Breaking The Cycle Of Stink


Breaking the cycle of “stink” do you have it?


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One of the most challenging behaviors to change in life is how you think. “Stink’n think’n” as Zig Ziglar called it.

The past few posts have been about affiliate marketing, how to do it, and the hype that goes along with it. It overwhelmed me and actually bummed me out because I wasn’t seeing the results. But this was a good thing and here’s why …

I started to spiral into “oh, this isn’t working .. “, “what am I doing this for …”, bla bla bla … then it got worse. I started to focus on all that was wrong with me personally (you can always find something, right?). I just started to go on a depressing journey of what all was wrong and not going right.

Now, I know you most likely have experienced this yourself. And sooner or later something snaps you out of it, right?

But here’s what I wondered … and now believe.

It’s not that “thing” you want that brings happiness into your life, it’s what you think and how you think that does. Things, experiences, and opportunities ARE the results of what and how you think.

If you follow “Attraction” marketing, or believe that “like attracts like”, focusing on the negative will only bring more negative experiences into your life because that’s what you think and “see”.


The power of any life change is in your thoughts…


When you catch what your thinking, you can immediately shift it to positive. It’s like turning on an on/off switch. It takes practice, but can be done.

Like anything else in life you do – how and what you think will always influence what you actually experience. And this is a very powerful fact to know because you can change the outcome.

The disappointment I experienced with Affiliate Marketing was good because of what I learned and what I didn’t like about it. But it also woke me up to what I was thinking – my negative thoughts and what an impact they have on how I view myself.

I’m still doing Affiliate Marketing because I like it and I’ll do it my way. Not only that, but I’ll also share what I’m also “Affiliated” with that may benefit you.

Negative thinking is easy to do. We live in very negative times. And how can you switch to a positive frame of mind when there’s so much negativity. You have to see above the turmoil .


Here’s what I recommend if this is , has been, or will be at some time in your life – “Stink’n Think’n”


Breaking the cycle of stink … 


I created this list to follow on a daily basis to literally keep me in a positive frame of mind .


  • Honor yourself – make a list of what is AWESOME about you
  • Read positive books that will lift your spirits
  • Become aware of the struggle then shift your thoughts to positive ones
  • Find people who think positive and will support you
  • Take small steps towards changing your thinking/thoughts
  • Accept thoughts are “things” and can impact your life
  • Use meditation for self guidance and insights
  • Be kind to yourself
  • Do daily positive actions


Do this list daily and your thoughts, outlook on life, what you’re doing, and reality outcomes will change …

Creatively yours,

Lesly Federici





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