What Would You Do Without A Shower

Just this morning i was enjoying a wonderful, warm shower.

The water droplets hit my body in a massaging way leaving my skin tingling and refreshed. From head to toe I pleasantly succumbed to the joys of a morning shower.

I leaned over to grab a sensational smelling soap. Lathered it up and the scent wooed me to another mindful place of wet relaxation. Bubbles flourished as I gently scrubbed my skin to work away any body smells and dead skin that accumulated from the day before. My skin glowed.

Then I reached for the shampoo to wash my hair … pure bliss overcame me as I mushed my hair around in an intoxicating scent of vanilla and other scintillating scents while promising my hair to be shinny, think and visually sumptuous. I twirled my hair around, squeezed the shampoo out of my hear and rinsed, rinsed, and rinsed again till squeaky clean.

And there I stood in my shower stall wet, dripping, smelling ever so good, to start my day.

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I don’t like not having to shower in the morning.

When I was a kid I used to do a lot of camping on and off for a few days (summer and some week-end holidays). I would always be the once that shouted out “I have first dibs on the shower when we get home!” After a few days of feeling grubby, dreaming about a fresh warm shower made going home something to look forward to!

I spent the summer one year as a Camp Counselor and lived in a tent. After a few days (and no shower) the smell of the tarp I was sleeping under seemed to ooze from my skin and my clothes. A damp, dirty, earthly scent with a slight whiff of the “outhouse” (the classic outdoor camping bathroom) seemed to permeate me as a whole.

But hey, everyone else smelled the same! So it wasn’t that noticeable – except for “Movie Night” when we and the kids would drive into town and go to the local movie theater.

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I can’t imaging not being able to take a shower, wash my clothes, bask in cleanliness day in and day out while smelling so good …. And have access to water to drink, wash dishes, wash the car, brush my teeth, play in, make a cup of tea and gently sip as I write in my journal.



I don’t know what I’d do if I could never take a shower.. and yet there are those who don’t have this luxury at all …

The simplest things can bring a smile on one’s face. The ability to feel water in your hands , on your body, in your body which is life giving, can change a person’s life ….

Care to join me?

Lesly Federici

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