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When it comes to blogging, and creating one, there’s never a day that goes by when you’re not fussing or tweaking it – to get it just right to show your visitors and get the best results from it.

Right? Like opt-ins to your newsletter …

If you followed this blog at all,  you know I had a rather visually complex, yet attractive design. It was a theme I purchased and was quite happy with. After a while I noticed some features that grew to be annoying … lol.

Like, not being able to add widgets easily for ADs, animations happening when I disabled them, not being able to use certain plugins – really annoying.  A beautiful theme, but complicated. These things you don’t find out until you use it.

I also had forgotten the #1 element to keep in mind when designing a blog – your visitor! With all the distractions the internet provides, I think the last thing a visitor wants is to experience a visually “busy” website.

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Visitors want:

  • Instant information
  • Easy access
  • Easy on the eyeballs
  • Clear messages
  • Awesome visuals
  • Easy navigation
  • Clean, simple presentation (not a bunch of animations – very distracting)
  • Easy
  • Simple
  • Easy

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What I Changed

  1. The Homepage needed to be more inviting – simplify
  2. Ads need to be presented but sparse and simple, visual – not too much text
  3. Easy to read font
  4. Easy access to posts
  5. Little animation on pages
  6. Accessible opt-in form

I’m still tweaking … !

So here are two good resources to look at to give you ideas

10 Crucial Elements for Any Website Design

The Marketer’s Crash Course To Visual Design

So. When designing your blog, and especially if you’re new at this, you’ll be tempted to slap a bunch of stuff on it that – YOU may like, but will actually make visitors click away. So it takes time, making mistakes, learning, and constant tweaking and maintaining. The more you perfect your blog with clarity in message, visuals (another topic) and layout, the less you’ll be hanging with the crabs…

Landing Page Builder

Creatively yours,

Lesly Federici




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