindfulness, you can have what I call a “Mindful Bruising” – a temporary roll back to the familiar of uncontrolled thoughts leading to negativity

What’s good here is the ability to catch your thoughts, realize they’re not real, they can change, and you’re not held a prisoner in them. You can switch them in an instant.

read how to catch your thoughts here

What got me to write about this is a recent experience I had. You may know, or not, I joined a gym and have been working out daily, weight lifting, swimming, drinking tons of water. I weigh-in on Fridays and discovered for the past month my weight and body fat %had not changed. It’s called a plateau.

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My positive mindset had been “Bruised” not totally wrecked. So my mind shifted to a sense of failure, of giving up, bla, bla, bla. Yet I was able to catch it. I knew what I was doing – allowing old thought patterns to rise up in a fleeting moment and ruin the rest of my day ( you do know that when you’re in a shitie state of mind, everything else appears shitie, right?).

Because I know I can control my thoughts by being aware of them, shifting them – not buying into haywire thinking, I snapped out of it. I had a great rest of the day. In fact, I think I inspired a bus driver to join a gym and start getting in physical shape. Inspiring others always makes my day …

THIS is the magic, the beauty of learning to be mindful.

Learning mindfulness, or what I personally call “Unraveling”, raises awareness, changes your life, and gives you the skill to be the master controller of your mind, behavior, and world. It saves you from hours of mental torment.

Mindful bruising is a temporary part of life – it’s just a slight bruise that heals very quickly

Your thoughts on this? And .. would you like to learn how to “Unravel”, I may do a workshop if there’s enough interest. Comment below…

Lesly Federici

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