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I hear ya. You want traffic to your blog, right?

Lot’s of it so you can set up a “Hotdog” stand  and sell lots of yummy things to visitors on their lunch break, on their way home, to work, or even coming and going from traveling anywhere in the world. In other words, you want traffic from any where and every where!

zen.3Oh man, who wouldn’t want that! You could just sit back and enjoy all the engagement, the success, and the potential income you could possibly earn from your  offers  … ah nice.. yes? NO!

But how do you get all that traffic?

Well, it’s like anything else you do in life .. you have to DO it to GET it and keep doing it!

Traffic is everywhere. It’s not a mystery and yet it’s treated like one. So many bloggers lament over this … I want more traffic, more traffic, I need traffic, I need help with this, how do I get more traffic. … and so on.

Robin Hood Mentoring

It’s simple to get. The challenge is doing the work to get it.

So I designed a strategy to help people, maybe even you, to get more traffic – free traffic to your blog that is based on COMMENT ENGAGEMENT and BLOGGING OUTREACH. Because, I think the BEST traffic comes from other bloggers.


You have to be willing to do the work to get the traffic…

These ideas are not new. Many bloggers are writing about them like Donna Merrill and Michael Pozdnev. What’s great about “blogging outreach” is you’ll meet lots of incredible bloggers and learn a thing or two, or three, or more along the way.

If you’re not familiar with PAC (Power Affiliate Club) it’s a community of bloggers working together to get more traffic to their blogs and so much more – but that’s a topic for another post. However, they always have an activity going on and this month it’s about building traffic, getting seen and recognized on the internet.

For now, my blog traffic  strategy is below- and you can print this out if you like. But before I do …

I’d like to invite you to participate in the PAC “TRAFFIC CHALLENGE” on Facebook. It’s for the month of September simply because it takes time to build traffic. There will be resources (free) available to you to use and if you have questions, please contact me and I’l help you out.


One FANTASTIC idea to generate blog traffic is to do “Blog Roundups” My friend Hussain  Omar just wrote this one (I am honored to be part of it) and it’s a great way to meet new bloggers and reach out to them simply by visiting their blogs and commenting on their posts.

What kind of roundup could you do on your blog? So many things you can do …

Here’s a really good resource to see how your blog is doing ..


This is a Google Extension. Do a search and add it to your Google Bar at the top and when you click on it you’ll get some very interesting stats including your Alexa rank.


Traffic Generator


Alright, leave me a comment below ..

Lesly Federici





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27 thoughts on “Try This Traffic Strategy To Explode Your Blogging Presence

  1. Hi Toni,
    Great to see you visiting and welcome! Yea, I’m interested to see how this turns out too. The thing is, is to get people to reach out and make their own traffic. There’s no exact way to go about it. But one thing for sure you can count on is reaching out to other bloggers. Engagement is where the “juice” is .. thanks for the visit and your comment, I appreciate it!

  2. Hi Lesly ,
    Yes, the challenge is doing the work,
    sometimes we complicate things and we get lost 🙂
    Love your outline of the challenge and I think is going to be great!

  3. Hi Lesly,

    It does take a lot of work to drive traffic to your blog. I know it sounds redundant but it is all about patience and persistence. We hear that all the time in the blogging circles, but oh so true.

    Blogging is a commitment and a passion. I just love what you have set up for people Lesly. You are such a wonderful leader … love you GF.

    Donna Merrill recently posted…Create Your Own Product To Sell OnlineMy Profile

  4. Hi Lesly,
    This looks like an excellent challenge for PAC members to learn new ways of getting traffic for their blogs. Just the tools you have listed here will be awesome to get to learn how to use. I have always had a problem with Google Analytics on my own, so looking forward to learning that one and some of the others too! Great challenge!
    Kathryn Maclean recently posted…Branding You and Your BusinessMy Profile

  5. Hey Lesly,
    Awesome tips on getting more traffic to your blog and of course, I know so much traffic can come from other bloggers, especially when you are part of a wonderful community like PAC 🙂

    I will have to try that Google extension…..have not hear of that before!

    Thank you for sharing your valuable knowledge for us bloggers and writers!

    Joan M Harrington recently posted…The Persuasion Slide Revealed What You Need To Know To Utilize it as a Marketing StrategyMy Profile

  6. Hey Lesly,

    Thanks for the mention.

    The strategy outline is great, loved what you said in it about guest posting. Yeah, you should trust the blogger you will post on her/his blog, and also you should like what (s)he is posting there on her/his blog, this way you will guarantee that (s)he will promote your posts on her/his blog well, and also you will be comfortable with promoting her/his posts too. Even if the metrics are of the blog are low relatively, the relevancy will work well.

    Go ahead, I’m sure that this strategy will pay off.

    Hussain Omar recently posted…Top 52 SEO Quotes of 2016 | Experts RoundupMy Profile

  7. Great post and I for one am looking forward to the challenge starting next week. From a reader perspective, I will tell you that my biggest gripe is sporadic posting so I think including a new post every week in the plan will help many people. Thanks for all you do for the group!
    Marquita Herald recently posted…Challenges to Enrich Your LifeMy Profile

  8. Hi Marquita,
    So wonderful to see you visiting .. yea, I think this is something that will help many – especially those willing to do the work. You really only need one post a week to stay in the “blogging game”, not sinking to the bottom of the ocean .. lol .. so it will be interesting to the results!! Thank you and see you .. 🙂

  9. Hi Hussain,
    You have been the absolute best .. from thousand miles away … including me in your SEO Quote post was such an honor. You’ve given me some GREAT ideas. We’ll see how this “Traffic Challenge” works, it’s really an exercise in getting out there and engaging with others .. so we’ll see. I think it will work too … thank you again my friend 🙂

  10. Hi Joan.
    Wonderful to see you visiting. Glad you have something new to play with.. lol. I’m always learning so I can share it all with you .. much love to you my friend 🙂

  11. Hi Lydia,
    Well, those comfort zones have the potential to keep you in the same place… do what you can and feel comfortable with .. it will only get easier once you get your feet wet! I look forward to seeing how we all do with this challenge…

  12. Hey Donna,
    Thank you … thanks for the compliment too … me a leader? HA! LOL I’m looking forward to this traffic challenge, if it goes well- people having success.. I’ll offer it again …

  13. Hi Lesly,

    This sounds awesome! Great to way to get traffic and having people engage together! Love what you are doing here, keep it up! I shall be joining 😀

  14. Will check out the PAC–it’s new for me. A challenge for me is simply tracking traffic. I get hundreds of people visiting/reading from Facebook, but they don’t comment. Makes it difficult to prove you’re getting read!

  15. HI Edward,
    Everything online requires work .. for some reason people who are losing sleep over traffic are those not willing to put effort into their business or blog. So there you have it .. and when I say this It goes for me as well .. as I have not always sought out traffic. But what I have discovered is what works. There is nothing magical about getting traffic.. just have to get out there on the highway and toot my horn .. LOL

  16. Hi Donna

    The strategy you shared to get traffic is simple to understand but the work is in doing. I love the tips you shared and the image is so apt.

    Thank you for the info. Take Care

  17. Hi Rosemary,
    You might like PAC, right now we’re doing a “Traffic Challenge” and one of the things we’re doing is tracking our Alexa Ranking…
    The only way for sure if people are reading your content is through actual comments. So it would be good to join our community because that’s what we do … comment on each other’s blogs.. hope to see you, and thank you for the visit and your comment 🙂

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