You Wouldn’t Leave Home Without Your Keys, Right?

How many times have you forgotten your house or car keys?

Your Phone? Your “Name” on a stressful day? Did you ever wear two different styles of shoes on your feet? Oh, that’s happened to me twice in my lifetime. Once I couldn’t do anything about it – I was already at work before I noticed! Oddly enough, no one else really noticed!

The second time my son told me I had two different shoes on and he made fun of me for hours (kids love to laugh at their parents).

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But you had another set of keys, right? No extra phone, but you had a plan, a back-up plan in case you lost those things for some reason.

How about life insurance, you “Back-up” your life for your family in case anything happens, yes?

So why is it when it comes to a home business, there’s no back-up plan?

This has happened to me, and it continues to happen all the time to other people. It goes something like this:

  • I signed-up for a home business and my sponsor never supports me, they’re never around, so I quit

  • The home business I sign-ed-up with died, went out of business, closed its door

Both of these scenarios are all to common! And yet there’s no back-up plan so, what happens?

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Well the BEST news is the home business market is booming and it’s proven to be THE way to make a decent income without a “job”. Yes it is.

The challenging news is you have to work at it, commit yourself to it, once you do you’ll see the rewards.

That’s why I want to introduce you to a home business back up plan that can also drive income your way even if your home business crashes. Even if you quit to find another company to work with.

Here it is. Watch the video:

I refer to this program as ..

“My love ‘n Strategic Program” (MLSP)

Because that’s just what it is. Anyone can promote their home business, any business, and if it crashes, you STILL have MLSP as a strategic programs to help you promote another program while your business “back-up” is still running. Not to mention the money you’ll save.

Alright. Always have a back-up.

Lesly Federici




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Lesly Federici

Lesly Federici is a Registered Nurse turned Community and Affiliate Marketer. She is the CEO of the Power Affiliate Club, and known as the "Artistic Affiliate". She enjoys helping people learn, create, and manage the blogging experience. She's also an Artist and Author. Lesly believes the best opportunities in life are those self generated. Be sure to reach out to Lesly as she would love to hear from you ...

27 Responses

  1. Hello Arpita,
    Thank you for visiting and your comment …

  2. arpita says:

    I really enjoyed reading your post. Your wonderful writing skills every time I visit your blog. Anyway yup you’re right we don’t take backup of many things which are actually needed.

  3. Hi Debarpan,
    Wonderful to see you! How are you! Thank you for your kind words about my writing! Makes ME very happy that someone enjoys how I write and finds it interesting ,, it’s the best compliment. Thank you … yes, a back up is essential … the video shows a generic program that can promote any business while providing income as well. So if someone’s online business opportunity crashed, there would still be an income source …

  4. Hello Devnarayan,

    Welcome! Nice to meet you! Thank you for taking the time to visit and comment. I appreciate it. I’m glad you found this post interesting and now inspired to think about your business!

  5. Hi Rocky!
    2 comments, thank you!I appreciate your kind words πŸ™‚ I back up all my files now. But I never thought about business and if my online opportunity crashed, I’d still have a place where I wouldn’t lose everything πŸ™‚ Let me know what your website is and I’ll come visit!

  6. Hi Reji,
    Wonderful to see you! How are you! Yes, this was brought to my attention some time ago. So it’s made me think about what I have online and creating back-ups. But when it came to my online business, I never thought about it. I’ve heard so many people have an online opportunity and the company crashes and they lose everything. MLSP is generic so you can promote your business or a new one and still have an income source that isn’t affected if a company goes bad. Thank you for visiting, I appreciate it!

  7. Reji says:

    Hi Lesly,
    Glad to be here and read your post. Regarding back-ups, I agree with all your points regarding the online businesses. Also, glad to watch the video about “MLSP” and thinking of joining it soon.


    Reji Stephenson

  8. Rocky Murasing says:

    Hi LESLY

    I really enjoyed reading your post. I mean wow, you have narrated a serious topic in such a fun and interesting way. It is certain that, we need to keep a backup plan for something we do with our best level effort. Specially when it comes to business ad financial matter, this involves many crucial aspects. So, a convenient backup plan is required.

  9. Devnarayan says:

    Yes, Lesly
    We do keep a back up in every steps of our life let it be any silly steps. But most of the time I have seen that I personally doesn’t keep any back up file in my home business. But now I have realized that we should always keep a back up for all the thing that we are doing let it be business or what so ever.
    Thanks for making me realize about keeping backup file for my business

  10. Amyt Dev says:

    This article is so true that I would bet a 1000 buck that everyone that anyone would agree with it. We always do keep forgetting about every little thing in ou life when we get busy on a daily basis. and the most important part being the fact that you had the courtesy of bringing that up so beautifully in this article. thank you, it was beautiful.

  11. Hi,
    First of all I would like to say that it’s been always a great pleasure to go through your wonderful writing skills everytime I visit your blog. Anyway yup you’re right we don’t take backup of many things which are actually needed. So this is a nice one if we start considering them. Thanks for the share, nice video.

  12. Hi Elise,
    Wonderful to see you visiting, thanks! Disappointment .. no one wants that, I certainly don’t … so things can happen so suddenly .. you just never know.

  13. Hello Viki,
    Thank you for visiting and your comment, I appreciate it! Must have some humor about life and the things we do, yes? Glad you liked my post …

  14. So true lessly we don’t have any backup plan in our, well your sentence about forgot own name made me so funny. because that happen the same with me when m in stress. Thanx for sharing a great post.

  15. It is incredibly important to always have a back up plan. Without one disappointment can easily become the only thing ahead of you.

  16. Hi Ikechi,
    Especially online, haveing a back-up plan of your opportunity is a good idea.. if you have questions, just let me know πŸ™‚

  17. Hi Sonal,
    How are you .. doing ok? Oh well, don’t wait to long to have a back-up plan .. sending you lots of love and hugs … Always great to see you visiting …

  18. Hey Chery …
    Yes.. I have had some funny moments in my life because I don’t see so well … like the time at the beach and my husband and I were in the ocean … I saw him and I swam over to him and was just about to hug him when he turned around and — IT WASN’T MY HUSBAND! Yikes!! LOL … oh my .. life is funny .. and yes, MLSP is good. Glad you know lots of people who are in it … that’s good, very good πŸ™‚ Always great to see you visiting .. πŸ™‚

  19. Hi Lauren,
    Yes, looking at what you’re doing and where you want to go is important .. if you need help with that, let me now πŸ™‚

  20. Hi Sazia,
    Lol .. you can imagine my surprise when I saw what I was wearing! I laughed too – you have to laugh at yourself sometimes .. always great to see you visiting, thank you πŸ™‚

  21. sazia says:

    Hi Lesly Federici mam, Great post, in the begining i was laughing by reading that you wear two different styles of shoes.. Yes you are right for everything there is a backup and it is necessary..Thanks for sharing.

  22. Sourav Saha says:

    Hey, Lesly, Hope you’re doing well.
    You just shared a nice topic here. Absolutely, agree with you that most of the time we don’t have any backup plans for the important works of our lives. Thanks for sharing such a nice post.

  23. Thank you! There is such a “live in the moment” movement that we forget to prepare for when something might happen. I need to sit down and really lay out where I am going.

  24. Hello Lesly! Ypu are a riot! I can honestly say that I have NEVER wore shoes that did not match.. HEHE Way Crazy!!

    I have never been in MLSP before but I do know quite a few people whom are in and love it.
    Including YOU! Great share my friend
    Chery :))

  25. Sonal Talwar says:

    Hi Lesly

    Its so true that we don’t have a back up plan for so many things in life. The time we realize it, its too late.

    Thanks fro sharing an excellent post!

  26. ikechi says:

    Hi Lesly

    You are so right. If there is a need to have a backup plan in every area of our life, then it is also necessary to have a backup plan for our business.

    Love the review on MLSP. I will check them out. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Mandy Allen says:

    It’s so true, Lesly, we don’t have a back up plan for key area of our lives. Some things there are naturally contingencies, others not so, but you’re right, it’s pretty silly really.

    Enjoy the journey!

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