Being A Trusted Adviser

What exactly is being a “trusted adviser” when it comes to Affiliate Marketing, or ANY business online or off.

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I t’s something to value greatly in cultivating this attribute within yourself because people will notice.

This requires building the “Know, Like, Trust” factor (I know, I write about this a lot) and I’ll add one one more – “T for Try”. I write about it often because it’s that “thing” that will absolutely build your business. You product doesn’t build your business – YOU do.

There’s no way to avoid it.

If you’re wondering how come no one is looking into what you have to offer well, there are a couple of reasons for this..

1. Your potential customer has no clue as to who you are… why? Because …

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2. You didn’t reach out to the masses in a respectful way

If you want to build your business online, what ever it is – you have to reach out and make connections happen. There is no way to escape it. You can’t slap up a website and expect people to just magically appear – it won’t happen.

 We are in the era of “Social Selling”


Meaning, just posting what your business is online is no longer effective. You have to engage with people – get social. Social Media changed everything.

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 Now, becoming a “Trusted Adviser” requires the following:

  • Never, never push a sale on someone – it repels and will make them RUN in the other direction
  • Know your product
  • Specialize, don’t just promote anything and everything
  • USE and REVIEW the product
  • Ask the creator if you can test it before you promote it
  • Get to know people first
  • Be genuine
  • Respect what you do


How to use Social Media to benefit you and your business

On the top of the list is reaching out. A lot of people are uncomfortable with this but it’s the #1 thing you have to do. Start small and as you feel more confident in “socializing”, connecting with others online, the better and more comfortable you’ll be – not to mention the response you’ll receive.

For Facebook and any Social Media Platform:

  • send a hello message
  • comment and reply to their posts
  • offer assistance
  • post quality information people can use, learn from, be inspired by
  • create videos (this is huge and I can help you with this)
  • join groups
  • create a group with a specific purpose


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The more you reach out, the more people get to know you, they’ll want to learn more about you and what you offer – it’s a natural progression. The more you do the above, the more results you’ll have and you’ll become a “Trusted Adviser”. You’ll earn the respect and gain a reputation which is priceless …

 “Hi Lesly,

I love the way you affiliate products. Especially your last one on your blog whereby you did a fine review. And yes, there is a lot of crap out there that we need to sort through.  But you know your niche very well and always offer products that are helpful and trusted. Many people don’t do what you do and that is ask the creator if you can view the product before you promote it. This is why you are a trusted source because you never kick out products just for the sake of it. You review it, use it and through your enthusiasm, you are the go-to gal! I love you for never pushing a sale. I like your style of marketing because you don’t push, but rather have the strong belief that those products will educate and inspire others. And it does!Thank you my friend!
Lesly Federici




PS – What are your thoughts on this … comment below.. thanks!



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