The Tale Of 2 Whys

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Once upon a time there was a man who wanted to make money online. Let’s call him Sam .

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“This will help me… I’ll be able to do what I dream of doing …” Sam thought. From what he read about earning income online was,  a “snap”, easy to do. All he had to do was create a quick website and promote a business and people will come and buy. Oh he was so excited! So he created his website and began promoting his business opportunity. And, waited for people to come and buy.

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Sam’s company sold “Beans”, the healthy kind which he thought was a good product and would sell easily.  Everyone wants to eat healthy beans! The compensation plan made him drool as he racked up mental calculations of the money he’d make.

But Sam had lots of questions about how to promote the beans.  The guy that seduced him into the business just said “Contact all your friends and family and get them to sign up .. make a list of all the people you know.. and do the online training everything you need is there.”

Ok, Sam thought … and after a few calls to his friends and family, they no longer answered the phone. One day Sam decided to send messages to people online .. Social Media was hot and there’s millions of people interacting,so I’ll just tell them about my product and surely they’ll buy.

So Sam did just that .

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” Hi my name is Sam and how would you like to make $100.00 a day . The compensation plan is excellent and so is the training …” and on he went. Unfortunately, no one replied. He even got a response “Stop spamming me …” Spam?

Frustrated he went back to the guy who sign-ed him up. He called, emailed him and he never replied. Finally he got a message saying you have to know your“WHY” because it’s your “why” that will keep you motivated.

“My why?” Thought Sam … “Well I want to make money and help people …”

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Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action

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Mary was also in the “Bean” business. She was doing pretty well. She made Director in just a few months of starting out. Sam couldn’t figure out how she was doing it. Her story is this …

Mary asked herself what was it about the “Bean” business that attracted her? The compensation plan was a result of her efforts, the reward.

Mary was more interested in focusing on the benefits of eating beans, how it contributed to a healthy diet. healthy diet.

She certainly had a “Why”a personal why. Mary wanted to travel and this business was a means to get her todo that. But the “Why”she focused on was why she got in the business in the first place. She used her insights and the benefits the product gave her and shared that with others before talking about the compensation plan.

Because of her interest in helping people live healthier, that came first in promoting her business. By doing so she became the “go to ” person for beans. She knew the brand inside and out, knew recipes,  and started doing videos on planning and making meals with her company beans. She also created a website called “Everything Beans” and developed a following.

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There are 2 “WHYS”

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The first, is your personal one. Why you want something in your life. You want more money to do x,y,z. It is not the “why” to lead your business with.

The second “WHY” is the reason you’re involved in the business your in. What is it about the product that get’s you so excited? What is the purpose of your business? Why did the company create the product?  Your passion, and what you believe to be true and useful about this product is what you lead your business with.  The money is a result of your efforts – not the main drive to get people to buy.

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People buy what you believe in, not “what” you’re selling ….

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Use the “Golden Circle” of “Why” in your business and marketing.

Creatively yours,

Lesly Federici





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12 thoughts on “The Tale Of 2 Whys

  1. Hi Lesly ,
    this is really a nice story and you did a great job .writing .
    Good people are learning that we need to live inside out
    Most still do it backward . we live in a time of change which is exciting .
    I wish I could write like you 🙂 I use the translator sometimes ,but the
    words do not fit always with what I want to say :).
    Thank you

  2. Hi BG,
    Great to see you visiting … I know, the TED talks are awesome. That must be very cool to have lived in the area where the Wright brothers were .. pretty awesome …. I actually live near Edison’s lab in a neighboring town ..

  3. Hi Lesly, I absolutely love Ted Talks. We do need to know why we do things and make sure it’s the correct why. I also loved this talk on living inside out, because that’s where our try “why” comes from. I grew up in Dayton, OH so it’s always so uplifting to hear about the Wright Brothers and have that refresher in innovation and inspiration. Great post.

  4. Hi Lesly,

    Love the way you have written this post! It all gets down to our “why” and knowing that quite well. Yes we hear it over and over again, but the most successful people hold on to it, believe in it and never forget it.

    If the why is money, it just doesn’t work because people will intuitively know that. On the other hand, if the why is to help others and one is truly passionate about that, their journey will be full of energy and creativity. Yes, there are a lot of learning curves and one must take action.

    But the thing is, we must look deep inside of ourselves and really know why we are doing what we do and forge ahead never giving up.

    People have an intuitive way of knowing that one too!

    Thank you my friend.


  5. Hi Lesly

    My “Why” is about achieving rather than actually making money. There are a lot of people I have got to “show” that it can be done!

    Really liked the thought about the type of people to do business with.


  6. Hello Lesly.

    Behavior is a funny thing.. We fall into a routine don’t we ? We do what we do over and over day after day without even thinking about it we just DO it. If someone suggests that maybe you could modify your behavior panic sets in..

    ‘I can’t do that! I can’t do this..No Way can I do this.. This is too hard for me’

    Unless the thought that controls that behavior is ready for change then nothing will change..

    Once we act on this new programming ..after a period of reflection move move forward FAST and life changes… We become new.. we become better… we start changing… evolving…

    However it only works when it feels right… when it is time to change your behavior.

    Thank you for this post Lesly.

  7. Hi Lesly,

    I have to agree with Sue, I love your writing style. 🙂 I’m definitely driven by the second why, the reason why I’m in business. The first why, the money, to me, is the result or reward for the reason why I’m doing what I do. I hope that didn’t confuse you because it kind of confused me, hehe :).

    I really enjoyed the video you shared. “People buy what you believe in, not “what” you’re selling” and “hire people who believe what you believe”. Those two things Simon said really resonated with me. I wrote it down and taped it in front of me to remind me daily.

    Hope you’re having a great weekend!


  8. Hi Sue,
    Oh thank you! I never thought my writing was great … always have trouble find the words and use the dictionary a lot! LOL So, thank you again for the wonderful feedback. Yes, I read his book and it’s really a thought changer. With everything I have been exploring it made so much sense. I’ll be thinking more in this direction for marketing. Wonderful to see you visiting …

  9. I just love your style of writing, Lesly. It’s so compelling. The video is superb and is a must see for all marketers.. The phrases that stuck with me from the video is “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it” and “the goal is to do business with those who believe what you believe” I’ve made a note of these a reminder.

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