The One Thing That Will Make You A Master

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What makes someone GOOD at what they do. Really, really good.

Besides experience in a given field, what is just one factor of several (which I’ll be discussing) that makes a “Master” in that discipline.


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When it comes to “consistency” many people, including myself, find this challenging. Even with my own blog, writing posts on a regular basis is not what it should be. And yet, writing on a consistent basis IS the way to build online visibility and  traffic to your blog – one way anyway.

But how do you get consistent? It’s boring and monotonous isn’t it. You don’t have time in your day to sit down and just DO it, right? If you’re someone that “wings” it, or gets distracted easily during the day, morphing to consistent behavior can be a challenge.

You may be interested in this – how “Doing” builds confidence

Having said all that, you can do activities that build consistency because it’s required.

When  a regular action is required for a particular result, this behavior can flow into other areas of one’s life…

I’ll use my current story as an example.

New Year’s rolled around – 2016. I was tired of not feeling good about my physical health. And at 61, I didn’t and don’t want to be vulnerable to illnesses that often present to older people who are not in good shape physically. Also, I was sitting at my computer for hours on a weekly basis. Read this – The Hazards of Sitting

So I joined a gym. OMG that would mean having to actually move my body, get exhausted,  feel aches and pains! For any kind of results – feeling stronger, losing weight, I had to DO physical workouts on a regular basis. It is paying off – I am stronger, losing inches, and over time I will be the “Me” I have envisioned for years as well as aging in a healthier body.

I learned that immersion into fitness could also be utilized in other areas of my life, like building my business…

Here’s another good article on becoming the best you can …

People become experts through immersion – throwing themselves 100% into an interest or passion, learning everything about it to actually “become” it. That’s why doctors are doctors and spend years educating themselves and training as residents before they can practice medicine on their own.

For people in online businesses, I often hear .. “Oh, the business didn’t work for me… “. The reality is… they didn’t immerse themselves in it long enough to see any results.

It’s going to take time for to make my physical vision of how I want to look a reality – and it’s not easy at all. But I now immerse myself into learning about fat loss, weight training, various exercises, etc. to help me stay on track and to see my results over time.

This experience has taught me – consistency. It’s up to me to generate my own success in weight loss and in my business by doing it…

After 1.5 months I am up to 40 laps in the swimming pool. I wonder how I can apply that to my business.

So. Do some “Consistency Training”. That’s right. Find an activity that requires regular action for a period of time so you can experience consistency. When you do, it will be easier to apply to other areas in your life – especially if you have an online business…

Artfully yours,

Lesly Federici




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12 thoughts on “The One Thing That Will Make You A Master

  1. That’s spooky – I have just read a random selection of blog posts and they have all talked about consistency! I am a firm believe that if you can be consistent then the rewards will come. I can really understand your concerns about health issues. I am 53 and for the past year have not felt in the best of health, but I am taking steps to rectify that – I think I am too much of a couch potato really!

    Enjoy the journey!

  2. Hi Rachel!
    So great to see you visiting! Yea, consistency is the engine that keeps things flowing … and welcome back to PAC, so happy to see you with us again 🙂

  3. Hi Lesly,

    Consistency brings about consistency…when we are in motion, we tend to stay in motion. I like that when we are consistent, we don’t have to keep ‘restarting’.

    I admire your commitment to get your body in its best health.

  4. Hi,

    I always believe in the saying “Health is Wealth” so I joined gym since my childhood and go there regular till now.It helps to be strong both mentally and physically as well.While going through your article I just found out that sometimes you get board about writing articles on your blogs so yup I also do face such trouble often.For that my only solution is auto scheduling posts and auto share using some plugin.In that even when am on vacation my readers and audience don’t go anywhere at all. 🙂

  5. Thank you for your encouragement, Lesly. I wasn’t overweight when I developed diabetes a few years ago. My doctor was really surprised. But like you I spent far too long sitting at the computer. I’d skip meals as I was so immersed in what I was doing. Stress played a part too. Now I have to be so careful with what I eat and cut out many favorites completely. I have a battle keeping the weight off.

    You are so wise talking action before problems arise.

  6. Hi Mary.
    Walking is good! I do that too … it’s the “physical Doing” that helps you to do more with your business… You will become an expert, the more you immerse yourself in that product the more of an expert you’ll become. Do you know how many people promote products and they don’t know a things about it? That’s not you – go for it.. you’re already an expert by committing to mastering eCom.. love ya 🙂

  7. Hi Susan…

    I have to tell you I was not fit at all. When I joined the gym in January (January 3) I was 100 lbs overweight, I was headed to be diabetic, and I sat at the computer for hours, all day, and for years I think .. so when I started swimming it killed me at first. I was so soar. I was “waking-up_ muscles in my body I never knew I had.. so it has been a journey for sure … immersing myself in fitness helped me in other areas of my life … you can do it too. The pool is an excellent place to start… let me know how it goes …

  8. Like you I too had to learn that consistency thing.

    Why can’t I just start off as an expert and have all the moves down pat.

    Well I haven’t taken up swimming, I continue to be a walker but I do walk consistently and have learned to walk faster.

    In business I have just made my choice to get good at eCom and I expect it wil take some time to become a master but I am on my way.

    To the top you’re on a hero’s journey


  9. I;m so impressed Lesly. The only time I’ve ever been immersed in exercise would have been when I was about 10 and wanted to be an Olympic runner 🙂

    You say you needed to get fit but how much exercise did you have before you started regular swimming? I can’t imagine me ever getting to the stage you are at so you must have been fitter than me to start with.

    I’m trying to work on some “unimmersion” with my son right now. He’s obsessed with watching re-runs of full series of his favorite TV shows. I guess I’d better lead by example and maybe the pool will suit us both.

  10. Kathryn!
    I am so AMAZED! You did it! It really does get better… the stories I could tell when making mine … you started and that’s a BIG deal … I celebrate you!! Much love to you …

  11. Following your lead my friend.
    Just spent past 3 hrs doing a video! Something that I find very challenging being an introvert. It’s not that I am shy necessarily, it’s that it takes me many hours to get it so it’s acceptable to me. I could write a funny article about how the damn cat crashed my laptop that was perched precariously on a box and a table. It took 10 takes.
    I did it because I want to grow in this industry and that mean doing things that make you stretch. Now to get it uploaded. lol

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