Are Your Efforts Aligned With Your Wants

The Internet is like a candy store.

Interesting programs and products cross your path in an instant and stimulates the “ooo, gotta have it …” nerve in your body. There is a name for this .. the “Shinny Object Syndrome”.

But I’m going to dive a tad deeper than this and really stir-up your thoughts because it’s something I’ve noticed.

It’s one thing to purchase a biz op program, or training (and never watch it the videos), and purchase another one thinking “THIS is the one” that will bring you fame and fortune …  but it’s another thing to abandon your “wants” or the “drive” that brought you to the internet in the first place.

So what do I mean ..

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Well, I’ll use myself as an example to clarify  …

Not too long ago I saw an ad on a website I enjoy visiting and they had a job opportunity I thought was a good match for me. They were looking for a community organizer who was skilled in mediation and would monitor member Q & A on the topic, provide support, and engage in conversation.

PERFECT I thought and I actually applied.

Then it hit me. What am I doing? Why would I want to work for someone else when I’ve worked on building my own community, earning my own income online through other programs?

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Why would I shift my attention from what I want to create for myself to work for someone else…

What was it about this ad that sparked such a shift in direction?

It’s easier to work for someone else, yet at the same time I would be building their dream, not mine.

It’s easier to take direction or be told what to do, rather than be my own boss.

These might have been my reasons, but I realized the time I would invest in someone else’s business would take away from what I want for myself.

Desire and wants …

Many people, including myself have been asked this question: What do you want? Most reply, as I have – I don’t know.

What is your “Why” – I don’t know. …

For me, at 61, I want to generate a lot of income online so my husband can quit his job. I want to help my son build his own Tattoo business. I want to be able to do what I want, when I want and answer to no one. I want to be a “silent” gift-er and help people financially .. I want to be able to get a massage one a week or more … I want to give to animal shelters because I love animals so much …


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I could create a never ending list , but the thing here is I have a choice to work for someone else, or for myself. Which then begs the question – are my efforts – those things that grab my attention align with my wants and desires?

Those that are successful online stay focused on what they KNOW works for them, and stay true to their wants.

When you stay focused it builds momentum. When you shift your attention to something else it breaks momentum and you have to start again…

I’m only involved in 4 programs because they’re working for me and I am earning income. I know my income is going to grow incredibly – so why should I switch to something, halt my progress, and start again?

I see people doing this all the time. I have myself. But there has to come a time when you have to commit to what you want and what is working for you to get what you want, or else you’ll be forever thinking that nothing works. Or, I’ll try this or that .. continuously seeking that “thing” that will get you what you want.

The reality is, which is a hard aspect of life to digest at times is – it’s all up to me what I choose or decide to commit to. I can run in circles or I can set my path and stay on it to reap the benefits of it – momentum is magical.

So. A good question to ask is this: Is what I’m exploring aligned with my wants? How will this help me to get what I want, … or achieve… 

What do you think?

Creatively yours,

Lesly Federici






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