Use A Box That Will Serve You Well

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Use a box that will serve you well.

Thinking outside the “box” is a great phrase. But here’s a box where there’s no need to hop out of it or hide in it.

It’s a box you can count on for your business.

Landing Page Builder


I’ve been using for years to store audible, PDFs, and Word doc files. It’s a handy program because files can be downloaded or shared easily from the Box network instead of from my computer.

Box also has a few sharing options. One is a widget that you can customize and embed on your blog.


They offer a free account which is what I have and, I am not an affiliate :-).

Here’s a quick video I created to show you how to use it.


Alright, if you have questions, let me know…

Lesly Federici





PS: I use a blog platform that helps new bloggers learn to blog on a budget


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14 thoughts on “Use A Box That Will Serve You Well

  1. Well I guess I have also read about and seems like its quite popular. I would certainly join it soon.


  2. Hey Ruth,
    Thank you for visiting! I never used Dropbox, I looked into it, but didn’t like how it worked. Box has been around for a while. I started using them in 2005 I think …great program for downloading content to your readers…

  3. Hey Kathryn,
    Thank you for visiting! Always great to see you … I love Box, have used them for years and they keep getting better. I like them way better than Dropbox …

  4. Hi Marquita,
    Wonderful to see you visiting! yea, geez I’ve used Box since 2005 I think when they were basically new.. so I got “grandfathered” in. But it’s great if you want to protect a newsletter lets say that only certain people can have access to .. always good to discover what’s out there, right? Thank you!

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