The Power Of Immediate Response To Burning Issues

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Responding to “burning” issues takes working “ears” and the ability to really hear the concern.

Basically, it’s an immediate stress reliever.

How so?

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Well, our minds are filled with millions of thoughts jumping from one to another in nano seconds … constantly questioning, planning, solving problems.

Throw in the desire to learn something new and you have the instant need to find what you need to know fast in the easiest way, right?

When it comes to being a Mentor, I always ask “What do you want to know now”?

Or… “What “burning” question  do you have right now about this or that?

In all the years I’ve been teaching and guiding people to achieve what they want, listening to their immediate concerns and addressing those is the best practice to begin each mentoring session with.

  • it clears the mind
  • calms the soul
  • opens new possibilities
  • answers the questions
  • stimulates insights
  • instills confidence to continue to learn because the “burning” issue has been mastered

Master The Issue

Cultivate listening and you’ll learn so much about your clients and how you can immediately help them best.

Lesly Federici






PS When ever you think you can’t with this online journey know you can



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11 thoughts on “The Power Of Immediate Response To Burning Issues

  1. Hi Lesly. I know I’ve been guilty of jumping in and trying to ‘solve’ thiings. I know that I forget that we have two ears and one mouth for a reason. Thanks for your insight.

  2. Hi Lesly,
    You are very correct. There are so many things occupying our minds at a time, making it difficult to focus on what really matters.
    It is essential to consistently find out what really need to be done, or what problem requires urgent solution. By doing this, we would be able to tackle the problems that matters, and create results for ourselves.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hello Lesy! Awesome post. I am so amazed each time I get someone new on the phone, how much they LOVE TO SHARE! And Yes How Much I Love to Listen..

    Great Share My Friend
    Chery :))

  4. Hi Lesly,

    Great points about burning issues in the mentoring scenario as you described it.
    However in a different setting (with my support desk hat on) I’ve found that often it’s helpful to delay an immediate response to a “burning question”. When I waited, often people came up with the answer themselves, so they were better educated net time.
    Funnily enough that’s a topic in my next blog post for next week.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

  5. Hi Lesly,
    You did say it right.
    Listening is often helping the most.
    Many people have nobody to listen to
    problems and the talking itself helps
    to get clear and as you say “calms the soul “.
    For some people, this is the most important part
    to be able to solve a problem.
    Thank you for your insight

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