Use A Box That Will Serve You Well

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Use a box that will serve you well.

Thinking outside the “box” is a great phrase. But here’s a box where there’s no need to hop out of it or hide in it.

It’s a box you can count on for your business.


I’ve been using for years to store audible, PDFs, and Word doc files. It’s a handy program because files can be downloaded or shared easily from the Box network instead of from my computer.

Robin Hood Mentoring

Box also has a few sharing options. One is a widget that you can customize and embed on your blog.


They offer a free account which is what I have and, I am not an affiliate :-).

Here’s a quick video I created to show you how to use it.


Alright, if you have questions, let me know…

Lesly Federici





PS: I use a blog platform that helps new bloggers learn to blog on a budget


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11 thoughts on “Use A Box That Will Serve You Well

  1. Hi Marquita,
    Wonderful to see you visiting! yea, geez I’ve used Box since 2005 I think when they were basically new.. so I got “grandfathered” in. But it’s great if you want to protect a newsletter lets say that only certain people can have access to .. always good to discover what’s out there, right? Thank you!

  2. Hey Kathryn,
    Thank you for visiting! Always great to see you … I love Box, have used them for years and they keep getting better. I like them way better than Dropbox …

  3. Hey Ruth,
    Thank you for visiting! I never used Dropbox, I looked into it, but didn’t like how it worked. Box has been around for a while. I started using them in 2005 I think …great program for downloading content to your readers…

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