Lesly Federici

Alright, confused?

Why is a Registered Nurse (RN) promoting Affiliate products and teaching you how to create your own awesome stuff online?

Because many people, maybe even you, had another career, are reaching retirement age, but you still need an income.  Is that you? That’s me too.  And, I LOVE being online, sharing what I’ve learned over the past several years from others, and building my own websites. Going from newbie to a seasoned blogger, and earning an income online.

I hear this all the time about people in all kinds of jobs, professional careers changing it to find something else – in particular, shifting to an online career to earn money online.

Your Course with Lesly


I’m proud to be an RN. It’s part of my nature to care and be compassionate about others. So I’ve transitioned my skills to help people get going online. I don’t hide my credentials because I want you to know, no matter what career you’ve had, you can change your career and the direction of your life, you can earn income online, no matter how young or old you are.

I’m also the CEO/Owner of the  “Power Affiliate Club“, a blogging community on Facebook. We also have our own community blog. We help members brand themselves and promote their opportunities. We also educate people who are new to blogging – teach them the right way to go about it. And these are learning skills in engagement, creating content, maintaining a blog , traffic generation, and lots more.

So, here’s my personal story to get to know me a little better and …

You are more than you think you are,  and the possibilities are
endless in what you can achieve during your lifetime …

I know because I’ve been on the same journey.

 Who am I?

Well, I can tell you I’m a mom, a wife, an artist turned registered nurse, childbirth educator, Reiki Master, Meditation practitioner, Internet networking consultant, and Coach. That’s what I call the “skeleton list” of what I do.

But what led me to all these changes in my life to where I am now? What experiences did I have?

We can all learn something from someone who shares their story as I’m about to do with you. And, many times we get inspired by them….

Now I am not suggesting you’ll be inspired by mine. There’s nothing fancy about me at all. I’ve just learned some important, memorable life lessons along the way that may interest you.

So. How did I come to “Igniting “Can-Do” Attitudes” in others, which is what I like to think I do…

I had to ignite them in myself first, to
understand the how…

I was a high school drop-out. Wandering aimlessly with no focus, no drive, and drove my mother crazy. Oh, I was so mean and an incredibly rebellious child and teenager. Sorry mom.

Yet, there were two things I liked to do – draw/paint and keep a journal. Two things I still do.



My Father, Paul Thompson

My father was (my parents were divorced and I lived with my mother) an excellent artist and Guilder.

He worked in an art gallery and held art classes in his studio. We actually had an art show together. It was a really memorable, special event for both of us. He even tried to formally teach me how to paint in oils and guild frames.

But, I was still goofing off, not taking anything seriously, with no direction, and started experimenting with drugs.

My Mom and Brothers, Jeff and Ken

My Mom and Brothers, Jeff and Ken

My mother, worried and frustrated, decided to give me the most incredible, selfless, gift that changed everything for me….

They were  were twin brothers. My brother Jeff (to your left of my mother in the image to your left)died when he was only 20-years-old. I was 15.

It was a freak accident involving the railroad and the track signals not working. There was a trial and my mother was awarded money for the railroad’s neglect. She used this money to send me to live in Vienna, Austria for a month with friends she knew there.

Sometimes you have to remove yourself from unproductive environments, or relationships to ignite new possibilities  of what can be…

It changed my whole perspective of life and my place in it. I even got a part time job handing out flyers for a local university in the city of Vienna. Everyday while working I stopped at the same pastry shop to have a cup of tea with a yummy Napoleon ( below, second pastry in from the left).

A rosy cheeked woman behind the counter waited on me. She taught me how to say “one tea with lemon” in German – “Ein tea mit zin troben” (not sure if I spelled that right ).

Your Course with Lesly

I traveled to Venice, Italy too and to  surrounding cities. I never made it to Rome (next time)! It was a breathtaking, once in a lifetime,wondrous experience. I wanted to stay and live there forever.

So, I tried to cash in my plane tickets for the return home but no luck. I had to go home. I would miss walking on ancient cobble stoned roads, tea at the cafe, riding on the trolley cars with all those rosy cheeked Austrians, learning a new language, the museums, the art, the architecture, the beauty.

I blossomed into a mature young woman during that trip. And with maturity comes a “spreading of wings”. I was more worldly now with a different attitude about myself and life,but still “lost”.

I decided to move to Maine where I learned the true value of hard work.

I lived in Maine for about two years and worked in paper mills, shoe-making factories, and …

sold Avon products in the dead of
winter… (an early entrepreneur)

I wanted to be and do more than sew shoes …

I’d walk around town with my Avon basket, dressed in a raccoon fur coat and earmuffs visiting my clients, walking along roads with 6 to 7 foot banks of snow. The winters were long and harsh.

There was one stop light, one bar, one grocery store, and everyone knew who you were.

After sewing my index finger to my middle finger on a beefy sewing machine made for sewing shoes,  I envisioned Nurse Ratchet from “One Flew Over the Coo Coo’s Nest” yelling “Get back to work!”. I wondered what I was doing there.

Life experiences can hold you back or propel you forward. Inspiration can come by reflecting on what is in the present and a vision of what
can be in the future…

I moved back home to my mother’s house. She was happy to see me. This time though I was ready to take responsibility for my life and began to turn it around. I was scared.

When you’re ready to take the “plunge” into anything new, good things come from it always -if you’re willing to see and act on them

I studied for and received my GED then enrolled in a community college. It was tough after dropping out of high school. I had to learn how to read and write all over again. But, I did it!

After two years I transferred to a 4 year university and graduated with honors in Art History and Museum studies. After graduating I was hired by the Newark Museum in Newark, New Jersey. I also got my own place to live.

I was now on a different path! More ideas of what I wanted for myself began to spring-up in my mind because of what I had already accomplished.

Every life experience, good or bad, is a stepping stone to what can be if you’re willing to change your attitude about that experience and learn from it …

I thought I wanted to be a curator. But the job lacked communication with real people and it was stressful holding in my white gloved hands a 4,000 year old vase which I could accidentally drop to the floor, watch it break into tiny pieces,  and maybe get fired? No way!

I stopped working for the museum and became a Visual Merchandiser for Macy’s department store dressing manikins in the latest fashion and decorating the store on holidays. FUN job!

I was still painting and entering art shows.


During my off hours while working at Macy’s, I created my own art gallery “Thompson Studio”( after my maiden name) in the apartment I lived in at the time.

Every three months I exhibited my artwork and the work of my artist friends. I held “opening” receptions and shows were reviewed by local newspapers. It was a great time in my life.

Thompson Studio existed for three years while I imagined one day having ThompsonGallerya successful career in owning my own gallery in it’s own space – not in my apartment, and becoming a recognized resource for promoting emerging artists.

Already I had developed an interest in promoting others, helping emerging artists to get noticed and launch their careers as professional ones. I enjoyed helping them organize their portfolios and presentation skills.

However, things changed. I fell in love. Got married and my new husband moved into my apartment – Thompson Studio ended.

My life was focused now on buying our first home and planning a family, all wonderful things and a natural evolution.

Every choice ignites a new path …

ILandM decided to switch careers to one that was more stable and family friendly. Macy’s was more geared to training Visual Merchandisers to open new stores in other cities. Now that I was married I didn’t like the idea of the potential move.

I returned to school part time to earn an Associates degree in Science. Requirements needed to become a registered nurse.

Winch I completed and became a Labor & Delivery nurse.

Nursing school was very hard, but again – I did it. And became a new mother to a beautiful baby boy too.

These were great times and I was considering advancing my career to be a Nurse Midwife.

What I didn’t for-see were the next few years were going to be heartbreaking and very challenging for me



Both my parents died within 5 years of each other which was such a loss for me.  I was depressed for sometime. But in some ways their deaths released me from being dependent on them. It forced me to become more self-reliant and confident within myself.

And, if that weren’t  enough, around the same time my vision started to change and I was  seeing text as I read it in a wave -like form.

The doctor looked at me and said “you have a genetic disorder called Pseudo Xanthoma Elasticum” (PXE for short). It causes progressive blindness and there’s no cure. You can’t drive a car or do anything that requires vision acuity”

I was now partially blind only able to use my peripheral vision. I also couldn’t practice clinical nursing either. No driving a car, no job as I knew it. Everything changed for me . What would I do?

Your Course with Lesly

After the shock, crying for weeks, adjusting to a new way of living, depending more on my husband, and so many other things I had to let go of, I took another plunge.

I had to reinvent myself…

Nothing prepared me for this except my past experiences in “falling down and getting up again” over and over again, and doing it again.

The question was “what can I do now and when I go completely blind to earn an income and continue to be productive, creative, and successful while helping others.

I can teach!

I became a certified Lamaze Childbirth Educator so I could teach childbirth classes. I wasn’t totally blind yet and was curious about what I could do with a computer – it was a relatively new technology emerging in 1996.

In 1996 I bought my first computer and created my very first website on the internet in 1998 (another plunge) www.leslynotes.com devoted to childbirth education. I provided a resource to expectant parents around the world and that was very exciting for me.

The internet provided a way for me to reach out to others and make a difference in their lives even though I had a disability, even though I couldn’t meet them in person, I could still connect with them no matter where they lived…

I also received certifications in Hypnosis, became a Reiki Master, and received professional training in coaching. I became very interested in the healing arts, pain management, and  Meditation. I’ve also expanded into Coaching and helping other people new to the internet how to build a business online.

It doesn’t phase me now to learn new skills or explore a new interest. This is because of the “attitudes” I’ve cultivated over the years. Attitude is everything and it’s at the core of everything I do and believe in.

If you have a bad attitude, life can stink. If you have a good one, you can see past the storms …

Through my own life journey I have developed an ability to see through the tough stuff and find the gems, the lessons that helped me to grow into the person I am now – and I am pretty happy with her!

I wouldn’t change a thing…

The greatest challenge in life, I think, is being willing to do what others don’t – taking action. Because it’s the action one takes that ignite extraordinary paths for the future as well as an incredible
feeling of accomplishment …

Today, I still teach childbirth education privately and in hospitals because I love it, love teaching, and making a difference in the lives of new moms and dads.

I started to see the trend of blogs grow online. So I “morphed” my static childbirth website into a blog a couple of years ago with the gracious help of a Mentor .  I taught myself through various programs online, trial and error, lots of headaches learning the technology, but all worth it because I developed a new skill.

Now …

Building my business online required learning how to use the technology, how to create a blog, connect with others, and so much more – it was  overwhelming…

So, what do I do?

Ignite “Can-Do” attitudes, spark inspiration in the minds of others, maybe even you, to what is possible in their lives and to take action through my teaching and coaching program. Be it a new career, learning a new skill, blogging, how to use the Internet, how to make money online, or just simply guiding you to the right solution that’s best for you vased on your goals…

And Why, do what I do?

For you. There’s nothing more heartwarming than to see you achieve and experience the results from your own actions ..

For my son. I want to be a good, positive, role model in his life.

I want him to see no matter how hard the struggle is, something good always comes from it.

The greatest gifts in life is not the attainment of money and material things, but developing a greater sense of self, self-appreciation, and offering a genuine helping hand to others.

Your Course with Lesly

Life experience, choices and decisions, create the paths to travel. The paths will always change as the choices change. But learning how to navigate through them will bring the greatest rewards and success.

How can you be a part of what I do?

It starts with a conversation, nice and light, no pressure, just a simple “Hello, how ya doing”… Check out my Mentoring program and go from there. I am PAINFULLY affordable! And, I have my reasons for this, which I won’t go into now …

A friendly chat sparks the beginning of an informative friendship.

Oh, and by the way, “Thompson Studio” didn’t really end. It lived on in my mind for another time and place. Funny thing though, it morphed (love that word) into a virtual art gallery – the internet is the “gallery” and all that I create online, educational programs, sharing my drawings,  and so on – is the “art”.

Here’s to helping you ignite your spark,

Lesly Federici





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