Break Then Accelerate

This is so hard, I thought. Little did I know the incredible lessons it would yield.

So many lessons on so many levels.

When I started working out at the gym I thought I could handle it. I woke up at 4:30 every morning for 3 months. Arrived at the gym just before 7:00 AM.

How quiet and still everything was, except for the sound of water being splashed by other early birds like me.

So  in I went to the pool and began my goal of swimming numerous laps. The first week just doing 5 at a time wore me out. My heart pounding. And slowly over time I worked up to ten, to 20, and then – I managed to swim 50 laps without a break.

Wow. WOW!

Could I do this immediately? Absolutely not. It was through immersion and commitment I was able to accomplish this …

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Then it happened.

I stopped going to the gym. I took a week off. I felt challenged, overwhelmed, and the worst – I felt like giving up. Why! Because the changes I wanted to see (losing weight) wasn’t happening fast enough and I was disappointed in myself. What was I doing wrong? Why wasn’t I seeing results in 3 months?

I began to realize how often these kind of thoughts come into play with anything you’re trying to accomplish. I started thinking about business and how similar these thoughts are.

You may know someone, or even yourself that gave up on a business, or something else, because it wasn’t making money fast enough, or you weren’t seeing the results you wanted, yes?

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Getting physical, working my body in various ways, really challenged me. And I know why, AND showed me principles I could apply to my business. If you’re having similar challenges these may help you. And here they are:

  1. Get physical. Get into an exercise program because it will challenge your ability to finish what you start and your commitment to your physical plan of action.
  2. Immersion. Immersing yourself into your physical exercise teaches you how you perform. Do you cheat the exercise? Do you give up on the “sets” if weight lifting? Do you tell yourself – I’ll do it at home? Do you fully understand the purpose and goal of the exercise? How well do you KNOW the business your in? Do you like/love the product or are you just in it for the money? How much time do you invest in learning all you can about it? Do you depend on others to tell/show you what to do?
  3. Endure. Probably the most challenging of all simply because it takes time to see results, outcomes and the “fruits” of your efforts. This simple but impatient principle means you have to learn to master the mundane, the boring, those things that make you crazy to do and keep doing … over and over, and over. It’s endurance that will help you stick with it and over time you’ll be stronger for it physically and mentally.
  4. Master. Once you have committed, immersed yourself, and endured over time, you will have mastered that physically activity or that part of your business.

So, I had to reflect on my own “giving-up” and after a few days  knew what I was doing. It’s easy to walk away from something that is difficult. Physical activity is challenging and yet it can build more confidence than you could possibly to imagine. If I can swim 50 pool laps, well heck – I can do anything because I am 50 laps stronger than when I started.

100 here I come!

Now you do it 🙂 ! Do the P-IEM (Physical, immerse, endure, and master)!

Lesly Federici




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