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Unravel to success. It’s possible to slow down and see magic happen.

So, I’m going to write a few posts relating to this topic because I think it’s not only healthy for an effective mindset, but beneficial for your business as well.

Before I do, I first want to share my recent, personal journey.

If you’ve been following my blog here, you know my last post was revealing  “My Biggest Pothole”  things happening in my life that are stressful and static – meaning there is likely not to be any change in the situations.

I thought I was absolutely CRAZY for exposing my life, what I experience on a daily basis to you, my visitor, my valued reader.

So WHY did I?

I felt I was living two lives. One, building my presence online and never sharing really anything about my life. And the second, living the reality of my life. So, I didn’t feel I was “real” or being my authentic self online. I think when you really share who you are you become “whole” you’re not hiding. I felt like I was hiding myself from you.

The other reason was to release some anguish so I could move on. Writing in a journal is known to be extremely helpful in releasing emotions, getting them out of your head. I’ve kept journals since I was 16, I have a stack of them. But online I wanted to release it and give you another view of me that was raw, passionate, and enlightening.

This is “Unraveling to Success” because when you let go, accept things as they are, you flow better through your life, through your business. There’s no forcing things to change, no pulling, no chaos, no chasing.

Robin Hood Mentoring

Unraveling to success allows you to flourish and be the best you can be regardless of what’s happening in your life. In business it’s a way of “being” and experiencing dynamic outcomes as a result of letting things be as they are, yet focused with a healthy, clear mindset.

It’s going the other way, moving away from the hustle and bustle of business, putting readers first, helping others first before the dollar.

And, here’s a book to get you thinking about your business differently

So, travel along with me as I explore more of how to Unravel to Success

Creatively yours ..

Lesly Federici





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17 thoughts on “Unravel To Success

  1. Hi Lesly,
    Good to read your new thinking of revealing more of you to your friends through your write-ups
    It is indeed good to know each other on a bit more intimate and understanding way,
    Nice that i found your page via PAC and am here to read more, the previous one on your personal aspects I just read some of the para before writing this note here, That was indeed a pathetic story, but you stood firm against all tempests, that is really encouraging to read, and in the coming days more of that sort or revelations on that side LOL we can read here on these pages
    Keep writing
    Get more courage out of it telling it out to your friends!
    All good wishes to the future writings
    ~ Phil
    Philip Verghese Ariel recently posted…A P J Abdul Kalam – The People’s President Of India Is No More! A TributeMy Profile

  2. Hi Chery,
    Thank you my friend for your appreciation and support 🙂 .. I’ll be posting more interesting information about “Unraveling to success” .. so stay tuned …

  3. Hi Lesly,

    I think it is awesome that you had shared part of your life in your last post. I have the feeling that you are more “balanced” now and can keep on going doing all the wonderful things that you do.

    You have started PAC…and that’s a big deal my friend. You are a great blogger and also do some great affiliate reviews.

    Keep on going……

    Donna Merrill recently posted…Boost Your Blog With Social MediaMy Profile

  4. Lovely post, Lesly. I’m glad this has been beneficial to you. I think it’s been great for all of us to see that though people have strength, they also have places that need healing and refreshment. We can all come to a place or relaxing and just let the ebb and flow of life come and work on where we are in it. Thanks for sharing with us.
    BG Jenkins recently posted…Oh, Sweet PeaMy Profile

  5. Hi Donna.
    Always great to see you visiting, thank you …, I do feel more balanced and can move on now that I release a couple of demons … thank you for your support . I think by now people are sick of reading about it … LOL 🙂 love ya …

  6. Hi Erika,
    Thank you for visiting … I know I am not alone .. different people experience different things in their lives… and it’s all about self-accepting …

  7. Hi Monna,
    Yes, a tad uncomfortable .. but those who really want to know me I hope find value and can provide some insight into their own lives .. thank you my dear friend 🙂

  8. Hi Philip,
    Yes, I think it’s okay to share experiences in your life so people like you can get to know me. That’s important and valuable, and hopefully inspiring to someone else too. And I thing I’ve gained more inner strength by putting myself out there .. thank you Philip .. wonderful to know you 🙂

  9. I was kind of running two lives online too with 2 social media presences, one for family and non blogging and marketing contacts and one just for business. I realized that there was nothing that I was going to reveal that couldn’t be seen by anyone so I’m just using one now. I have social media pages to post business topics so don’t need my profiles for that.
    Sue Bride recently posted…31 Days of Free Square Images For Facebook & InstagramMy Profile

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